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Published by jubbers

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categoriesTopics, Art & Design
Published by: jubbers on Oct 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nightfall….He was trying to fight back, the look on his facetold me that much, but it just wasn't happening. Hecouldn't look after both of us at the same time. Thetracker had it easy, he was just trying to get rid of him so he could move on to the main course... tome.I tried to scream as a warning when I saw thetracker's shiny white teeth, covered in my blood,sinking into his skin and tearing. Up until thatmoment I'd thought their skins were impenetrable.Edward roared in pain, physical pain, but his eyeswidened when the tracker threw him on the floorand grabbed his wounded flesh. Edward turned hishead to look at me, his eyes reflected so muchsorrow and regret they made me sob even harder.I wanted to crawl to him, to hold him close and kisshim for what I knew for sure now would be the lasttime but I couldn't move. The only thing I could dowas lie there, in a pool of my own blood, and cry.He looked at me and time stopped, all my painwent away when he mouthed the words "I loveyou." And then the moment was over. The trackersmiled, grabbed another handful of Edward'sperfect skin, and pulled. And my whole world camecrashing down.I sat up sobbing, screaming Edward's name,shaking like a leaf and drenched in cold sweat.
A pair of iron strong arms circled me and pulled meback down on the bed."Bella, sweetheart calm down! Shh my love, it wasa dream. It was only a dream."His sweet breath and soothing words made myscreaming stop, I turned around in his arms,wrapped myself strongly around his hard body andburied my face in his cold chest. He hadsuccessfully stopped the screaming, but not thesobbing.He pressed his cold lips to my forehead and took afew deep breaths close to my nose. He knew hissmell soothed me and the actual proximity to hisface started to do the trick. After a few momentsthe sobbing turned into silent tears. He kissed thesalty tracks on my cheeks, tasting those tears, andhummed my lullaby softly. The calming process happened in what seemedlike hours to me but in fact the time that elapsedfrom my screaming fit to my quiet cries had beenalmost nonexistent. I discovered this when Edwardsuddenly went still and cursed under his breath.Not a moment later I found myself alone in my bed.I sat up, scared. "Edward!" I called out. I heard himshushing me from somewhere in the room andsuddenly my door opened. Charlie ran in, wearinga pair of plaid boxers and a white undershirt."Bella! Oh my god are you okay?"
"Dad!" I jumped, surprised. Sometimes it was easyto forget I still slept in the same house as myfather."Honey what's wrong? Did something happen? Iheard you scream."I sighed "I'm fine dad, I just had a nightmare." Itried to sound reassuring and calm, anything to getCharlie out of my room and Edward back in mybed."Are you sure? You sounded terrified. Do you needanything? A glass of water or a soda?" He hadn'tmoved from under my door frame, thankfully hestill felt a little awkward around me and, most of the time, stayed out of my room. I was really tryingto speed things along."I'm fine dad, really, I'm just lucky I didn't fall off the bed." I didn't mention that it probably hadsomething to do with the fact that a strong,graceful vampire had been resting under thecovers with me, clutching me to his strong chest.Charlie looked relieved. He ran a hand through hismessy hair and sighed "well if you're sure you areokay I think I'll go back to bed."I smiled "I should probably do the same. I'll try notto eat so much before bedtime tomorrow night."Charlie smiled weakly "You do that Bells, you reallyscared me there for a second."

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