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Commentary of 2 Peter (Kepha) Chapter 2

Commentary of 2 Peter (Kepha) Chapter 2

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Published by Tzeph H. Ahrns

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Published by: Tzeph H. Ahrns on Oct 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Commentary of 2 Peter (Kepha) Chapter 2
Recently I have been ridiculed by cirtain persons trying to cinvince me that it's okay to accept
slavery and have other mighty-ones before Yah's face. To do this they have sudjested this
chapter, along with Romans chapter 13. Since they did not quote any second references
(witnesses) to their interpretaion, I am posting this interpretation with many other witnesses
against what they have assumed. Let us begin.
2:1 "But there also came to be false prophets*1 among the people, as also among you there shall
be false teachers, who shall secretly bring in false heresies, and deny the Master who bought
them, bringing swift destruction on themselves."
*1-Matt. 7:15-25 explains they work lawlessness, or preach against keeping the commands of
2:2 "And many shall follow their destructive ways, because of whom, the way of truth*1 shall be
evil spoken of."
*1-This means all of scripture, and having witnesses, and following commands. Witnesses are
two, not like basing writings of Paul upon others of Paul, but Paul witnessed by Torah or
Messiah. Denying scripture leads to destruction and misunderstanding.
2:3 "and in greed*1 with fabricated words*2 they shall use you for gain. From of old*3 their
judgement does not linger, and their destruction does not slumber."
*1-Matt. 20:1-16 explains we shouldn't question others ways when they are in the ways of Yah,
and leaving them alone weather they work in carnal labors or not, for everyone is jusdged the
same, and/or being evil demanding everyone to be like you.
*2-Rev. 22:14-21 explains doing His works, not your own, not paying for salvation, not adding
to or taking away from scripture when it is convenient for you. He does not require service, only
*3-Jude 1:14-16 explains, as does the Book of Enoch, that the Watchers, angels who left their
own "okitarion/habbitation" breeded with daughters of men (Gen. 6) and that these Nephilim
(later called Rephaim/sons of Anak) had giant human offspring called Giborim/mighty-ones.
These bloodlines can be followed through history from the Caananites, into European Nobility,
and even into the World Leaders of today. (Num. 13/and sons of the serpent). From the most
ancient of times they have been decieving mankind to worship them instead of Yah, putting us in
slavery, and being rebellious to His commandments.
2:4-9 "For if Elohim did not spare the angels who sinned*1 but sent them into Tartoros*2 and
delivered them into chains of darkness to be kept for judgement, and did not spare the old world,
but preserved Noah, a proclaimer of righteousness, and seven others, bringing in the Deluge on
the world of the wicked, and having reduced to ashes the cities of Sodem and gAmorah*3
condemned them to destruction-having made them an example to those who afterward would
live wickedly, and rescuing Lot, who was oppressed with indecent behavior of the lawless*4 (for
day after day that righteous man dwelling among them tortured his righteous being by seeing and
hearing their lawless works)*5, then YHWH knows how to rescue the reverent ones from trial
and to keep the unrighteous unto the day of judgment to be punished."
*1&*2-Tartoros=Gaul=Europe. Lands of the Nephilim's children. Tarshish was a
great-grandson of Noah, the son of Japheth, father of the light skinned races. Gaul was Celtic
lands, and they were called by the Romans as the 'world's tallest people'. Giants/Gigantees
(Num.13:33 'we were as grasshoppers in their sight'.) Now Sumeria was a land in Caanan, and
also a land in the region of Babylon. The Celts (after bein crushed and expelled out of the
Middle East by Israel after the Exodus) were called Cimmbri derived from Cimmerians.
Tatessus was a city on the coast near Spain. (Jonah1:3) Thinking since Yah was not worshipped
there, Jonah would hide from him there. Also 1st Kings 10:22 mentions ships of Tarshish
showing that they were great sea farers and Solomon bought ships from them. Coincidently, the
Vikings were a mix of Gauls, Goths, Nordics, Franks, and Germanics. The Vikings were known
to be great sea farers.
*3-The first race of giants were destroyed in the Great Flood, and the second wave of them (Gen.
6:4 'and also after that') came about from the fornication of Sodem and gAmorah, hence why Yah
himself had to burn em up as Israel was not yet numerous enough to contend with them, as he
will deal with them again in latter times to our Globalist/Elitist Beasts, rebellious spirits, and the
Harlot churches of apostacy that misinterperate scripture and teach other to do likewise.
*4-The Lawless/wicked angels/rebellious sons of them/anyone breaking even the least of the
commands of Torah and Messiah, who do not do his works, but do for themselves and other
mighty ones instead of Yah and our ONLY Soverign Yahushuah. These worship as heathens
through traditions.
*5-Matt.5:11-12, 17-19, Isa. 29:13, Mark 7:7&8, & 2nd Kings 17:19 explains lawless works to
be doing commands of men and their rulers (the demi-gods and fallen angels) instead of the
commands of Elohim, and causing those who do respect Yah and his commands to be oppressed.
Yet we have our reward in heaven where we do not have it upon the earth, They have their
reward on earth what they do not have in heaven, and we will be judging those angels for what
they have done to us (1st Cor. 6:3).
2:10&11 "and most of all those walking after the flesh in filthy lust*1 and despising authority*2,
bold, headstrong, speaking evil of estemed ones*3 whereas the angels who are greater in strength
and power do not bring a slanderous*4 accusation against them before the Master."
*1-Abominal Fornication, sick, putred, rebellious, wicked, evil, covetous, and apostate. The
angels in the Book of Enoch and Genesis 6 fell through the lusts of flesh and carnal greed.
*2-Rom. 13:1-8 is explaining that the authority is the Scriptures and Messiah, and that we owe
nothing to anyone except love to fullfill the commandments. We do what Yah says to do,
through His authorities, by obeying the commandments He gave to us, and learning about His
works through His prophets and interpreters of the Scriptures, and most of all through Messiah.
Our only tax is in love and righteous acts, obediance to Him, not obediance to other Mighty Ones
or it renders His commands null and void. To serve Yah, not man.
*3-Also rendered Dignitaries, dignity is modesty, humility, and obedience. This means people
being happy even if it means being poor when abstaining from government systems, for greater
then will be our treasures in heaven. Happy to serve Yah in all His commands, not commands of
*4-Presumptuous, without cause, angerly, self-satisfying, beseachful, unproovable, and
2:12-16 "But these like natural unreasoning beasts*1 having been born to be caught and
destroyed*2 blaspheme*3 that which they do know know, shall be destroyed in their
destruction*4, being about to recieve the wages of unrighteousness*5, deeming indulgence in the
day of pleasure*6, spots and blemishes*7, reveling in their own deceptions while they feast with
you*8, hving eyes filled with an adulterous and unable to abstain from sin*9, enticing unstable
beings*10, having a heart trained in greed, children of a curse*11, having left the right way they
went astray having followed Bil'am the son of Be'or who loved the wadges of unrighteousness,
but he was rebuked for his transgressions. A dumb donkey speaking with the voice of a man
restrained the madness of the prophet.*12
*1-Anials, carnality, humanitarianism, unrighteous, rebellious, without wisdom, sons of the
serpent (Gen. 3:15).
*2-As children of Satan and not children of Yahuah.
*3-Misinterpreting, denying, or ignoring.
*4-Judged at the end of days.
*5-The first shall be the last, the last shall be the first, (Mark 9:35/Matt. 20:16). The rich have
their reward (Matt.6:19&21).
*6-Survival of the fittest evolution, uniformitarianism.
*7-Corrupted, blind, misled by traditions, in need of correction.
*8-Self-righteous, boastful, proud, having their own interpretations (2 Peter 1:20).
*9-Following a harlot church or theology (Rev. 17:5), convinced of your own interpretation, in
slavery to unrighteousness and mankinds oral traditions.
*10-Forcing falsehood upon others, treading on those who are meek, destroying an innocent

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