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Unit 3 Test

Unit 3 Test

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Published by Jacob Parker

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Published by: Jacob Parker on Oct 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unit Three
Multiple Choice
 Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
 __C__1.What happened soon after United States Navy Commodore Matthew Perry arrived in Tokyo Bayin 1853?a.The United States annexed Hawaii. b.Japan and the United States fought for control of trade.c.Perry negotiated a U.S.-Japan treaty that allowed trade. ____2.When was Hawaii annexed by the United States?a.in 1887, when King Kalakaua changed the constitution b.in 1893, before Queen Liliuokalani was overthrownc.in 1898, during the Spanish-American Wa ____3.Why did the United States Navy attack ships in the Philippines during the Spanish-AmericanWar?a.The ships were part of the Spanish navy. b.The Philippines supported Spain and attacked the U.S. fleet.c.A special naval board found that the Philippines had caused the
to explode. ____4.Who were the “Rough Riders?a.Cuban revolutionaries who battled the Spanish for control of their country b.a volunteer unit led by Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish-American War c.newspaper owners who influenced public opinion by exaggerating the truth ____5.When did the Philippines gain independence?a.as part of the Treaty of Paris b.with the Jones Actc.at the end of World War II ____6.The United States wanted to end European spheres of influence in China in order toa.control large areas of China b.keep trade in China openc.stop Japan from trading in China ____7.What piece of U.S. legislation restricted the rights of Cubans after their independence fromSpain?a.the Teller Amendment b.the Foraker Actc.the Platt Amendment ____8.President Roosevelt sent troops to support Panamanian rebels because the United States
a.could not convince Columbia to sell the land needed for the canal. b.wanted to open trade relations in Panama.c.wanted to build a canal in Panama at a lower price. ____9.These U.S. military interventions occurred under U.S. Presidents who favoreda.“dollar diplomacy.” b.“big stick diplomacy.”c.several different kinds of diplomacy.
Use the chart to answer the question(s).
 ____10.This chart shows that U.S. Presidents in the early 1900sa.remained neutral in Latin America. b.frequently resorted to the use of U.S. troops in Latin America.c.wanted to extend imperialism to Latin America. ____11.This chart shows that Presidents Roosevelt and Wilsona.better managed U.S. interests overseas than did President Taft. b.believed in a policy of non-interference in Latin America.c.feared that Latin America countries would invade the United States.d.resorted frequently to the use of U.S. troops in Latin America. ____12.What happened within a year of United States Navy Commodore Matthew Perry’s arrival inTokyo Bay in 1853?a.The United States annexed the island of Hawaii. b.Japan and the United States fought for control of trade.c.Perry negotiated a treaty that opened trade to the United States.d.Japan became a U.S. territory in Asia. ____13.Hawaii was annexed in
a.1887, when King Kalakaua amended the constitution. b.1893, when Queen Liliuokalani was overthrown.c.1893, when Sanford Dole was head of the new government.d.1898, during the Spanish-American War. ____14.Why did United States Navy Commodore George Dewey lead an attack on ships in the ManilaBay during the Spanish-American War?a.Manila Bay was ruled by Spain, and the ships belonged to the Spanish. b.The United States used the war with Spain as an excuse to take over other territories.c.Dewey wanted to attack Spain and gain control over Cuba.d.The Philippines joined the war in support of Spain. ____15.The “Rough Riders” werea.Cuban revolutionaries who battled the Spanish for independence. b.a volunteer cavalry unit in the Spanish-American War.c.newspaper owners who influenced public opinion by exaggerating the truth.d.Spanish generals in Cuba who mistreated the civilian population. ____16.When did the United States grant independence to the Philippines?a.1898, as part of the Treaty of Paris b.1916, with the Jones Actc.1941, when the Spanish occupied the islands during World War IId.1946, when the islands were liberated from Japanese occupation during World War II ____17.Unlike Britain, France, and Russia, The United Statesa.controlled large areas of China. b.wanted to keep trade in China open.c.had no interest in trade with China.d.broke China into distinct spheres of influence. ____18.The Platt Amendmenta.expanded the rights of Cubans. b.allowed Cuba to sign treaties with other countries without U.S. approval.c.gave the United States the right to preserve order as needed in Cuba.d.established a civil government in Cuba. ____19.President Roosevelt sent troops to support Panamanian rebels in the fight against Colombia sothata.the Colombians would grant the United States the right to build a canal. b.Panamanians could be free from Colombian imperialism.c.the United States could get the rights to build a canal in Panama at a lower price.d.the Panamanians could build a canal from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. ____20.In the beginning of the twentieth century, the United States had becomea.politically unstable. b.accustomed to military involvement overseas.

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