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40 - The Occult and the Third Reich (the Ss - Blood and Soil)

40 - The Occult and the Third Reich (the Ss - Blood and Soil)

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Published by skalpsolo

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Published by: skalpsolo on Oct 13, 2010
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William Cooper's Mystery Babylon: Part 40
The Occult and the Third Reich (The SS - Blood and Soil) (aired March 1st, 1994)audio link: (http:// www .remnantradio. org/Archives/articles/William%20Cooper/Mystery%20Babylon/audio/mystery%20babylon%2040.mp3) (remove spaces)Transcribed by msn81 (edited and formatted by wakingup72 @ http:// www .waronyou. com/forums) (remove spaces)*** FINAL TRANSCRIPTION ***===============================================================================(Opening music: )You're listening to the Hour of the Time. I'm William Cooper.[Carolyn Nelson]: And hello from Carolyn Nelson.I want to welcome our listening audience on satellite -- North and South Americaand the western side of Europe and a lot of the islands and territories in thePacific, also New Zealand and Australia.Welcome to the Hour of the Time. We are now worldwide by shortwave radio and one-half of the Earth's hemisphere on Satellite Galaxy 3, Channel 17 5.8 Audio. That's Galaxy 3, Channel 17 5.8 Audio. We are striking at the heart and soul of theenemy with the Hour of the Time, and it was reflected today when they paid us the greatest compliment that we can ever, ever hope to possess. We were attackedby Radio for Peace International, a broadcast of the United Nations, repeatedlytoday on 4 frequencies worldwide.Ladies and gentlemen, I am so happy and so proud that we have hurt them so badlythat they chose to win credibility to this broadcast by publicly attacking us on a United Nations broadcast, Radio for Peace International, worldwide. The Socialist bloodsuckers are hurting badly.Before we get into tonight broadcast, I want to read you a definition from Mackey's [i]Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, revised edition[/i], Volume 1, A-L. This ispersonally signed by Albert Mackey and was published in 1924 by the Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York and London, ladies and gentlemen. Now, I also have Mackey's 1893 edition of his [i]Encyclopedia of Freemasonry[/i] in which the word Aryan is mentioned for the first time, taken out of the teachings of HelenaPetrovna Blavatsky. And in that series of volumes of Mackey's [i]Encyclopedia ofFreemasonry[/i] there is a section on crosses, and there is only one Cross mentioned...only one -- it is the swastika. Now from the 1924 volume, Aryan: -- andI quote -- "One of the three historical divisions of religion -- the other twobeing the Turanian and the Shemitic. It produced Brahmanism, Buddhism and the Code of Zoroaster." (laughs) I bet you Aryans didn't know that you were all Buddhists. And if you go to India, [i]those[/i] are the Aryans that she was talking about, and none of you look anything like them. And if you go to Tibet, that's where it all originated, and you don't look like them either.Oh, sheeple! What am I gonna do with you? P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute," and he was right. Folks, there is absolutely [i]nothing[/i] new under the sun.We continue tonight with part two of the [i]Occult History of the Third Reich[/i]. If you have ears and you can hear, and if you have a brain [and] you can thin
k, you can make all the connections you ever need to make as we go into the nextto the last episode in the completion of our Mystery Babylon series.[audio of documentary begins to play][sounds of a clarinet, playing dramatically]The Berghoff mountain retreat of Adolf Hitler. Here, senior party members and their families relax, away from the frantic activity of the camp. Yet, even in thepeaceful setting of the Bavarian Alps amongst the tranquil scenes of domestic life there is an unsettling presence: the racial elite of the New Order, the SS.[dramatic music playing, sounds of marching]"How can we arrest racial decay?" asks Adolf Hitler. "Shall we form a select company of the truly initiated? An Order, the Brotherhood of Templars around the Holy Grail of pure blood." By 1934, almost ten years after its creation, the SS isin the process of becoming Hitler's Brotherhood of Templars. The handpicked, disciplined and fiercely loyal bodyguard of the Fuhrer is being transformed into an Aryan elite. A mystical order, dedicated to the creation of an empire.In the strange and terrifying doctrines of National Socialism, the Aryan is therace of the future. Providence has decreed that the Aryans will subjugate all other peoples.[dramatic music playing]In the vanguard of the Nazi mission would be the black-clad ranks of the SS. This carefully selected elite is intended to be the stock from which will come a new and superior breed of human -- the superman -- a caste of men born to rule. Itis Heinrich Himmler who will forge Hitler's guard into a racial aristocracy. Under Himmler's leadership, the SS will become a state within a state. Obsessed with secrecy and bound by solemn ritual, the SS will become a force of unprecedented power and authority.[sounds of crowd cheering]The origins of this, the most sinister of all Nazi's creations, do not lie in the personal visions of Heinrich Himmler or his Fuhrer. The roots of the SS go deeper -- even the National Socialism itself.By 1900, the cities of Germany and Austria have changed beyond all recognition.Millions have abandoned the poverty of peasant life, the slave in the mills andfoundries of the Industrial Revolution. As their population swell with the influx of labor, elegant centers of commercial and aristocratic life become teeming industrial slums. It is in the cities that the values of the old order are challenged. Calls for democracy and Socialism threaten the traditional power of the ruling elites. Established religious beliefs are undermined by science and a rising tide of materialism. To many, the new world seems fractured and chaotic.Amongst the aristocratic and educated classes in the first decade of the 20th century, the overriding mood is one of nostalgia. There is a powerful yearning fora vanished past, a past believed to have been more harmonious, orderly, and spiritual.All over industrialized Europe new movements arise, devoted to the search for simplicity. In Germany, the movement calls itself, [i]Lebensreform[/i] -- life ref
orm. It is pledged to the restoration of a more natural way of living. Tens of thousands of German youth join the [i]Wandervögel[/i] -- the birds of passage. Itsmembers share a mystical love of the German countryside and revere German folklore and ritual.While science and medicine are rejected as products of the Industrial Revolution, vegetarianism, herbal healing, nudism, communal living, and meditation becomefashionable pursuits. In every major city, cults devoted to spiritualism, astrology, magic, and the occult flourish among the disciples of life reform. Of all the doctrines favored by the movement, none will be more influential than those preached by the Russian evangelist and telepath Madame Helena Blavatsky.In 1888 Madam Blavatsky claimed to have traveled to Tibet, and there to have been initiated into the secrets of spiritual masters she calls the "Hidden Elect."In the doctrines of occultists, the Hidden Elect, or the Great White Brotherhood, are believed to be humans who, by initiation and self denial, have risen become Adepts. They have gained powers and knowledge beyond those of ordinary mortals. In Britain, Aleister Crowley, a magician of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, claimed in 1909 to have crossed the abyss and to have returned as an Adept.Madame Blavatsky did not claim to be an Adept in her own right, but she did claim constant telepathic communication with her hidden masters. They had revealedto her, their chosen one, the occult history of the human race.According to Madame Blavatsky, each round of the cosmic cycle has associated with it seven root races. The first root race to evolve on earth, she calls the Astral race. It was a race of pure spirit, the highest form of existence. The second race she calls the Hyperborean race. Its home was a now vanished continent inthe northern ocean. The third race was the Lemurians. Blavatsky is clear about the reason for the fall of the Lemurian race: it had interbred with animals. Thefourth race in the history revealed to Madam Blavatsky is the race of Atlantis.The Atlanteans had possessed psychic powers and had constructed giant cities using an energy source of mysterious origins. The Atlanteans were destroyed in a great flood. The fifth root race Madam Blavatsky sees as the race of hope -- the race that has once founded the culture of ancient Greece, and soon would return man to the pinnacle of spirituality. That race she named, the Aryan. By 1914, Blavatsky's mystical doctrine of the destiny of the Aryan man has spread throughoutGermany and Austria.[music playing]The opening days of the Great War. There is little sense of the impending cataclysm. All over Europe, news of war is greeted with unqualified enthusiasm. In allthe warring nations, the emotions of militant nationalism are given free reign.In the ranks of the Austrian and German armies, there is a widespread belief that the aspirations of a generation may be satisfied at last: the unification ofGerman speaking peoples and the creation of a Germanic empire.[sounds of explosions]To the frontline soldiers of the Imperial armies, the teachings of the Austrianclairvoyant Guido von List are an inspiration. List believes that in the Germans, more than in any other people, runs the blood of the mythical race called by Madam Blavatsky, the Aryans. To List, the Great War is proof that the modern world, with its materialism and its Democracy, is destroying itself. But out of warand destruction will come the victory of the German cause and the beginning of an Aryan millennium. List revives the prayer of the 16th century philosopher andheretic Giordano Bruno: "O Jove! That the Germans realize their own strength, and they shall not be men, but gods."[music playing]

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