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Boudinar, s - The Knowledge View of Fethullah Gulen

Boudinar, s - The Knowledge View of Fethullah Gulen



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Published by gamirov
Conference Paper about Gulen Movement
Conference Paper about Gulen Movement

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Published by: gamirov on Jul 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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3\u20105 November 2006
The University of Oklahoma,
Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Prof. Dr. Samir Boudinar1
[Please Note: This paper is not for quotation without permission from the author,
since it is subject to checking and finalisation before publication]

Often, a fundamental critique was addressed to modernization as a system that has a great quantity of release Its views and judgments resemble the religion release especially at the level of discourse that has taken it from its heavenly source of release.

Modernization as a view of the cosmos, life, nature, human and the relation ship between these element may be established on an ancient idea which belongs to the Greek legend world, where \u201cPrometheus\u201d stole the immortal knowledge and wisdom flambeau from gods\u2010 hence he gave it to man. In fact, this Prometheus philosophy has been manifested in modernization philosophy beginning from the European revolution period with its great intellectual, literature and art works; a crossing the lightened philosophy and the movement it has created in European societies especially, the French society with its inspiring revolution, arriving at the change (transformation/development) that happened at the level of state and society during nineteenth and twentieth century.

1 Chairman of CERHSO\u2010Oujda City/ Morocco

The fundamental critique on the notion of modernization that was rushing from the upper authority of reason on the existence and consequently, the man centrality due to his power of controlling it .

Modernization has changed the power of God by the power of reason which becomes a new God, and it has abolished religion release contrary to what the church judged so as to invent a rational religion, that separates the world according to a sequence of intellectual value, and a strict philosophical judgment, it\u2019s history follows it with developing subsidizing on the total predominance of human reason without any reason and knowledge source, or authority upon human.

This critique that modernization was addressed by, is manifested in a shake directions against law frame work of man and world, may be the most important of those directions, which was considered as anarchy and vehicle and that not present a convincing alternative is: \u201cpost\u2010modernisation\u201d.

So, if modernisation is the offspring of mind and its authority, post\u2010modernisation is
an essay to disengage from that authority.

Also, if modernisation considers the knowledge mind as a solid base in human law development, post modernization dropped that knowledge to man himself that is undisciplined by reason knowledge discipline.

In sum, if modernisation was a strict thought construction described an absolute discourse, post\u2010modernisation will be an absolute relativity by considering the relativitism results of self reaction with the surrounding and its react in it .the mark of his reaction is instability. And, the relativity in dealing with the creativity itself, is a difficult or may be an impossible thing that can be realized.

It was that the alternative school fell in a case of absurdism, when it lost the sense of individual view, and emptied language from its communicative message, also, it made one truth no matter how simple were numerous truths, different due to the differences of the points of the view that it\u2019s viewers have. But it is a just a modest thing with regard to its truths.

Perhaps, this dialectic in philosophy between modernization that idolizes the mind at the expense of any other source of knowledge that transcends human beings and capable to draw the right direction in its progress time, and between post\u2010 modernization that is against that idolizm to absolute relativism to any knowledge. It is the one in charge of the puzzled case, the absence of sense, and the erection of worrying and \u201cperplexing\u201d questions by the Prof Mohamed Fethullah G\u00fclen term\u2019s, namely, in it\u2019s existence level, where great issues about man: causes of sort and end, essence, sense and message, and the essence of life itself, Which attracted the general direction of human mind, have been manifested in Europe and America where modernization and its alternative indications both in human and society building mode, and often in other world regions respectively.


Continuously, this reality is calling for the need of knowing the truth, which is not submissive to simplification, either that one which is narrowing from search sources about it or that restricts it in the inside man himself, so that man\u2019s answers are about the desire to look for the truth and the utmost ambition to it has been roofed by his absolute reason limitation, or the truth simplification by making it a deliquescent thing without any indications or identity, and consequently without value.

That book is an essay to answer many questions that face not only believers, but also
human reason.

Indeed, the nature of truth is not simple essential property is complex, in order not to fall as a prey of any part any matter what is it. To be steno graphed or monopolized it.

And if the knowledge view of man was the representative image of the truth, that started from it to view and read the reality, or it is a reflection on the cognitive reason of the make and available upon the universal, the knowledge of the teach Fethullah G\u00fclen may be is right to mark it as an assembling view of the truth image, since, who follows his works saw constantly his continuous farness from the stenograph the truth in a simple answers whatever the degrees of trust, and no matter what his level of mastering the mind arguments and proofs which consolidate it. Maybe the best what clear that character is: his complex deductive system, on all what he beliefs of truth. It is that what makes his ideas has two fundamental properties in this field:

\u2022 justifying the complete truth according to building the fraction truth
\u2022drawing out the truth by harmonization between approximates

I was in touch with books and articles of this man who has scooped up from the essential sources of Islamic knowledge, either, the inspiration sources, or the explanatory tradition that are the most topics of though sensitivity due to its existence as an affair masked the present of the Muslim, and shaping his image to the other. Or, the nature of the spiritual, psychological and mental fields that he concentrate on them on his writing, because, they are pillar in his project of education, thought and learning.

However when he was in touch with that topics, he never drift in simplification to deal with truths either, by proofing or denying them, he did not give up his style of building the truth image with a harmonious pieces (subsidizing) on drawing out the truth from the opposite truth that he harmonize between them, in order to be an affirmation proof of what he is saying and fluent argument upon him.

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