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32 - Aid and Abet Newsletter

32 - Aid and Abet Newsletter

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Published by skalpsolo

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Published by: skalpsolo on Oct 13, 2010
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William Cooper's Mystery Babylon: Part 32 - Aid and Abet Newsletter (aired January 3rd, 1994)audio link: (http:// www. remnantradio.org /Archives/articles/William%20Cooper/Mystery%20Babylon/audio/mystery%20babylon%2032.mp3) (remove spaces)transcribed by wakingup72 @ http:// www. waronyou.com/ forums (remove spaces)**FINAL TRANSCRIPTION**=============================================Reference link: [i]Aid and Abet Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 1[/i]: http:// www.skepticfiles.org /mys4/police.htm (remove spaces)=============================================Across the Americas and around the world, once again, you're listening to the Hour of the Time. I'm your host, William Cooper, and in studio...[voice of Carolyn Nelson]: Carolyn Nelson.Folks, I'm going to be on a little investigative trip here for the next week. And while I'm gone, you are you going to hear re-runs on both time slots. Those ofyou listening now have probably never heard these episodes of the Hour of the Time, and you should always listen to this broadcast with a pad of paper and a pencil or pen by your side. Never, ever, make the mistake of sitting down withouta pad of paper and a pen or pencil to listen to the Hour of the Time. We have very short patience around here for people who do not follow directions, so if youcall up and want us to recount the show for you because you didn't have your pad of paper and your pencil, I'm sorry, we don't have time to do that. We're very, very busy here. So, make sure you get it the first time. If you miss a telephone number because I only say it once, that's OK.(William Cooper continues to talk about his different time slots)Tonight's show is important, for it verifies everything that I've been telling you in the Mystery Babylon series, which we have done 31 episodes of. And we haveincluded, "The Dawn of Man," which ran prior to the production of the Mystery Babylon series and any orders for this series. So, that actually makes 32 tapes.But tonight's episode will be episode number 32 of the series known as Mystery Babylon.Don't go away, folks. You need to know what you're going to hear tonight.(opening music: [i]God Part II[/i], performed by U2)For those of you who don't believe that those who call themselves illumined, theonly truly mature minds in this world and thus, are the only ones capable of deciding the future, or of ruling the rest of us...those of you who don't believethese people have infiltrated all levels of our society -- our government, our military, our law enforcement -- I want you to listen carefully to what I'm goingto read you. I'm going to quote, verbatim, an article which appeared in the newsletter called [i]Aid and Abet Police Newsletter, volume 2, Constitutional Issues for Lawmen, number 1[/i]...volume 2, number 1. That's [i]Aid and Abet Police Newsletter[/i].
Now, this letter, according to the editor of this newsletter, was written by a police chief. Here, he uses a pseudonym, so he says, so that the police chief's identity is not revealed. However, as you will find out, if you have listened toour series on Mystery Babylon, this is not just a police chief. This is a highlydegreed member of the Masonic Lodge, and he gives himself away with his symbology. For the end of his article, he signs it, "So mote it be."[i]Aid and Abet[/i] is put out by officer Jack McLamb, who has been written up as one of the best police officers ever produced by the state of Arizona. We neither endorse him, nor do we condemn him. As far as CAJI is concerned, our vote isnot in yet on this organization. We know that in order to bring about the New World Order, they need to identify everyone who will uphold the real law, the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. They need to identify those people and get them out of positions of authority and, if necessary, take them out of society completely. There are organizations which exist solely for the purpose of identifying those people in government, those people in the patriot community, thosepolice officers serving in police organizations, who would ultimately support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights against any effort to destroy it. [i]Aidand Abet[/i] may be one of these means. We do not know that for certain. But ifyou listen to this letter...this letter, because it's signed with a pseudonym, may not be from a police chief at all, but may be from those who control [i]Aid and Abet[/i] to tell the police officers what is expected of them in the New World Order.Again, we do not know this to be true. But we have discovered, ladies and gentlemen, that in our investigations, that those who oppose us -- who would destroy us -- used the Hegelian dialectic of political conflict resolution. They controlboth sides of every issue. They set in motion methods and means to identify their enemy, and destroy their enemy, before their enemy can hurt them. And that's why we have been on the losing end for literally thousands of years with these people.I now quote from this newsletter:[Reading from [i]Aid and Abet[/i]:](start of quote)=====================================================To the question of, "Do some judges, prosecutors and police officers today commit dishonest acts to put criminals away?" I answer an unequivocal, Yes! But, it is hoped that it is not done without just cause. True immorality exists only whenthe cause is not just.[William Cooper: Notice how they turn the definition of morality around. He goeson:]After more than 20 years of service to my fellow Americans I realize what reality is. The truth is that today many judges, attorneys, police officials and officers are devotees of the religion of Secular Humanism (S.H.), myself included.Some of our members (mainly out of fear) will not admit that S.H. is a religion[William Cooper: that's Secular Humanism is a religion]. They are apprehensive that we might be treated as the so-called "Christians" have been treated under the doctrine of Separation of Church and State. Such fear might be well founded ifthis were 15 to 20 years ago. Not so today. Reason being, colleagues of our faith are, for the most part, in control of the agencies and organizations, such as
the ACLU, ABA, Justice Dept. etc., that would normally protest such cases. Although this may at first seem unfair, it is not. But allow me to proceed, and I believe you will come to full understanding of this and many other important facts.My feelings are that it is time we shepherds open the eyes of our flock and further sort out those we cannot take with us into the 21st century.[William Cooper: I'm going to pause here. In case you don't understand exactly what this man just said, I'm going to read this paragraph again to you. Remember,this is purported to be a police chief writing under a pseudonym to the policenewsletter called [i]Aid and Abet[/i]. Listen very carefully, ladies and gentlemen, and you'll see when I've labeled you sheeple, I have not been...I have not been incorrect.][repeats:] My feelings are that it is time we shepherds open the eyes of our flock and further sort out those we cannot take with us into the 21st. Century.[William Cooper: Now, those of you who thought that I was insane when I told youthat, if you don't go along with the New World Order -- if you can't renounce your old religion and your old societal ways and your old morals and conform to the new age -- you will be exterminated. They make no secret of this. I continue:]Any that would deny that our religion of [Secular Humanism] is not a valid religion should do their homework. The Supreme Court decided that it is a religion some years ago in the Torcaso vs Abington, Abington vs Schempp, and in Torcaso vsWatkins cases. According to the High Court, it is "...belief, not body, creed, or cult which appears to be the essence of religion." It further explains that, "...'belief' refers to some sort of universal view of life, of the world of mankind - a belief that is held to be true about mankind." In essence the Supreme Court said that one's religion can be "...any world view with or without referenceto GOD, theistic or non-theistic in nature". I hope this helps others to understand our Faith, however, this of course is not the main point of my speech.I wish to address the abuse of Police Officers who ascribe, knowingly or unknowingly, to the moral tenants of our religion in regards to ethics and morals. Nationwide our devotees are enduring horrible discrimination at the hands of a veryhypocritical faction of society, the Christians. This discrimination comes as weHumanists exercise our own religious beliefs and apply our morals "on the job,"so to speak. Yet, other officers may apply their own individual belief systems(morals and ethics) at will, without any condemnation. This is undeniable discrimination!Fortunately, our religion is the fastest growing of any in all of history and many of the younger generation within the criminal justice system, including police officers, who ascribe to sound Secular Humanist principals are now in management which is of benefit to all. This does give us sway power, and is a plus for our side. Still, there is far too much discrimination against those who would apply a most important principle of our religion -- "Situation Ethics".The principal of Situation Ethics allows the individual to focus correctly on only the goal to be accomplished. Morally speaking, little if any consideration need be given to the method or means, as nothing else supersedes its importance. Of course concern is given to finding a means of accomplishing a task or goal, soas to have the least negative impact on the least amount of our people.[William Cooper: Notice he says, "our people."]In my youth I recall hearing the great Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi de

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