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Table Of Contents

Chapter 0/ 1
What? Mom asked. That s all the breakfast you re going to
Don t forget to boot Muffy! Mom yelled after me
Well I can see that you re not interested in today s special. Would you
Good morning and welcome to Buddy s! the holo started
Georgie s old man? I asked
Then how the Hell did he do it?
Chapter 0/ 2
Oh fritz. Georgie complained. You did that last week.
Inever get F s. If you d read books once in a
Airline reservations. I was with my Dad two weeks ago when he set
What be next in this here stack? Lisa chanted
I mready.
What s the problem? Lisa asked
You mean it nukes itself? George asked
Yeah. Martin dug his thick fingers into his bushy black beard and
Will you look at that? Martin asked
The Zeilemann Starfire 600.
I ll buy it. List price. He flicked a charge card out of his breast pocket
Thanks Rayno. But but I coulda made the deal myself.
Let s get one thing straight. You work for me .
replace it real easy with a 42C816. That d just about double your
cause Mom and Dad weren t there and I could zip right upstairs and
Chapter 0/ 4
Bob Hansen. Georgie s father. Mike and Georgie were hanging
Then how come Mr. Hansen saw you coming out of the downtown
MIKHAIL! He slammed into the door. Open this! Now!
H320-5127-01R. That was his checking account access code. He
I m not trying anything. It s done already.
Outlooped you. Disappeared you. Buried you.
Oh my God ...
Mikhail! He hit the door. I jumped back; I d definitely heard wood
Wait! I shouted back. I copied all your files before I purged!
Chapter 0/ 5
...mmmmf mmm mmmumble mumble mmf. -- crackle mumble
Arf. Arf arf. Waddle waddle waddle waddle KLONK! It d back up
Chapter 0/ 6
Who are you? Why do you keep calling?
You Mikhail Arthur Harris? the short one asked. The mountain
Who wants to know? I said. The attempted snarl came out a
Are you Mikhail Arthur Harris? Shorty asked again
Chapter 0/ 7
D.K. Luger stenciled on his shirt. I wrestled my suitcase up to the
Chapter 0/ 8
Chapter 0/ 9
How d you wind up here? I asked him. He ejected the CD from
You want to know what s really yoko? Scott blurted. Listen! He
Very well. Proceed. Payne crossed his arms and made it clear he
Chapter 0/A
Ten- shun! Rye face ! Ford harch ! I watched the jarheads again and
You! Pissant! Front and center!
Ten- shun! Rye face ! Ford harch !
Will you two shut up ? the guy behind Scott whispered. You
Column halt! and we sort of piled to a stop. He yelled Ten- shun!
Welcome to the Von Schlager Military Academy! he boomed out
I can t hear you!
Bunk beds!
Yo! Cyberpunk! Y all know how to interface with one of these?
Ow! The next time Luger s face came up he had blood running out the
SHUT UP! Payne swung Borec around and lobbed him in the
I don t care who started it! You fight when I give you permission to
Chapter 0/B
At ease! he said. Lawrence Borec sat down on the grass. Payne
You? You are the New Spartans! Young! Strong! The leaders of
Just as the Spartans of old were looked down upon for blah blah
Youmust be the blah blah honored history blah blah proud
Chapter 0/C
Chapter 0/D
How d you find that out? It sounded like an accusation
Christ Almighty! one of the Macedonians a southern-fried
Typical. The Spartans waxed everybody else s fannies.
A quiet place to read! He came swooping around the tables and
Gotcha! he laughed. That s the pilot light! Everyone makes that
Chapter 0E
This is the lesson of Alexander s march across the Gedrosian
This is a recipe for disaster! A supply line has a definite tensile
The Spartans originated right-wing death squads. You can kill all
when I found this for you . I think you ll find it useful. Tossing the
Original program design by Ralph Lewellyn. Mods by Mikey Harris.
Chapter 0/F
AEGOSPOTAMI! he thundered
There s a thing we call the Pygmalion Effect. If you take a gutter
But not one of you acted as if you had listened to them! Once
I m sure by now that you ve come to appreciate the values of a
Ooof! He collapsed like a brain-shot pig
Chapter 11
Consider the First through Fourth Jihads! The defenders had
And that is why you work with pugil sticks! He steps over to the
Chapter 12
Ten- shun! We snapped to so perfect we clicked
The second is more serious. Unlike comparable German and
Let s do this again. Drop! The rest of the class flopped down hard
Mister Lewellyn! The door was open; the lights were out. The
Chapter 13
Scenario: You re down in nonfriendly territory. You have the
They re also how you score a takeout. With a little creaking sound
Yessir. Conditioned response. Can t help it
You have two advantages over real soldiers: I gave you time to get your
Forgot to mention! the S.I. continued. Tularemia season! Don t
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Goddammit Harris! he yelled when he figured out what was going
Fuggin Deke took me out! he spat. I looked him in the face and
The S.I. radioed after my switch went. Congratulated Deke on his
No zut? He looked at his; I unscrewed mine and handed it over
You are here! If Luger was where Vang said he was going and I
Hurt me ? I laughed. You miserable pusbag! You ve been
Chapter 16
You Mike Harris? the gopher shrilled again
Aren t we forgetting something? Von Schlager rumbled without
You were an Involuntary Admit. You flunked and repeated Grade One
That was a rhetorical question. You don t need to explain; I know
Remind me to add Gulliver s Travels to the required reading list!
Chapter 17
Mail call! The Grade One gopher stuck his face into my
Why? Because your father lied to me. He convinced me that we
I pretended not to see that your father was just too busy to bother
I ll be in touch
Chapter 18
Fall in! Payne brayed. Form up! He looked around the airstrip
Thanks. I returned his salute and took the piece of paper. It said
Good. Report to the bursar s office at 0800 Monday morning. He ll
Chapter 19
I quit. Gary s even more of a fascist than his old man was.
Now Mike can I call you Mike? it seems my old man thought very
That s better. Cigarette? He fished a silver case out of his jacket
Chapter 20
Studying the opposition s resource deploymentalization! Hudson
The Joint Chiefs of Staff? Vang hazards
Here we have the essential fallacy of Clausewitz! he booms out
On Warwas written in a culture and at a time when military and
But times change. Cultures change. Political institutions grow and
Willwithout a clear knowledge of the value and limits of force is a
Mister Harris?
but are you sure you don t want to stay on as staff?
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Bethke, Bruce - Cyberpunk

Bethke, Bruce - Cyberpunk

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