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70 Digest

70 Digest

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Published by icaCentralOffice
ICA Digest 70, October 2010 includes the first report of the new Director-General, updates on preparations for International Year of Co-operatives 2012 and the ICA Expo 2010, a report on celebrations for International Day of Co-operatives 2010, news from ICA's regions and sectoral organisations, new from ICA members including changes in leadership and the ICA calendar of events.
ICA Digest 70, October 2010 includes the first report of the new Director-General, updates on preparations for International Year of Co-operatives 2012 and the ICA Expo 2010, a report on celebrations for International Day of Co-operatives 2010, news from ICA's regions and sectoral organisations, new from ICA members including changes in leadership and the ICA calendar of events.

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Published by: icaCentralOffice on Oct 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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International Co-operative Alliance: “
uniting, representing and serving co-operatives worldwide” 
October 2010Issue 70
Inside this issue:
Editor’s desk 2
D-G Report 3
IYC 2012 4
Women & youth5
IDC 2010 6-7 
 Assembly 8-9
Regions 10
Sectors 11-12
Shortbytes 13
 Members 14
People 15
Calendar 16
Editor:María Elena ChávezHertigchavez@ica.coop Associate Editors:Melina MorrisonSuzanne HendersonBarbara Cameron-Smithwww.ica.coop 
ICA Digest 70
Issue 70
Inside this issue:
Editor’s desk 2
ICA Expo2
D-G Report 3
International Year of Co-operatives20124-5
International Year of Youth5
International Day of Co-operatives20106-7 
Regions 8-10
Sectors 11-12
Noteworthy 13
People 14
 Members 15
Calendar 16
Editor:María Elena ChávezHertigchavez@ica.coop Associate Editors:Melina MorrisonSuzanne HendersonBarbara Cameron-Smithwww.ica.coop 
UN launches Co-operative Year website
Co-operative hope rises from the flood waters
he United Nations haslaunched the officialwebsite for InternationalYear of Co-operatives (IYC)2012.The website providesbackground information anddocuments on theInternational Year, a list of 
Turn to page 4 for moreinformation.
the national committeesalready established by UNMember States around theglobe, focal points for UNagencies and details on IYCpartners and plannedactivities.
akistan’s recentcatastrophic floodsresulted in a human andeconomic disaster on anunprecedented scale. Morethan 20 million people wereaffected and a fifth of Pakistan’s land area (some 17million acres) subjected toflooding. Co-operativesimmediately reacted toprovide relief.ICA’s Pakistan member,Karachi Co-operativeHousing Societies Union Ltd,provided a report to theICA Asia-Pacific Assembly inBeijing, China, noting thatrelief was still required.To prepare ICA’s response,ICA Asia-Pacific RegionalDirector, Dr Chan-Ho Choiwill travel to Pakistan on afact finding mission in mid-October and report back onthe needs for reconstructionand development throughco-operative enterprises.ICA members are urged todirectly contact the KarachiCo-operative HousingSocieties Union by e-mail:kchsunionltd@hotmail.com for more information.
Countdown to 2012—One simple message
ith just 14 monthsuntil the launch of International Year of Co-operatives, the ICA Boardhas agreed to focus the ICAstrategy on public awarenessand improving the visibility of co-operatives—getting themessage out on what are co-operatives; what they do,and how they make adifference to individuals,communities, nationaleconomies and the globaleconomic system.One simple message willguide a global campaign asreports Charles Gould, ICADirector-General, as heICA will encourage itsmembers to work with theirgovernments, and otherstakeholders such as media,development agencies, nongovernment organisations,unions, businesses andeducational institutions tosupport the Year.The Year affords themovement the opportunityto work outside itstraditional spheres.
Learn more on page 4 and 5
 outlines the strategy adoptedby the ICA Board inSeptember 2010 (
see page3
).As the campaign is defined inmore detail, the ICA ismaking information availableto its members—a webpageto share informationincluding a provisionalcalendar of events, and anew information bulletin— 
Countdown to 2012— 
formembers and partners.
International Co-operative Alliance: “
uniting, representing and serving co-operatives worldwide” 
From the Editor’s desk 
Page 2
ICA Digest 70
Expo 2012
his issue of the Digesttakes an internationaltone. We report on how theco-operative movement isbeing celebrated by theglobal community on theoccasion of InternationalDay of Co-operatives andwith updates onpreparations for theInternational Year of Co-operatives 2012.The opportunity to make co-operatives visible increaseswith these global events.We find that ICA membersare taking advantage of these, but that the larger co-operative movement and itssupporters are also involved,testimony to what the ICA’sDirector-General has rightlyWe have included reportson important statutory andcapacity building activities— the upcoming ICA Expo2010, the regional assemblymeetings in Asia-Pacific,Americas and Africa, and theseminars and conferencesorganised by ICA’s sectoralorganisations.We are also pleased to shareinformation on changes inco-op leadership as well asrecognition for co-operativeleaders—Roberto Rodriguesand Clemencia Dupont Cruzwho have received significanthonours.We count on your input forfuture issues and welcomeyour comments.noted as a surge in interestin the co-operative model of enterprise. Some interestingreports on agricultural andfinancial co-operatives attestto this trend.The work on youth and co-operatives is highlighted inthis issue as we startInternational Year of Youth.We report on the work inprogress of the regionalyouth committees and someprogrammes that membersrun to encourage youth to join and more activelyparticipate in the movement.We count on yourcontinued input to increaseour coverage on youth andco-operatives in the comingmonths.
 María Elena ChávezHertig, ICA Deputy Director-General 
From the Editor’s desk 
Page 2
Expo 2012
ICA Expo 2010 update
he ICA’s second globaltrade fair will be held inBangalore, India from 8-10December. The Expo teamwere at the ICA Asia-PacificRegional Assembly toencourage ICA members inAsia to register as exhibitorsand buyers.ICA Expo 2010 provides co-operatives with a uniqueopportunity to developbusiness in the emergingAsian market. More than15,000 visitors are expected.The strongest level of participation is alreadycoming from the Asiancontinent. Former ICADirector-General, IainMacdonald, will consult tothe organisers of ICA Expo.Macdonald has stronglysupported the concept of aregular global co-operativetrade fair: "I am delightedthat we have already soldover 80% of the space inBangalore, but I amdetermined that we willreach 100%. Showcasing co-operative enterprise in thisway is not just good for co-operative to co-operativetrade, but also greatlyincreases the visibility andsuccess of the co-operativemodel of business to theoutside world,” he said.In 2012, ICA Expo will beheld in Manchester, UK.Macdonald said that holdingthe trade fair in thebirthplace of co-operationduring the UN's InternationalYear of Co-operatives is astrong recipe for success.
ICA Expo Team at theICA A-P Regional  Assembly, Beijing, China
Exclusive Offers
To encourage the participation of purchasing managers, buyers and agents and to providetrade opportunities with participating co-operatives, ICA Expo is offering a
HostedBuyers Programme
. Selected buyers benefit from complimentary travel,accommodation, food and transfers. For more information contactica@icaexpo.coop.Co-operatives with a registered .coop domain name can receive a discount on the boothrate for exhibitors at ICA Expo 2010. For a limited time, exhibitors can get a
.coopname for the first year from
GoodLuck Internet Services (India)
. An accredited .coop regis-trar,
can offer this valuable domain name to customers around the world. Moreinformation atwww.GoodLuckDomain.in.
International Co-operative Alliance: “
uniting, representing and serving co-operatives worldwide” 
Page 3
DG’s Report
Director-General’s report— “A simple message for IYC”
ICA Director-General,Charles Gould 
am delighted to be writingmy first Digest report toyou as Director-General,having succeeded IainMacdonald on 1 September.It is a privilege to be giventhe opportunity to build onthe work of Iain and theBoard at this especiallypromising time for co-operatives. The world isfacing serious challenges towhich we have a solution.We have a story to tell.This is a particularly excitingtime to be joining theInternational Co-operativeAlliance, as we prepare forthe United NationsInternational Year of Co-operatives in 2012. Theofficial launch of the Year is just 13 months away, inNovember 2011.At its meeting in Beijingearlier this month, the ICABoard took the importantdecision of determining ourpriority for the Year. TheBoard has determined tofocus our efforts onachieving one significantoutcome—to raise publicawareness of co-operatives.To achieve this, we envisiona campaign with a verysimple message. The precisemessage has not yet beenselected, and we will becommunicating withrepresentative members inthe coming weeks to finaliseit.The goal of the message willbe to arouse curiosity: Tointo your planning formarketing andcommunications, beginning inNovember 2011 and runningthroughout 2012! We willshare the content of themessage with you as soon asit has been fully crafted andtested.2012 will be the beginning,not the culmination, of apositioning of the co-operative “brand” in thepublic perception. We wantthe public to associate co-operatives with a values-based approach to business.The specific values that areemphasised will shift overtime and across co-operativesectors, from food securityto sound environmentalpractices and fair banking.Our goal at this stage is notto get into that detail, but tostay at the higher, moregeneric, values-based level.The specific values, and ourprinciples, will be supportingmessages for specificaudiences.Co-operatives have realsolutions to offer a worldfacing serious economicchallenges. The UnitedNations Year provides uswith the platform to sharethat message. I look forwardto working with you as weposition co-operatives as theimportant solution theyrepresent, and as we enterwhat promises to be aperiod of great growth forco-operatives.get the public to want tolearn more about co-operatives. The initialmessage will not be able toexplain our values andprinciples; that would be fartoo complex for a broadpublic awareness campaignof this sort. The campaignwill let people know,however, how to find outmore about co-operatives,and the tone of the messagewill be designed to suggestthat this is a values-basedbusiness model that issolving problems confrontingthe world today.The approach to thiscampaign will be to engageICA members around theworld in distributing thisone, simple message. Weare asking you toincorporate the message intoyour existingcommunications channels:on your product packaging,on point-of-purchasedisplays, on posters, and inyour communicationsmaterials. This approachleverages marketingexpenses our members arealready incurring.The opportunity before us isto use the United Nationsrecognition to break throughall of the other messagesthat compete for the public’sattention. We are mostlikely to achieve thatbreakthrough if we all usethe one, single, simplemessage. Please begin nowto incorporate this strategy
“2012 will be thebeginning, not theculmination, of apositioning of theco-operative‘brand’ in thepublicperception.”
Charles GouldICA Director-General
ICA Annual Report 2009
The 2009 annual report of its activities, highlights achievements and challenges. 2009 was ahistoric year with the election of the organisation’s first woman President, the proclamationof the UN International Year of Co-operatives 2012, and the enactment of newstatutes and bye-laws. Download the report at:www.ica.coop/publications/ar/ 
Visit the D-G’swebpage forpresentations andreports:www.ica.coop/directorpage/ 
ICA Digest 70

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