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LibertyNewsprint 7-11-08 Edition

LibertyNewsprint 7-11-08 Edition



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Daily-Click and Print-Newspaper
Daily-Click and Print-Newspaper

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Jul 13, 2008


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Daily -Click and Print- NewspaperLibertyNewsprint.com U.S. Edition08/07/08 - 11/07/08
It's Crowded 'Under the Bus'
By David Knowles (Political Machine)
Submitted at 7/11/2008 2:18:00 AM
Filed under: Barack Obama, JohnMcCain, Featured Stories, 2008 PresidentGreetings from our nation's capital! Here, arobust public transportation system helpsshield the local populace from the pain of high gasoline prices. But that's not to saythere aren't mobility problems. In fact, thisyear, DC has witnessed a sharp increase inhigh-profile political figures who havebeen tossed "under the bus." Really, it's awonder that they run at all anymore.The single-most overused cliché amongpundits and journalists these days, "underthe bus" connotes a public cutting-of-tieswith a former ally. The action, like asucker-punch on its hapless victim, often,but not always, comes as a surprise. Thosewho are tossed under that large, movingvehicle usually express outrage, or shame,or both. Those who toss run the risk of charges of hypocrisy. The timing of thetossing is always seen as suspect, asymptom of political convenience ratherthan of true moral fiber.Here's a highlight reel of the dizzyingnumber of U.T.B. moments from ourcurrent presidential campaign, in noparticular order.John McCain tosses Phil GrammIn perhaps the single-most tone-deaf utterance of the campaign season so far,McCain economic adviser Phil Grammdiagnosed our economic woes as being afigment of our whiny imaginations.McCain's response to his old friend wasanything but kind. Asked if Gramm wouldstill hold a place in his hypotheticaladministration (Treasury?), McCainquipped:"I think Senator Gramm would be inserious consideration for ambassador toBelarus, although I'm not sure the citizensof Minsk would welcome that."Belarus, under the bus with you, too.Jesse Jackson tosses Barack ObamaThis is the strangest UTB televisionspectacular this season. A live miccatching Jackson threatening to castrateObama for having the audacity to hope thatblack fathers will take more responsibilityfor their own lives. Come on, Jesse, tell ushow you really feel! The subsequentapology tour has dragged on for two days,giving Jackson more airtime than he'd seensince Bill Clinton threw him under the busin South Carolina. As I wrote yesterday,sometimes being thrown under the bus is agift.Scott McClellan tosses the entire BushAdministrationIf you've got a whole group of peopleyou'd like to stuff under a bus, a tell-allmemoir is the way to go. Scott'sblockbuster, What Happened, paints a dimportrait of way our government trumped upthe case for war in Iraq and systematicallystifled dissent. Dick Cheney, Condi Rice,Donald Rumsfeld, and, yes, Scott's formerboss, President Bush can now all be foundunder one very powerful bus. A greatbeach read!Barack Obama tosses Jeremiah Wrightand Wright tosses back.File this one under, "What took you solong?" Obama's critics say that Wright'sinflamatory preaching style qualified himfor under-bus placement long ago. Abouttwenty years, in fact. But in this "damnedif you toss, damned if you don't toss"world, some have criticized Obama forbreaking with Trinity, and disavowing itsfiery former pastor. Among the latter wasWright himself, who, like a womanscorned, unleashed his bizarre fury onObama in a series of painfully entertainingpublic appearances.These are but a few of the instances of UTB. Feel free to leave your own favoritesin the comment section. Let's get them allout, and then maybe we can be done withthe term for a while. I, for one, am ready tothrow "Under the Bus" under the Metrotrain.Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|Comments
Did PresidentBush Get Intothe Sake?
By Christopher Weber (Political Machine)
Submitted at 7/10/2008 10:23:00 AM
Filed under: President Bush,Environment, Gaffes Is there anyone worsethan that guy at the party who thinks he'sHILARIOUS but is really just obnoxiousand dumb? What if the party was theannual G8 summit and that annoying guywas President of the United States? Wellthen something like this might happen:George Bush surprised world leaders witha joke about his poor record on theenvironment as he left the G8 summit inJapan.The American leader, who has beencondemned throughout his presidency forfailing to tackle climate change, ended aprivate meeting with the words:"Goodbyefrom the world's biggest polluter." Yes thatdid actually happen. And it gets even better(ie. worse). The president drove home hiswitticism thusly: He then punched the airwhile grinning widely, as the rest of thosepresent including Gordon Brown andNicolas Sarkozy looked on in shock.Punched the air? What, he didn't have thepresidential snare and cymbal handy?If I ever finish this damn time machineI'm going to set it for January 20, 2009.Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|Comments
2Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
Obama on Women, Dr. Phil, Gilligan
By Tommy Christopher (Political Machine)
Submitted at 7/10/2008 9:18:00 AM
Filed under: Democrats, Barack Obama,Economy, Abortion DemocraticPresidential candidate Barack Obamadelivered a speech today at the Women'sEconomic Security Town Hall, in Fairfax,VA, and his campaign held a conferencecall to discuss the policies.The address comes on the heels of Senator Hillary Clinton's reintroduction tothe Obama campaign, as the two formerrivals appeared at fundraisers together thisweek.Obama rolled out a laundry list of policies in his speech, mostly having to dowith economic issues, but he also took aswipe at John McCain: (via email) SenatorMcCain, however, has said that we'vemade "great progress" on the economy.And Senator Phil Gramm, a top economicadvisor to Senator McCain, just recentlysaid that this is merely "a mentalrecession." Senator Gramm then deemedthe United States - and I quote - "a nationof whiners." This comes after SenatorMcCain recently admitted that his energyproposals will have mainly"psychological" benefits.Well, you know, America already hasone Dr. Phil. When it comes to theeconomy, we don't need another. TheMcCain campaign has not responded toqueries of, "How does that make youfeel?"On the Obama campaign conference call,Minnesota Senator Amy Klobucharcompared McCain's agenda for women toa classic sitcom: When I see (McCain'spolicies), it reminds me of TV Landrerunning, over and over again, episodes of "Gilligan's Island, and Ginger andMaryAnn are never getting off the island.This is in keeping with the rest of McCain's policies, which are modeled afterthe show, "Lost." I asked Klobuchar whereMrs. Howell fit in there, and sheresponded, "Well, Mrs. Howell is amongthe group whose tax cuts we'd like to scaleback."The call ended before I could ask if anyof them knew the full name of TheProfessor's character.Heidi Hartmann, President of theInstitute for Women's Policy Research,urged any women thinking of voting forJohn McCain to "take another look."The campaign released a "50 StateImpact Report" on the Senator's proposals,available here. The plan addresses incomeinequity, and a variety of life/work balanceissues.Senator McCain, meanwhile, as DavidKnowles reports, was unable to muster anyanswer at all to a question about hissupport for women's access to birthcontrol. That question was a result of hisfinance co-chair's observation that ""Thereare many health insurance plans that willcover Viagra but won't cover birth-controlmedication. Those women would like achoice,"McCain couldn't remember his previousvote on the subject, and apparently couldnot remember his current position, either.In fairness, most candidates only memorizetheir positions on issues they care about.The Obama speech provided a stark contrast for women voters, many of whomhave expressed concern over SenatorObama's commitment to abortion rightsand reproductive choice. Senator McCainhas pledged to overturn Roe v. Wade, anddoesn't even know his own position onaccess to birth control.CT. Senator and McCain butler JosephLieberman has made clear his oppositionto making emergency contraceptionavailable to rape survivors, so perhaps hecan whisper that into McCain's ear.Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|Comments
Obama Channels James Dobson?
By Greg McNeilly (Political Machine)
Submitted at 7/10/2008 11:54:00 AM
Filed under: Barack Obama, Religion,2008 President In an under-reportedsermon campaign speech, Barack Obamagave a pitch to people of faith. Thispolitical pitch was a homily this pastweekend, in St. Louis, to the AfricanMethodist Episcopal Church GeneralConference.One wonders if the repetitive mentioningof "Jesus" and reciting Christian scripturessuggest he'd be comfortable with MikeHuckabee as his running mate?Some observations...-- Offering a prayer for those afflictedfrom flooding...had a Republican donethis, how would media elites react?-- He calls for a celebration of thepromise of America...does this precludecelebrating its current nature?-- When he says "I won't be fulfilling theLord's will unless I am doing the Lord'swork" do we think he means somethingdifferent than if a Republican were to saythe same?-- Does the above quote mean Obamabelieves he transcends the "Wall of Separation" and like those certain abouttheir Faith, his religion will dictate publicpolicy? After all, if he doesn't, he says hewon't be doing the "Lord's will."-- Obama adds our faith - the Lord's will -must be expressed in our publicpolicy...had a Republican said this, wouldit have been extreme and radical?-- Obama says our values must beexpressed in our government and thennotes government needs to support faith-based organizations. Does that apply tothose organziations that compete withunionized failing governmentbureacracies? (Example, school vouchersto empower parents with children stuck infailing schools.)-- What part of the scripture justifiesObama's class-warfare? Generally, it'sbeen a common belief that jealousy andenvy are not virtues but vice.-- Does Obama's belief in an eternalafterlife qualify him as an anti-scienceneanderthal?-- Does this speech in anyway violate thehost church's nonprofit tax-status?After listening to Obama it makes sincewhy Democrats - more so thanRepublcians - want to rewrite the U.S.Consitution to their own personal agenda.Rassmussen reports that 51% of Barack Obama's party want major or minorchanges to our Founding document. 23%of Republicans want a change but 76% of GOPers see no change needed.So maybe...because we still dont' know,and we're left guessing...the change that isObama's mindless mantra means rewritingthe U.S. Consitituion and adding God to it.Maybe! Or maybe something else...whoknows!Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|Comments
Closing bell: marketsflip-flop andfinancials dive again
By Douglas McIntyre (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 7/10/2008 9:36:00 AM
Filed under: After the bell, Dell (DELL),General Electric (GE), Wal-Mart (WMT),Intel (INTC), Federal Natl Mtge (FNM),Wachovia Corp (WB), Lehman BrHoldings (LEH)At the close, most of the indexes haddone OKDJIA: 11,229.58 up .75%S&P 500 : 1,253.52 up .71%NASDAQ: 2,257.85 up 1..03%And, of course, the 52-Week Low ClubMost of the market did relatively well,but shares in big financials could not besaved, even by reassurances from theTreasury Secretary himself. Commentsfrom the former president of the New York Fed to the affect that Fannie Mae(NYSE:FNM) and Freddie Mac(NYSE: FRE) sentthe stocks down with Freddie Mac down,at one point, over 25%.Continue reading Closing bell: marketsflip-flop and financials dive againPermalink| Email this| Comments
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3Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
Hispanics Are People Too
By Tommy Christopher (Political Machine)
Submitted at 7/11/2008 3:09:00 AM
Filed under: Ads, John McCain, FeaturedStories, 2008 President, ImmigrationUpdate: I can't believe it, either, but here Iam in agreement with Captain Ed: This is amonumentally stupid ad. It spends a fullminute saying nothing about the issue itsupposedly addresses, and it insults theintelligence of the people whom McCain istrying to woo. And I'm someone who has alittle more sympathy for McCain's effortson immigration than most on the Right.Take two big steps backward, SenatorMcCain. John McCain has released a newcampaign ad, entitled, "God's Children,"that seems to be stating something soobvious, you have to wonder why itneeded to be said at all. Via press release:ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator JohnMcCain's presidential campaign todayreleased its newest television ad entitled"God's Children." The ad features JohnMcCain's remarks at a June 2007 debate inNew Hampshire honoring the service andsacrifice of Hispanics in our ArmedForces. The ad will air in Colorado,Nevada and New Mexico. The McCaincampaign has also scheduled a conferencecall to discuss the ad. I'll have more on thatlater.Here's the ad, followed by the transcript.Ask yourself, "Who is this ad aimed at?"Script For "God's Children" (TV 1:00)JOHN MCCAIN: My friends, I want youthe next time you're down in Washington,D.C., to go to the Vietnam War Memorialand look at the names engraved in black granite. You'll find a whole lot of Hispanicnames.When you go to Iraq or Afghanistantoday, you're going to see a whole lot of people who are of Hispanic background.You're even going to meet some of the fewthousand that are still green card holderswho are not even citizens of this country,who love this country so much that they'rewilling to risk their lives in its service inorder to accelerate their path to citizenshipand enjoy the bountiful, blessed nation.So let's from time to time remember thatthese are God's children. They must comeinto country legally, but they haveenriched our culture and our nation asevery generation of immigrants beforethem.Thank you. JOHN MCCAIN: I'm JohnMcCain and I approve this message. Thead does have some kind words forHispanic Americans, so it is tempting tosee this as a grab for the latino vote. If it is,it seems to be a pretty tone-deaf one."So let's from time to time remember thatthese are God's children." Who isforgetting this? That line seems to bedirected at other Americans who wouldlump all Hispanic people into the illegalimmigration problem, and who are hostiletowards them. Hmmm...who does that?But, then, McCain himself lumps allHispanic Americans into the category of immigrants, legal or not. "They must comeinto country legally, but they haveenriched our culture and our nation asevery generation of immigrants beforethem." You know, a lot of "them" comeinto the country the same way I did, in ahospital delivery room.There is another possibility. PerhapsMcCain is saying that only Hispanics are"God's Children," and the rest of usare...what...Demon hellspawn? Soullessanimals? God's Adults? Cleverly disguisedandroids?This ad is clumsy, at best, and offensiveat worst. This is a shame, because McCainreally does deserve credit for having areasonable immigration plan. Which henow does not support.Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|Comments
Petraeus Confirmed as CENTCOM Commander
By Mark Impomeni (Political Machine)
Submitted at 7/10/2008 2:15:00 PM
Filed under: Bush Administration, Senate,Breaking News, Iraq, Foreign Policy IraqCommander Gen. David Petraeus wasconfirmed by the Senate today to be thenew chief of U.S. Central Command(CENTCOM). In his new position,Petraeus will give up day-to-day control of events in Iraq and take charge of all U.S.military activities in the Middle East andcentral Asia. President Bush nominatedPetraeus for the post back in April on therecommendation of Defense SecretaryRobert Gates. But Gates' promotion of Petraeus for the job was probably a mereformality, given the fact that Petraeus hasbeen the general in charge of the troopsurge strategy that has been so remarkablysuccessful at reducing the level of violencein Iraq and helping to boost the confidenceand competency of the Iraqi government.The Senate vote was 95-2. Only SenatorsTom Harkin (D-IA) and Robert Byrd (D-WV) voted against Petraeus'sconfirmation. Byrd said that his vote wasbased on his belief that Petraeus has beensuccessful in Iraq, and should remain there."[I]t does not seem prudent to remove themastermind behind the fragile successesthat have been thus far achieved," he said.The reason for Harkin's no vote areunclear, but he also cast the lone vote inopposition to the promotion of Petraeus'sdeputy, Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno, to be thenew Iraq Commander. Odierno willreceive a fourth star as a result of hisconfirmation and take over responsibilityfor operations in Iraq.Petraeus's tenure as the top commanderin Iraq has been nothing short of remarkable. He successfully developed andimplemented the troop surge strategy,changing U.S. tactics in fighting thestubborn insurgency in Iraq and rescuingthe war effort there. He has also seen firsthand the daily meddling of Iran in Iraq,and will no doubt take that knowledge tohis new post, where he will be chargedwith countering the growing threat fromIran in the region. Petraeus has won praisefrom Republicans and Democrats alike forhis candor, his calm and confidentleadership, and his tactical brilliance. Heseems destined for much greater things anda higher profile role in the Pentagon in theyears ahead. He is a once-in-a-generationmilitary leader and is rapidly approachingthe exalted status of a MacArthur, Bradley,Pershing, and Eisenhower.Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|Comments
Option Update: RoyalCaribbean and Carnival putvolume and volatility spike
By Paul Foster (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 7/10/2008 9:25:00 AM
Filed under: Carnival Corp (CCL),OptionsRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.(NYSE:RCL) recently down $1.03 to $20.31:RCL is expected to report Q2 EPS in lateJuly. RCL call option volume of 2,789contracts compared to put volume of 8,808contracts. RCL July option impliedvolatility was at 67, August at 74; above its26-week average of 47 according to Track Data, suggesting larger price movement.Carnival Corporation(NYSE: CCL)recently down $1.57 to $30.83:CCL call option volume of 7,827contracts compared to put volume of 33,198 contracts. CCL July option impliedvolatility was at 50, August at 58; above its26-week average of 39 according to Track Data, suggesting larger price movement.Option Update is provided by Stock Specialist Paul Foster of theflyonthewall.com Permalink| Email this|Comments
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