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Orphans Court Documents - Patrick Ward Transcription)

Orphans Court Documents - Patrick Ward Transcription)

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Published by KAW

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Published by: KAW on Oct 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Orphans CourtIndex Y to ZLebanon CountyPartition A 24 and A 25Partition of Real Estate][PAGE ONE] ___ Orphan’s Court on the sixteenth Day of May, AD 1814. Upon the Petition of  John Ward[,] oldest son and heir at Law of Patric
[the “k” was written in afterwards]Ward late of Annville town-ship in Lebanon County Yeoman deceased, Setting forth, That the Petitioners father died intestate on or about the first of January in the Yearof our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fourteen leaving a widow named AnnaMaria and Issue five children viz, the Petitioner, Jacob, Peggy [Margaret], Simon andPolly, three of whom are still in their minor-ity, and that the said intestate diedseized in his demesne of fee of[,] and in a certain House and Lot of Ground situatein Millerstown in the County aforesaid bounded as follows,by lots of Conrad Barry & Joseph Sergeant by the main street and fifteen foot Alley in said Town with theappurtenances there unto belonging, and therefore praying the Court to award aninquest to make partition of the premises afore-said, to and among the Children andrepresentatives of the said intestate in such manner and in such propor-tions as bythe laws of this Commonwealth is directed, if such partition can be made withoutprejudice to or spoil-ing of the whole, but if such partitioning cannot be madethereof[?] as aforesaid[,] then to value and appraise the same, And further toenquire and ascertain whether the said real estate with the Appurtenances, will con-veniently accomodate more than one of the Children of this said intestate, and if so,how many of the said Children it will conveniently accomodate __ And make reportof their proceedings to the next general Orphans Court __ The Court here do awardan Inquest to make[PAGE TWO, HEADED “May Term 1814]Partition of the real Estate in the said Petition mention-ned whereof the said PatricWard the intestate therein named died seized, to and among the Children andRepresentatives of the said Intestate, in such Manner and in such Proporti-ons as bythe Laws of this Commonwealth is directed and ap-pointed, if such Partition can bemade without Prejudice to and spoiling the whole, otherwise, to value and appraisethe same. And it is further ordered by the Court that a Writ issue to the Sheriff,commanding him to summon an Inquest for the Purposes aforesaid, returnablebefore the Justices of this Court, the next Orphans Court.Disposition P. 58
[Orphans CourtIndex Y to ZLebanon CountyPartition A 58 and A 59Inquisition, Acceptance and Refusal][Slide?] unto P. 24[?]August Term 1814On the same Day & before the same Judges Charles [Glein?] Esquire high Sheriff of the County of Lebanon made return of a [word?] to him directed, returnable[?] herethis day,comman-ding him to summon an inquest to make partition of the real estate thereinmentioned, whereof Patrick Ward the intestate therein named lately died seized, toand among the Widow[,] the Children and representatives of the said deceasedaccording to Law, if such partition could be made without prejudice to or spoilingthe whole thereof: otherwise to value and appraise the same and make returnaccordingly. Which return being read and heard is in the words following to wit, Tothe Judges within named the execution of the within writ appears by the Inqui-sitionannexed - all the parties or guardians of the parties interested having been legallywarned by me previous to the execution of the within writ so answersCharles [Glein?] Sheriff ---Inquisition indented[?] and taken at & upon the premises hereinafter mentioned asthe Township of Annville in the County of Lebanon & State of Pennsylvania on thethirty first day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred andfourteen, Before Charles [Glein?] Esqr High Sheriff of the said County of Lebanon[.]By virtue of a writ of Partition or valuation to him directed and to this Inquisitionannexed by the oaths of Daniel Stroh Esqr, Henry Barry, Mar-tin Ulrich, ConradBarry[,] Christian [Capsek?], Christian [Hover-ter?], Frederick Hey[?], PhilipShower[?], Michael [Furry?], Peter Ber-ry[?], Jacob Hoffman and Jacob Yoke[?][,]twelve free and lawful men of his bailiwic, who on their oaths aforesaid re-spectfulydo say, that on the day and year aforesaid, they went to and upon the lot of grounds of which Patric Ward in the said writ mentioned died seized, [viz?] a certainlot of ground situate in the Town of Annville (or Millerstown) and boun-ded &described as follows, Beginning at a corner in Front of two several streets calledMarket & Cherry Streets, Thence along said Market Street four [porches?] to a postin a corner of a lot of Conrad Barry, thence along said lot twelve [porches?] to theplace of Beginning, which said Lot of Ground is known in the General Plan of said Town by N
Eleven and then and there did find that the said Lot of ground could notbe par-ted and divided to an among the widow & all the children of the saidIntestate And that the same will not convenient-ly accommodate more than one of the children of the said in-testate and therefore the inquest aforesaid have valuedand appraised the said lot at the sum of One hundred and eigh-ty five dollars, lawfulmoney of Pennsylvania __ and the In-quest aforesaid upon their oaths aforesaid dofurther find and estimate the widow’s part in the said lot of Ground at the sum of sixty one dollars & sixty six cents, lawful money as aforesaid. In testimony whereof as well the said Sheriff 

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