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New - The Pantone Plus Series!

New - The Pantone Plus Series!

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Published by Tim the Tutor
The Pantone Plus Series is the next generation of the Pantone Matching System for multimedia graphic design. Learn all about the changes and great features in the new Pantone Plus Matching System.
The Pantone Plus Series is the next generation of the Pantone Matching System for multimedia graphic design. Learn all about the changes and great features in the new Pantone Plus Matching System.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Tim the Tutor on Oct 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pantone Plus Series
 The Pantone® Plus Series is the next generation of the Pantone Matching System®for multimedia graphic design. For nearly 50 years, Pantone has been the worldwideleader in color communication. Today, the Pantone Matching System remains theunrivaled standard for color specification and reproduction throughout the graphicdesign and printing industries. Pantone anticipates evolving trends and productiontechnologies so clients have the right tools at the right times – responsive, innovativeand streamlined color systems to empower graphic and print professionals toconceive with foresight, create with insight and produce with efficiency. Pantoneinvestigated new color and finish options made practical by emerging technologies.Pantone studied the impact of digital applications on the creative and productionprocesses. Finally, Pantone considered the globalization of customers’ industries andthe need to communicate color standards internationally. The result is the
PantonePlus Series®
of color specification and matching tools –
the world’s next generation of color communication.
Pantone Plus Series Paper Stock:
 The new Plus Series products are printed on text weight paper in order to moreclosely match the most often specified paper stocks today. Coated Plus Seriesproducts are printed on #1 grade 100# gloss text stock (148 g/m2), replacing the80# cover. Uncoated Plus Series products are printed on premium grade 80# textstock (118 g/m2), replacing the 90# text stock. FSC Certification. All paper stocksused in our new Plus Series are manufactured from trees harvested in accordancewith Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines for responsible forest management.*The optical brightener content in these papers is very close to the content in theguides produced since 2003. The use of optical brightening agents was demanded bythe design community based upon their desire for guides that match productionmaterials as closely as possible. *Pantone Certification SW-COC-003183; certified5/7/08.
Pantone Plus Solid Colors:
Graphic designers and print color specifiers are always on the lookout for new colorsand finishes. Color trends in other industries cross over and create demand. Advancedcolor technologies produce new hue and finish options that spur the imagination. Newclients want to be differentiated in their color branding. Clearly, in planning the newPantone Plus Series, adding more colors was in order. At the same time, many high-profile brands are firmly and very profitably identified with a color based on thetraditional Pantone Matching Series. Many value proposition messages are evoked bybrand color alone – e.g., Barbie pink, Coca Cola red, and UPS brown (the company haseven added the word “brown” to its tag line.) Color is a highly valued corporate assetand is strongly associated with a company’s identity and brand. It is because of thisthat the new Solid Pantone Plus Series colors has preserved all of the existingPantone® Matching System colors.In addition to the original Pantone Matching Series colors, The Pantone Plus Seriesfeatures 224 new solid colors that have contemporary relevancy and impact, andexpand creative options. Our formula guides and chips books now contain 1,341 solidcolors. Printers and prepress personnel will be glad to know that all the new solidcolors in the Pantone Plus Series are created using the existing 14 Pantone MatchingSystem® Basic Color Inks - requiring no investment or reconfiguring to providequality reproduction of the new color additions. Any printer worldwide can easilyreproduce the new colors. Another significant production advancement is that all of the new Pantone Solid Colors are printed using a uniform ink film thickness (1.3g/M2for coated, 1.6g/M2 for uncoated) making them easily matched on press. Colornumbering for the additional solid colors starts at Pantone 7548 and ends at Pantone7771.
Pantone Plus Premium Metallic:
New Pantone Premium Metallics were created in response to demand for new huesthat pop and shimmer. The Pantone Plus Series Premium Metallics includes 300 newcolors on coated paper. Metallic colors add extra weight to any design. Metallics havebecome so widely used that they are no longer a "passing fad" but have become astrong trend that will be popular for many years to come. The new Premium Metallicshave been formulated to have greater brilliance than previous metallics and can becoated without loss in luster. The new metallic colors also have a longer life afterprinting without tarnishing or blemishing. Formulated using Pantone Premium Silverand Pantone Goe™ base inks to allow for aqueous and UV coatings while maintainingcolor integrity. Metallics are developed using Eckart Inks and are classified as "non-leafing". Eckart explains that "non-leafing pigments are completely wetted by thebinder and thus spread evenly throughout the coating film". Simply put, the metalliccomponents are directionally aligned and lay flat on the surface of the paper, creatinga visual uniformity and homogeneous luster. Leafing metallics may not alignconsistently and do not lay flat on the paper, resulting in difficulties when trying tocoat them in a uniform manner. Pantone Premium Metallics numbering begins atPantone 10101.
Pantone Plus Pastels & Neons:
New Pantone Plus Neons Colors, also referred to as fluorescent colors, add additionalpop to graphic and product designs. Neons radiate tremendous brilliance andvibrancy because they both reflect and emit light. Neon colors are up to three timesbrighter than conventional colors: a non-neon color may reflect up to 90% of a color;a neon can emit as much as 300%. Neons have been gaining popularity, especially insportswear, and Pantone’s research shows that the neon trend will continue to growover the coming seasons. For the new Pantone Plus Series, we’ve added 42 new neoncolors to the previous range of 14 neons. The new neons start at color numberPantone® 901 and end at Pantone 942.Pastels continue to be popular, adding softness and subtlety to designs across all of our markets. Because of this, Pantone has retained all of the current Pantone PastelColors. In total, the Pantone Plus Series Pastels & Neons Guide and Chip Book noweach contain 154 pastel colors and 56 neon colors.
Pantone Plus Color Bridge Guides:
Past versions of Color Bridge Guides included two distinct formats – one for Europrinting methods and one for the rest of the world. The new Pantone Plus Series ColorBridge Guides are printed within today’s ISO specifications and G7® processes, withthe exception of more desirable optically brightened paper. Now, one version can beused internationally. The Pantone Color Bridge Guides now include process colorsimulations of all the 224 new solid colors and are chromatically arranged. The guidesare available in coated and uncoated versions. Technical details on the Pantone PlusSeries Color Bridge Guides can be found in Appendix B of thePantone Plus Series®Printable PDF. Purchase the Uncoated and Coated Guide in a set and save $49.00!
Panton Plus CMYK Guides:
 The Pantone Plus Series CMYK Guides contain 2,886 process colors, available oncoated and uncoated stock. CMYK Guides are compatible with today’s digitalworkflows. Screen tint percentages are provided to enable accurate colorreproduction. The new CMYK Guides have been chromatically arranged for moreintuitive color selection, with smoother transitions between colors. Pantone Plus CMYK Guides are printed using bio-friendly, ISO-certified inks and conform to today’s ISOspecifications and G7 processes, with the exception of more desirable opticallybrightened paper. One version of the CMYK Guide is suitable for use worldwide. Technical details on the Pantone Plus Series CMYK Guides can be found in Appendix Cof thePantone Plus Series® Printable PDF.
Panton Plus Money Saving Bundles;
Save money and purchase your new Pantone Plus Series Color Guides & Chips inconvenient sets and packages. Choose from a foundation set of four chromaticallyarranged fan guides for graphic designers, pre-press and printers: The Pantone SolidGuide Set. Also available is the Pantone Solid Chips Set, which gives you the completearray of solid Pantone Color choices on convenient tear-out chips that can be

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