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War in Heaven

War in Heaven

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Published by: odiv on Oct 12, 2010
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- 1 -
Kyle Griffith
 Copyright 1988, 2006 by the authorThis virtual copy of 
is based on the Second Printing, issued in the fall of 1990 bySpiritual Revolution Press. It was prepared from a digital scan of the original, whichwas photocopied on 8-1/2 by 11 sheets and spiral bound.It is intended for free downloading by anyone who is interested in the ideas it contains.Note: repaginated PDF version, 17 Sept 2006
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War in Heaven
introduces a completely new and revolutionary conception of thenature of spiritual reality. The material in it was dictated to me by automatic writing,but
contains more explicit, detailed spiritual information than most modernchanneled books and it is much more militant and controversial in tone. Some readersof the pre-publication edition of 
War in Heaven
were disturbed or frightened by it, anda few attacked the book as evil and satanic. However, a larger number of readershailed it as a major breakthrough in cosmological theory.
War in Heaven
is not a typical New Age channeled book, and I am not a typicalNew Ager, though I helped to found that movement in the Sixties and Seventies. Iwas raised as a traditional occultist, and my primary goal in life has always been todevelop my skills as a psychic and magician. However, I also possess past-lifememories that have caused me to develop into a very different kind of occultist frommy relatives who were Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Spiritualists, or Theosophists.I have been aware since 1946, when I was four years old, that my soul wasdeliberately sent to this planet by an advanced extra-terrestrial civilization to assistEarth people in dealing with a major crisis in their spiritual evolution. For this reason,I’ve studied UFOs and related subjects as seriously as I’ve studied psychic andspiritual phenomena, and the relationship between the two has always been obvious tome.The same applies to conspiracy theories – I have known all my life that unseenforces really do manipulate the course of human history, and my response has not beenfear or anger, but rather a desire to help any of these agencies whose ethical andpolitical goals seem similar to mine. I’ve been a left-wing anarchist and a member of the counterculture since the late Fifties, and I’ve grown more politically and sociallyradical with age. In the late Sixties, my spirit guides suggested that I call myself aSpiritual Revolutionary, and I’ve been doing so ever since.However, I didn’t become fully conscious of what the term meant until 1983,when I made a breakthrough in personal awareness about spiritual reality. In July of that year, after several years of intensive magical and intellectual preparation, I askedmy spirit guides: “Tell me the Great Secret, the theory that explains the true nature of gods and human beings and the relationship between them.” The reply that I receivedby automatic writing didn’t surprise me, but I was absolutely astonished by it just thesame. The spirits seemed to be trying to dictate a completely new and revolutionarycosmology: a view of spiritual reality with moral, social, and political implicationsthat most people would consider literally unthinkable.I eventually became able to record the messages in clear and explicit English. Ittook me over five years, and thousands of hours of grueling labor, to receive all thespirit-dictated information for
War in Heaven
and write it into a book. The review onthe next page will give you an idea of what
is about and why I am advertising itas “The most controversial channeled book of the century.”
- 3 -
Mike Rhyner review
 Here is an excerpt from Mike Rhyner’s review of 
War in Heaven
in theFebruary 1989 issue of 
War in Heaven
is based on messages channeled from a group of extraterrestrialdisembodied spirits who call themselves the Invisible College. They say that yoursoul is nourished on psychic energy generated during life, and when you ‘die,’ it livesoff the energy stored up during embodiment. There are also spiritual beings that theInvisible College calls the Theocrats, the ‘bad guys,’ who do not reincarnate butinstead get the energy needed to sustain their souls by sucking the energy from othersouls: psychic vampirism and spiritual cannibalism.“The Theocrats are the creators of certain forms of organized religion, whichclaim that you will have eternal life in Heaven when you pass over. They create anillusion of this Heaven in your mind by posing as gods, meanwhile giving you theafter-death state that you expect, whether it is a Heaven or Hell or an eternal orgy. Forinstance, if you expect to go to ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven’ and worship at the feet of ElvisPresley or Jimi Hendrix, they will create this illusion for you. However, there aretechniques you can use to avoid Theocratic entanglement after death, which aredescribed in
War in Heaven
.“Before I read
War in Heaven
, the more I studied various spiritual systems, themore disillusioned I became. My main paths had been Theosophy and its descendants,and the study of channeled messages of all kinds, particularly those from ‘AscendedMasters’ and ‘Space Brothers’. Each book I read in these fields claimed to teach thework of highly evolved beings, yet each contained glaring contradictions of the others.Then I read
War in Heaven
and found out why these contradictions occur – the authorsdon’t have an adequate theoretical frame of reference to correctly interpret themessages they channel, even though much of the raw information is perfectly valid.
War in Heaven
contains a revolutionary yet completely logical cosmologywhich provides such a frame of reference, and has answered questions that couldn’t beanswered by any other spiritual system that I studied. Reading it did cause morequestions to crop up in my mind, but most of them are answered by the time I finishedthe book. The author says that the purpose of 
War in Heaven
is to help readers make amajor ‘Breakthrough in Consciousness,’ and after reading it, I know what he means.It may well be the most important book ever published.”
Colin Wilson comment:
 The following is from a letter by Colin Wilson, dated 2/15/89:
War in Heaven
arrived while I was in California last year, and when I got back,I had so many letters to write that I didn’t have a chance to read it properly. I have just done so and find it an absolutely absorbing and fascinating piece of work. If I had

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