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Published by rentala

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Published by: rentala on Oct 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why MBA?
Why MBA? The usual answer to this very often repeated question is “Sir, there is a lot of scope to MBA”. The next logical question follows “What is scope?” Very few manage toanswer this with any effect. It is not that they do not know the answer, but they cannot put in proper words to express correctly. Probably this is the first reason to pursue MBA.An MBA is trained to express correctly through proper presentation. Scope has a widespectrum, but commercially it means that MBA can get a job, faster than a mere graduate.Many treat MBA as any other degree. It is not so. It is much more, actually a way of life,as it teaches the students to have a productive approach to situations in life, both on professional and personal levels.In two years at the institute, initially the students are exposed to the theories of management. At the intensive levels he learns to apply the theory learning’s in the practical live situations. He understands the difference between a book and the life.A more potent dose comes in the form of SIP-Summer Internship Program. The gap between the perceived scenario in the eyes of the interns and the actual conditions prevailing in the heat and dust of the industry is too big and quite complicated to beexplained. The feeling can not be effectively transferred and has to be experienced personally. Each intern would have a different idea and response.Initial resistance from the organizations getting converted in the open arms acceptance isa near miracle for all the interns. That somebody can depend on them for somethingworthwhile is a new experience and many of them have openly expressed their happiness.They have realized that working, hard working and smart working have one thingcommon which is working. Working against the odds is what is needed. The value of extremes is best explained when we see a diamond. Chemically it is still the same oldcarbon, but due to extreme conditions of temperature and pressures, and moreimportantly withstanding them, the carbon gets evolved. It is already a diamond now andyet nobody notices it. Further, it has to be cut, checked for flaws, and polished to becomethe most sought after option the money can possibly buy. Diamond is the best example of value addition.Does it mean that each MBA is really equipped to answer the calls of the business world?Mostly yes. However, similar to the other disciplines only those who learn better can earn better in terms of money and respect. During my association with what is now popularlyaddressed to as ‘The Corporate World’, I have learnt and unlearnt many things. Many oldconcepts are still valid while quite a few have been replaced with more contemporaryideas. The process continues today and probably would do so for the years to come.People talk of management in their daily routine and expect the others to understand whatthey say. However, it is sadly felt that very few have a clear-cut idea about themanagement and the real potential of this wonderful process. Why do we need any
management? What is the real process? What we have presently, as management scienceis it really sufficient for the fulfilling the needs of the ever-expanding needs of the business? What are the daily inputs for upgrading the existing systems? Mostimportantly, we feel that we know the management through its basic components of  planning, organizing, staffing, leading as well as the control, and we promote the same. If everything is so well planned, and further implemented, why things go wrong? Theanswer to this WHY is probably the real management. Most managers would tell you thatthey are paid more mainly owing to their capacity of taking on the job decisions andhandling crisis situations.Let us take a very common example.There is a small tea vendor who is happy selling 100 cups of tea and supporting hisfamily. He may not know any management theory but he still is doing right thingsinadvertently. Now for a big company which wants to sell tea in the entire country and may be even inthe world, how does the process change?Understanding Business in a simplified way:Tea per day/ per area of a city 5000 cupsTea sold per day/ per area of a city QTY IN CUPS1 AREA 500010AREAS IN A CITY 50000100 SUCH CITIES 500000050 SUCH COUNTRIES 250000000 Now to operate this you would certainly need some doing to meet the requirements.You may do following:You would buy daily 20 grams of sugar 250000000 cups.. You would buy daily 10 ml of milk 250000000 cups.You would buy daily 05grams of tea 250000000 cups.You would buy daily 75 ml water 250000000 cups.. You would buy daily paper cups 250000000 cups.You would need following quantities on a daily basisSugar 5000 MTs DailyMilk 2500 KLs Daily

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