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Picking Parents

Picking Parents



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Published by David Welch
A more or less true account of how our dog Toppy came to be our dog.
A more or less true account of how our dog Toppy came to be our dog.

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Published by: David Welch on Oct 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Toppy at 2 months just after arriving at his new home.
Picking Parents
My name is Top although my humans sometimes call me Toppy which iskind of a childish name for an Alpha male like me. I have three sisters and a brother but have long since lost contact with them since we were all put upfor adoption at the tender age of two months.Adoption was an ordeal since the five of us were taken to a Pet Smart storein Gilroy, California where a variety of potential adoptive parents were paraded before us. Each of the prospects hoping that one of us would decidethey would be ideal parents and somehow signal our interest and affection.As the smartest and most attractive of the litter I pretty much had my choiceof the humans that came in to look at us. Several potential parents lookedquite nice but had small children. That would not have been an idealsituation since I would have to compete for my parent’s affection. One of those couples seemed particularly interested in me so I had to nip at their 
little boy. One nip and the boy started crying which was all it took toconvince them that I was a bit too active for their taste.Finally an older couple came in to look. I could see in their eyes that theywere affectionate and caring and would make ideal parents. Strangely thewoman immediately picked up one of my sisters and said to the man: “Ohlook how cute this one is. She’s just perfect.” Naturally my sister decidedthis was a good family for her and began licking the woman’s face. As shedid this I had a sickening feeling that this was a lost cause, the family that Ihad picked was instead going to take my sister home with them and I’d getstuck with another family. How unfair since, as I said, I’m clearly thesmartest and most attractive.Sensing that time was quickly running out I decided to make a move to tryand get attention and change the inevitable. I started whining andwhimpering as I gave the man the most pleading look imaginable. At first itdidn’t seem to work as the man was talking with the woman and seemed toignore me. Then when it was least expected fortune seemed to turn my way.I clearly heard the man say to the woman, “Are you sure you want afemale?” My little heart beat faster when I heard these words since it seemedthat all was not lost.Then I saw the woman nod her head and say, “Sure, why not?”“Why not?” I thought, “Can’t you see that I’m by far the best choice?”Despite my confidence in myself I was truly fearful that I was going to losethis battle until I heard the man say, “Let’s ask and see which is easier totrain, males or females.”The woman put my sister back in the crate next to me. Then I waitedanxiously as the man and woman walked over to the representative of theBorder Collie Rescue Team and engaged in a long conversation with her.Finally, they returned to the crate and the man reached down and picked meup in his hands and held his nose next to mine saying, “I like this cute littleguy.” I couldn’t control my tongue as it rapidly licked his face or my eyes asthe opened wide with joy.Then he handed me to the woman and I squealed with joy and licked her face profusely as I could sense her heart warming to the idea of sharing her 

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Sisapis added this note
Hi Toppy, God bless you and your parents. I hope you've trained them well.
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Jeff Weber added this note
Love it! We had two rescued border collies for over a decade. So very many stories about them to share. They were the greatest - Anya & Belle. Jeff went to look at some puppies. Foster mom said mother is available as well. Jeff looked at Anya and asked if she wanted to go home with him. She ran and jumped in his truck. Foster mom thought she was so smart because she divided her litter e

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