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Published by Cathy Harris

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Cathy Harris on Oct 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bob Jones University 
Preliminary Edition
ob Jones University is all about discipleship towardChristlikeness. Everything we do here—rom academics tosports to society outings to prayer groups—is designed to help you develop Christlike character that is maniest in a scripturally disciplined lie, in service to others and love or God in sharing theGospel, and in biblical discernment o what counts or eternity.From the University’s beginning in 1927, we’ve recognizedthe necessity o an ediying atmosphere on campus and anenvironment that promotes spiritual growth. We are obligated to you to do everything we can or your physical protection and yourpersonal purity, growth and discipleship. We want every aspect o  your experience here to invest in your long-term spiritual success.To that end, we want to give you a handbook that will help youdevelop discernment and earn more responsibility and privilegesover time. This handbook reects strongly the realization that weare a community o believers, in which we must all demonstratea biblically inormed love or God and others. Briey stated,believers are redeemed sinners who now have the joy o living toChrist’s advantage (2 Cor. 5:14–15).The handbook emphasizes the theological basis or what wedo and the personal heart behind the policies o BJU. Whileexternals are not our ocus, we do need to recognize that externalsdo communicate and thereore do need to be addressed on somelevel.We want you to grow academically, socially, physically andespecially spiritually. To help you to know our expectations o  you rom the outset and over the course o your tenure as a BJUstudent, we want you to do more than endure the emphasis here.It is our desire to see you ourish and grow because o BJU’sministry in your lie.Your riend,Stephen Jones
A Letter rom
the President
Letter from the President 1Foreword: BJUs Institutional Identity 3Our Biblical Foundation 6Academic Life 12Attendance 16Social Life 20Entertainment, Music and Technology 28Dress 31Residence Hall Life 36Day Students 40Disciplinary System 42Appendix AStudent Resources 45Appendix BCampus Responsibilities 47Appendix CCreative Projects and Programs 51Appendix DUniversity Trips 53Appendix EExtension Ministries 55Appendix F—Biblical Approach to Evaluating ObjectionableElements in Entertainment 57
Table o 

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