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The Premier Advantage

The Premier Advantage

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Published by: william_mac_creations on Oct 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Premier AdvantageByWilliam McCanlessWilliam McCanlessWilliam@BitsyWords.com404.514.78254325 Hidden Meadow CircleSugar Hill, GA 30518
EXT. HOUSE - DAYThere is a two-level house with a bright blue sky, orangesun, and green lawn. We see it from the front like a childdrew it and you’re expecting to see three stick figures thatsay "Mom, Dad, Me." Birds are chirping from the little treein the front yard. A little Mario-esque character comes onscreen. His name is JIMMY.NARRATORThis is Jimmy. Jimmy is a reallynice guy. One time Jimmy saw astray puppy and took him in andnamed him Garth.GARTH runs on screen. He’s a cute little beige-coloredpuppy.NARRATORThat’s what a nice guy Jimmy is.Jimmy waves at the camera. You hear a little SOUND EFFECTlike "hello". Garth wags his tale.NARRATORToday Jimmy is looking for a newhouse. He’s had his eye on this onefor a while.A red arrow points at the house.NARRATORJimmy likes it because it’s in hisprice range and has lots of room.Garth likes it because it has a bigback yard. Plus it’s totally nextdoor to the furry white dog withthe hot-pink collar.We hear a Ferris Beuller "oohhhh yeeeaaahhh" as Garthwiggles his eyebrows.NARRATORNow, after the appraised price ofthe specified size of the house, wesubtract from the cost of corporatedirect overhead.A pencil eraser erases the coloring in the roof.NARRATORYou know, the cost forsuperintendents, the cost of the(MORE)(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.NARRATOR (cont’d)offices, the cost of trucks, thecost for the gas of the trucks andall those wonderful lunches.The pencil erases the coloring from the bulk of the house.NARRATOROh yeah, and all those peskycorporate indirect expenses. Thosecost a lot of money, too. Thecorporate offices, CEO, CFO, COO,DOO, President, Secretaries.The pencil erases the sky and draws a cloud over the sunwith an angry face on it.NARRATOR(Talking faster now)I almost forgot about the dividendsand investor returns, becausewithout them we won’t be able tobuild anything at all, so we’lljust take away this little treeright here --The tree is erased and the little blue bird falls to thegreen grass. Little cartoon stars swirl around its head.NARRATOR-- and of course we have to make aprofit and subtract the cost of thelot itself.The pencil erases the land that the bird, Garth, and Jimmyare standing on they fall screaming out of site.NARRATOR(Breathing hard)And that’s what you have left tobuild your home with!There is just a frame of a house, a white background and anangry cloud in the sky. A wolf is heard howling in thebackground Transelvania style.NARRATORLucky for Jimmy and Garth, the homehe’s thinking about buying wasn’tmade by a typical homebuilder withall that pesky overhead.Everything comes back the way it was very quickly. Just likeit was in the beginning. The bird is happily chirping and(CONTINUED)

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