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Flyng With Frank

Flyng With Frank

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Published by Stephen John Beccia
A tragic comedy. Did you ever fly with someone that drove you completely insane. No rest for the wicked when you fly with Frank.
A tragic comedy. Did you ever fly with someone that drove you completely insane. No rest for the wicked when you fly with Frank.

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Published by: Stephen John Beccia on Oct 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Flying with Frank 
By Stephen John Beccia
Copyright © 2006 by Stephen John BecciaONE“Tell ‘em you have a bomb,” Frank whispered.Benny looked down his long nose and scowled. “Be quiet, Frank. Someone will hear you ... and stop pushing; we’ll be in our seats before you know it.”“How long is it from Logan to LaGuardia?” Frank asked.Benny laughed. “Most people would say ‘From Boston to New York’, but that’s okay. Ittakes only an hour and seven minutes. We’ll have plenty of time to get a cab and make it toRockefeller by twelve fifteen.”“Man, these bags are fucking heavy,” Frank griped.Benny wiped the beads of sweat from his bald head, “Just be patient, and have your ticketready.”
“Look maybe you should just tell them you have a bomb—”The wrinkles on Benny’s forehead formed into a V. “Are you crazy! Do you want your anus probed? Well I don’t. You know how tight security has been since nine-one-one. Now justshut up and wait like the rest of us.”Benny and Frank were out of breath; they were late arrivals at the airport due to a heavynight of drinking and celebrating. A close friend of Benny’s had gotten them an opportunity to pitch their screenplay at a major production company in New York along with a major moviedeal if accepted. The two partners had spent many years looking for their big break, and they hada sure-fire idea that this would be their lucky day.Benny looked over his shoulder, somewhat paranoid, and handed his ticket to anoverfriendly lady. He faked a smile, and walked down the plank to board the plane.Again, the line of people came to a standstill.Benny’s stomach started to churn like it always did when he traveled. The dreaded fear of some psycho terrorist being aboard had always bothered him.“What the hell is the hold up,” Benny fumed. “If only more people would just check their  bags instead of carry-on …things would be so much smoother.” He wiped his cold and clammyhands on his slacks, and exhaled loudly.“Don’t forget about the strollers and the handy cap people,” Frank added.“Well, I’m not that much of an asshole, Frank. But I tell you one thing ... more peopleshould take a shower before traveling. Now we have to smell their foul odor circulating throughthe stale air for the entire fight. I’ll probably end up sick as usual.”

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