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November December 2010

November December 2010

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Published by dwasser

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Published by: dwasser on Oct 13, 2010
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November / december 2010 Cheshvan / kislev 5771
Building Torat Yisrael’s Future
Expanding our East Greenwich Shabbat Experience
As site preparation is completed and construction documents are finalized for our new building, weare making significant progress on our physical move to East Greenwich. The time has come forus to deepen our religious and programmatic presence in East Greenwich as well. In this spirit, inthis New Year of 5771, we will add a second Shabbat in East Greenwich most months of thecalendar year. Here is how our Shabbat schedule will look on a normal (no holidays or schoolvacations) month:
First Shabbat of Each Month: East Greenwich
The first Friday evening of each month we will celebrate Shabbat Yachad in a new configuration: We will begin with adynamic 6 pm Shabbat evening service enhanced with creative readings, great singing and often with the participationof our Lawrence G. and Frederic G. Cohen Religious School students.The service will be followed by Shabbat Dinner and a speaker.Our first Shabbat Yachad speaker, on Friday, December 3
, will be
Nancy Kirsch, Editor-in-Chief, The Jewish Voiceand Herald.
Our second Shabbat Yachad speaker, on Friday, January 7
, will be
Reverend Don Anderson, Executive Minister of theRhode Island State Council of Churches
On the first Shabbat morning of the month, we will hold a traditional Shabbat morning service beginning at 9:15 amand followed by a light Kiddush and discussion.
Second Shabbat of Each Month: Cranston
On the second Friday evening of each month we will continue our very popular “Shalom to Shabbat” program. Wegather together in the TY lobby at 7 pm, a half hour before the service begins, and unwind together after a busy weekwith wine, cheese, munchies and good company.
On the second Shabbat morning of the month, we will hold a traditional Shabbat morning service beginning at 9:15am and followed by a light Kiddush and discussion.
Third Shabbat of Each Month: East Greenwich
The third Friday evening of each month we will welcome Shabbat with a dynamic 6 pm Shabbat evening serviceenhanced with creative readings, and great singing. We have scheduled this service early so that you, your familyand/or friends can enjoy a leisurely Shabbat evening dinner afterwards.On the third Shabbat morning of the month, we will hold Family Shabbat: our new multi-generational Shabbatmorning experience. We will begin at 10 am with a one-hour Family Service with our new Family prayer book,followed by a Shabbat lunch enhanced by singing, good food and fun. Our first Family Shabbat will take place onSaturday, November 20
Fourth Shabbat of Each Month: Cranston
On the fourth Shabbat of each month (and the fifth if there is one) we will gather in Cranston for our most traditionalShabbat celebration: 7:30 pm Shabbat evening service and 9:15 am Shabbat morning service. Both of theseservices are intimate, informal and friendly . . . and followed by food and schmooze!
Greetings from Susan Smoller
Shalom Fellow congregants,It’s finally here – Elaine and Steve’swedding! If you have not attendeda wedding officiated by Rabbi Levin–let’s change that right now!Please join us and bring friends fora fun evening and an opportunityto bid on auction items that include a vacation in BlockIsland, a WII system, a Kindle e-book reader, jewelryand much more. A catered dinner will be served withvegetarian options too –and who can forget thatCharlie Hall will be entertaining us throughout theevent. There will be music for dancing and time tocatch up with friends! Send in your reservation today.I know you will all join me in welcoming Lynn Field andSharon Field back to our Executive Board as Vice-Presidents of Programming. Lynn and Sharon did astellar job organizing creative, engaging, well-runprograms for us last year, and we look forward toseeing what they plan for us this year. If you wouldlike to work with Lynn and Sharon on the Programcommittee, please let me know. I guarantee you'llhave a great time.I am glad to inform you that Beverly Goncalves, whohas been our Cohen Religious School chairperson formany years has agreed to revive our Torat YisraelChair Social Action committee and serve as thecommittee’s chairperson. A big thank you to Bev forall her hard work and dedication. Rabbi Levin and Ilook forward to working with Bev on expanding ourcongregation’s social action efforts. If there is aproject or a cause you would like us to engage in,please let Bev know.We are adding Shabbat weekends in East Greenwich!After much discussion and meetings with Rabbi Levinand some of our congregants, we have decided thatservices on the first and third weekend of every monthwill be in East Greenwich. We look forward to seeingyou at services in both East Greenwich and Cranston.Speaking of weddings: As this newsletter reaches yourmailbox, Rabbi Levin will be in Israel celebrating thewedding of her son, Aryeh Lederhendler to “b’chiratlibo . . . his heart’s choice” Michal Shochat. We wishthem all much joy and nachas and we look forward tohearing all about the wedding upon Rabbi Levin’sreturn to Rhode Island.Please contact me at any time with any comments orquestions.B’Shalom,Susan
Kesher Corner: Andrea Epstein, LICSW
 Andrea is Torat Yisrael’s social worker funded by the Kesher Program, a joint project of the JewishFederation of Rhode Island, the Bernhardt Foundation, Jewish Family Service, and the synagogue. Shecan be reached at (401) 580-5879 or andrea@toratyisrael.org.
Hello and thank you to all of you whomI have already met for such a warm welcome! Myname is Andrea Epstein and I am the new socialworker for the Temple Torat Yisrael Kesher program.Many of you have worked with Nicole Jellinek over thepast two years and I am excited to be stepping intothe space she has created with you. I look forward tocontinuing to serve the Torat Yisrael community.Nicole will be assisting me in keeping the role of Kesher social work consistent as we make thistransition.I think the original focuses of the Kesher program areworth reprinting here:
Availability for contact and support to members of the staff and congregation, including visits withindividuals and families, short-term counseling, crisissupport, providing information and referrals
Organization of workshops for the community onrelevant topics
Contributing to the monthly congregationalnewsletterI will continue to offer these services and welcome thechance to know more about you both individually andas a community. While I am not a beginning socialworker, I am relishing the role of being a beginningKesher social worker for Temple Torat Yisrael. Soplease educate me! When you get a moment e-mailme or leave me a message- what do you think isimportant that I know about you and your temple? Iwill also be at the temple most Wednesdays andavailable to meet by appointment.Happy New Year and new beginnings!
The Cohen School News
Dear Cohen School Families:As the days grow shorter, we at the Cohen School especially appreciate the warmth and light of ourlearning and friendships. School has begun with the sounds of singing and reading practice, the sight of groups of students and teachers gathered around tables, the taste of snacks made sweeter by theblessings that accompany them, the feel of new books in our hands, and the smells associated withShabbat and holiday customs. The first Family Shabbat will take place on Shabbat morning November20. We will use the new prayerbooks that have been generously purchased by our school families, and have theopportunity to enjoy a Shabbat experience through all of our senses. I look forward to this and other opportunities toenjoy the cycle of our year together.November CalendarNovember 7 SchoolNovember 9 SchoolNovember 14 SchoolNovember 16 SchoolNovember 20 Family ServiceNovember 21 No SchoolNovember 28 No SchoolNovember 23 SchoolNovember 30 SchoolDecember CalendarDecember 3 Shabbat YachadDecember 5 SchoolDecember 7 SchoolDecember 12 SchoolDecember 14 SchoolDecember 18 SchoolDecember 21 SchoolJanuary 2 Religious School Resumes
In Our TY Family
Mazal tov to everyone celebrating a Birthday in November!
Laura Sidman, Bradley Harris, Joanna Charap, Leslie Cohen, Carole Goldman, Ruth Ross, SusanRichter, David Talan, Jack Silverman, Peter Snyder, Rosalind Herman, Susan Abbotson, WilliamKaretny, Frederick Lury, Lorraine Rappoport and Jeffrey Kaplan
Mazal tov to
Lewis & Jo-Ann Antin
who celebrated their 
Anniversary in November!
May God who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, bringblessing and healing to:
Trude Antin
David Friedman, Ethel Friedman, Rosalie Gleckman, PearlGorden, Douglas & Barbara Greenberg
(Diane Greenberg’s brother-in-law & sister-in-law),
MeyerGrossman, Bonnie Lury, Steve Matzner, Jody Mihov
(Mildred Beck’s niece),
Sylvia Paige, Zenas & Sara Pulner, Ron & Susan Richter, Harold & Sylvia Roggen
(Barbara Karetny’s parents),
LouisRussian, Jeffrey Sacks, Sylvia Shocket, Meyer Tevya
(Marcia Slobin’s father),
Steve Tragar, MoeWine
Eileen Winkler
(Rochelle Ziegler’s mother)
Mazal tov to our Sisterhood and Men’s Club Officers and Board Members
 The Sisterhood and Men’s Club Installation took place on Sunday, October 3
. The following memberswere installed:
Sisterhood Men’s Club
Ruth Ross, co-President David Smoller, co-PresidentLaurie Tessier, co-President Alan Olinsky, co-PresidentAnita Olinsky, Treasurer Harvey Rappoport, co-TreasurerBeverly Goncalves, Secretary Alan Field, co-TreasurerRoberta Arsac Dan AdlerIlene Bojar Phil GreenbergLynn Field Myer GrossmanSharon Field Barry KaplanPearl Kaplan Nate LurySheila Malatt Mort PaigeMarcia Slobin Nat SaffersonDavid TalanHarold Winthrop

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