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Published by Andrew Bacon
The Wave Bible Study
The Wave Bible Study

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Published by: Andrew Bacon on Oct 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Week of October10, 2010
Galatians 4:1-20
 Andrew Bacon
Galatians 4:1-20Preparations
Read Galatians, Chapter 4:1-20
Read the study guide and familiarize yourself with the lesson. Make sureyou read the “Take Aways” sectionso you know what the aim of thisstudy is. However, be open to other truths as theymay presentthemselves!
Print this guideout so you can have it handy if needed.
Pray for your ability to guide and for those in your group!
Hang Time
Catchup/Small talk 
Recap and Share
 Ask how they would summarize Chapter 3:15-29from last week.
In last week’s study, Paulexplained that we are prisoners of sin, but God made a promise to Abraham that was fulfilled by Christ, and now we can all share inthe promise
Read and Ask 
Read Galatians4:1-20. (Have someone read each section, separated byparagraphs. Go around the group until everyone reads and continue untilthe end of the chapter.)
 Ask for some General Observations: If no one gets to these on their own,here are some great questions to get things rolling…
How does this connect with second part of Chapter 3?
Paul literally continues to explain that there is no distinction between those that are in Christ.
What does Paul seem to be doing in this Chapter?
Continuing chapter 3, and urging them to turn away from false teaching and thinking.
Chapter 4:1-7There is no Distinction and You areSons(Continuing from Chapter 3:26-29)How is a child different than a slave? What do you think?
 A slave has no rights. A slave is not an heir. A son has rights to the father’s blessings. He is an heir.
 Is Paul saying that once a slave becomes a saved by faith, he is no longer aslave?
Paul is speaking to the spiritual state, not the practical. He is saying that EVERYONE can be an heir of Christ. It doesn’t mean that our status on earth will change, but our eternal status has changed.
  V. 3: So, essentially, all people, regardless of their earthly status are slavesbefore they have faith in Christ. Do you believe this? If so, what are all peopleenslaved to?
The law. (This is whether they follow it or not.) 
 V. 4: What does Paul mean when he says that God’s Son was born under thelaw?
Jesus was born to Mary, who was a woman, and was under the law.
 Why is the Spirit sent to our hearts? ReadProverbs 4:23 “The heart is the seat of our will.” 
What does it meanthat the Spirit callsout “Abba Fatheron our behalf?
It means we now have an intimate relationship with God. Abba is translated “daddy” in Aramaic; however, it is more than just a baby word for dadas used in English. You must understand that grown children used this termand it is intimate, rather than simply childish.
Chapter 3:8-16Don’t go back to old Ways and I am not Your Enemy!Who were the Galatians enslaved to when they did not know God?
Legalism.False teaching. Essentially, the flesh. (the flesh is not just the desire to do “bad” things. It is the desire to do anything that is wrong) 
Constable. Galatians, p. 42

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