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The Round Bead

The Round Bead

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Published by Caitlyn Baker
A girl and a boy are washed ashore into China. Their adventures had just ended, but it actually had just begun.
A girl and a boy are washed ashore into China. Their adventures had just ended, but it actually had just begun.

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Published by: Caitlyn Baker on Jul 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Caitlyn BakerThe Round Bead
The Round Bead
By Caitlyn BakerChapter 1A cool breeze was the first thing Madi felt.Her short black hair was tied up in a ponytailand out of her face. The smell of the oceanturned her stomach, also making her face brightgreen.Madi was not the right type of girl thatwould care for the ocean. She wasn’t even theright type of girl who liked her own name. That’swhy most people called her Madi instead of Madison. Madison was usually not the selfishtype, but she sometimes thought of herself before others. Not until her outrageousadventure.“Are you okay, Madi?” A boy’s voice asked.Madi turned around in response to hernickname. She nodded. The boy stepped out of the little cabin he was resting in and walkedtoward his companion.“Steven, I’m okay, really I am,” Madimuttered. She looked down from the deck to seeif she could take her mind of the waves and lookfor nearby dolphins in the purple and orangewaters, reflecting the rising sun.“You look like you’re about to throw up,”Steven replied, standing next to Madi. Madinodded again. “Don’t worry; we’re getting soclose to Taiwan. You’ll be fine.”Steven and Madi were on their way to Taiwan for a mission trip with their church.Several other people were on board, of course. The captain of the ship,
The Missionary 
, wasvery rich and skilled. His name wasn’timportant, but he actually let on two fourteen-year-old kids on-board for the mission, since thetrip was for adults only.
Caitlyn BakerThe Round Bead
So far, the day was starting out normally. The sun was rising beautifully, the two friendswere talking together, but that was not how theday was going to be for the 24-hour deal. Two hours passed after Madi’s sicknessand she noticed a shudder in her room. Passinginto Steven’s room, she saw him under his desk.“Either it’s an earthquake or we’ve beenshot by something!” Madi darted under his bedfor safety. The captain came into the bedroom,clanging their doors with the head of his rifle,roaring out,“Get to your stations immediately! We’reunder attack! This is not a drill!” Stevencrawled to Madi, shivering with fright, not just,but water was seeping into the ship, cold fromthe night before. Steven pulled Madi out of thebed and tried to calm her down with his armaround her, walking out of the flooded room.“You're okay, Madi. Everything’s going tobe alright.” Sure, that’s what he thought, notuntil the Japanese or whoever was attackingthem blew up part of the ship. Several bodies –both dead and alive—flew out and landed in theocean. Half of the ship was divided intosmithereens, while the other was sinking. WithMadi in his arms, Steven held onto a piece of steel that was floating on the surface.Madi pulled Steven onto the floating steelplatform as she got onto it herself. Choking onsalt water, she heaved until Steven’s arms andhead were above water.“Steven, what happened? Did we…did wecross over an underwater mine field?” Madiasked, exhausted. Her throat began to hurt fromdehydration.“I guess so…everyone else is dead.”Steven began to cry, since his other adultfriends have passed.“It’s—it’s so—so cold…” Madi trembledwith the cold air hitting on her dry skin.“I know, Madi. This may be a little tough,but we need to start moving carefully so we canfind help and something to eat and drink, okay?”
Caitlyn BakerThe Round Bead
Madi nodded, knowing Steven was there to helpher.Passing by the remains of the explosion,Madi closed her eyes to shield her sight from thebloody mess and said a prayer to keep her calmand to make sure that God brought her andSteven to a safe region quickly.An hour passed and Steven and Madifinally found land. Washing up onto the shore,Madi used her strong arms to drag Steven ontothe sandy shore.
God Almighty, this is so bad.We must be in Taiwan, yet it doesn’t seem likeTaiwan.
Madi thought. She scanned the contentsof the beach she was laying on until somethingdreadful caught her eye. It was a piece of metalwith a strange inscription on it, mostlycharacters of some sort. Madi picked up themetal and looked at the inscription carefully. Herskills in languages got her out of school and intothe mission trip, so she was smart enough toknow that the writing she found wasn’t from Japan or Taiwan. It was Chinese writing. Madilaid her head back in despair.“Oh no, we can’t be in China. That’simpossible…calm down girl, it could havewashed up on the shore…” she whined. Stevenopened his eyes from the knockout.“What washed up?” he groggily moaned.Madi told him about what she had found.“I can’t read it, but it seems like this isn’t Taiwan.”“Do you think we should explore, Madi?”he asked. Madi shrugged. Taking Steven’s hand, Madi stood up,trying to withstand the south winds. The sunlightwas warm enough to be able to walk around in,even though the water was still not dry fromtheir bodies. They both waked into a forestwhich was right behind them and began to eatsome fruit that was growing. Suddenly, therewas a noise.“What was that?” Madi asked. The snap of a twig was the sound she heard.

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