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"Fire and Rain"

"Fire and Rain"

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Published by Polaris93
The Eris War, Vol 2: The Dragon from the Isles. Book 1: Independence Day. Chapter 4: Fire and Rain. The events of July 16, 2022 e.v, the first day of the Two-Day War, and how these affected the Ransdells. Apocalypse now in Seattle.
The Eris War, Vol 2: The Dragon from the Isles. Book 1: Independence Day. Chapter 4: Fire and Rain. The events of July 16, 2022 e.v, the first day of the Two-Day War, and how these affected the Ransdells. Apocalypse now in Seattle.

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Published by: Polaris93 on Oct 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Yael Dragwyla and Rich RansdellFirst North American rightsemail: polaris93@aol.com5,500 wordshttp://polaris93.livejournal.com/
The Eris War
Volume II: The Dragon from the Isles
Book 1: Independence Day
Chapter 4: Fire and Rain
“The quake and even some of its aftershocks were felt as far away as Beijing in the People’s Republicof China,” the commentator continued, “and citizens of St. Louis, Missouri have reported that objects felloff shelves and some structures collapsed in their city at the time the shockwaves reached them. Enormoustsunamis – tidal waves – are now streaking across the Pacific Basin at up to 400-600 miles per hour, andare expected to impact on the coasts of Japan and Hawaii within a few hours, with incalculable damage to property expected; these areas are now being efficiently evacuated, though, so loss of life in most of theregion should be minimal.” Now the hellish panorama on the screen behind the commentator was replaced by a 3-D schematicdiagrams depicting Puget Sound and a nearby semi-dormant volcano, and the crust and mantle around and below the volcano. As the commentator talked, the diagram continuously evolved in tandem to give agraphic picture of what he was talking about. The volcano was not in eruption, but the diagram showed amagma chamber below it in which magma was continuously boiling due to convection currents, and thecolors of the diagram indicated the extreme heat of the magma in the chamber. The volcano itself waslabeled “Mt. Rainier.”“You see, the quake itself was apparently the result of a much greater catastrophe, which was triggered by the detonation of a thermonuclear device in Puget Sound, close to Seattle, northwest of Mt. Rainier,located right above the great magma chambers which provide magma to all the Cascade volcanoes,including Rainier itself. At this time it is believed by military experts that the device had entered PugetSound in the hold of a Chinese supertanker which had supposedly docked there to offload cargo and takeon supplies, but that hasn’t as yet been confirmed.” Now the diagram on the screen showed an object sitting in Puget Sound, represented by a circlelabeled “device,” and an arrow pointing straight down at the bottom of the sound, labeled “direction of 
Day of the Dragons
By Yael R. DragwylaPage
2 of 7force.” The circle suddenly erupted in an enormous starburst, giving off a great shower of rays, many of which went straight down to the bottom of the sound and beyond, into Mt. Rainier’s enormous magmachambers. “Because of that explosion, which injected a tremendous amount of energy into the magmachambers below Mount Rainier, Rainier and Mt. Baker, another active and potentially very dangerousvolcano, exploded cataclysmically in simultaneous eruptions which made even bigger cracks in the floor of Puget Sound than those made by the original thermonuclear burst. The ice-cold waters of Puget Sound,rushing into those cracks, encountered the white-hot magma in the magma-chambers fueling those twovolcanoes, which extend far below the ground all the way from the Cascades to well beyond the easternshore of Puget Sound.” The diagram, which had expanded to show that the volcano was situated on a longridge of land or massif which also included a number of other volcanoes to the north and south of the firstone, now clearly showed all of Puget Sound. West of the massif, the huge body of water was respectivelyflanked east and west by mainland and a peninsula. At the detonation of the thermonuclear device in theSound, the volcano erupted violently, apparently in reaction to sharp, extreme compression of the magmain the western side of the massif by the horrendous shock-wave generated by the thermonuclear strike. Agigantic crack was suddenly shown snaking out from somewhere near the western flank of Mount Rainier,through the massif and out under the waters of Puget Sound. Now the diagram began to shrink until itfocused exclusively on that appalling crack, into which the waters of the Sound began to flow.“When the waters of Puget Sound hit the magma below, they sublimated, that is, instantly flash-boiled,turned into inconceivably hot vapor.“ On the screen, the animated diagram showed that at the moment thewaters of the Sound contacted the white-hot magma below, they suddenly turned into a great cloud which,rising off the magma, began fountaining back up through the crack through which the water had come.“The vapor, under enormous pressure due both to its temperature and the vast tonnage of water that enteredthe magma-chambers all at once, exploded with a force that has been calculated to lie somewhere in the 10-gigaton range or beyond, that is, to be equivalent to the force released by the explosion of several
tens of billion
tons of thermonuclear bombs.” Now, in the diagram on the screen, the land overlying the mantle peeled outward due to the force of the exploding steam, and all of Puget Sound and much of the landaround it disappeared in the blast. The land all around it began shaking and grinding as the mantle belowstarted to bounce, reacting to the blast. Again the diagram expanded, now showing the areas surroundingthe Cascades, finally including all the land from southwestern Canada and portions of Alaska to the northto Northern California to the south, and from the Pacific Ocean on the west to western Montana on the east.A series of concentric circles, their epicenter on Western Washington, representing the first quake, began toexpand outward so that all the surrounding areas were touched by them; new sets of concentric circles,their epicenters scattered all across that vast territory, began to expand as well, representing the numeroussubsidiary quakes set off by the first one.Clearing his throat with difficulty and running a long, slender through his short, kinky hair, thecommentator continued, “According to the scientists at Cal Tech – the California Institute of Technology – the force of the explosion was so great that it may have ruptured a portion of the westernmost boundary of the North American plate, the tectonic plate that extends beneath that portion of the Pacific Northwest aswell as most of the rest of the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico.” Now the screen showed awedge-shaped cross-sectional diagram of the Earth’s interior from core to crust that included most of thePacific Northwest. On it, the great tectonic plate, labeled “North American Plate” in the diagram, uponwhich most of the North American continent is sited, rafting on it across the incandescent material of themantle below, showed a deep crack running from the crust near the Pacific Coast of what had beenWashington State down almost to the upper mantle. From that crack spewed a continuous fountain of lava,and force-rings expanded from it to represent the earthquake set off by its formation. “It is known thattremendous, incandescent fountains of rapidly flowing lava – what magma is called once it has emergedfrom beneath the earth – along with enormous outbursts of poisonous gases, ash, and huge chunks of red-hot rock called ‘lava bombs’ are continuing to erupt from the . . . wounded lands into which WesternWashington and adjacent portions of Canada have been so suddenly transformed. At this time, thoseeruptions show no signs of abating; indeed, in some areas they are increasing in violence, and new oneshave been continuously manifesting over the last half hour, according to US Air Force and GeophysicalSurvey reports.“As a result, nearly all of Western Washington State, like much of the southwestern portions of BritishColumbia, has become one vast volcanic crater, a highly active one which is continuously spewing outuncounted tons of lava, ash, toxic vapors, and lava-bombs from innumerable vents.” Now the screen began
Day of the Dragons
By Yael R. DragwylaPage
3 of 7to show more satellite photos and films of the blasted lands that had been Washington State, from asomewhat different perspective than the original series. These, according to the accompanying subtitles,showed the land around Yakima, Washington, where the cloud-cover was thinner than that over WesternWashington. Great smoking fumaroles had opened in the earth in the area where Yakima had been;nothing remained of that city, which had been turned into a jumbled holocaust reminiscent of scenes from
, the BBC production on nuclear war and its aftermath. “The earthquake generated by thesimultaneous eruptions of Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier and, perhaps, smaller vents between them, together with numerous ‘daughter’ quakes, has left much of Oregon, Idaho, Eastern Washington, Southern Canada,Montana, and even Northern California devastated wastelands.Now the view on the screen changedagain, showing both satellite and aerial flyover shots of those states. From great old-growth trees in theforest of Oregon brought low by the quakes to flattened, burning, or flooded cities in Oregon, Idaho, andCalifornia, the screen showed unrelieved destruction. “In those areas, where countless people have died anda tremendous number of homes and business have been destroyed, huge regions have suffered catastrophicflooding due to the breaking-down of dams and dikes, and enormous forest-fires have already begun tosweep through those areas which were not initially badly harmed by the quake. Other volcanoes in theCascade volcanic chain are now showing imminent signs of eruption, including Mt. Shasta in NorthernCalifornia, and Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens in Oregon.“Tens of thousands of now-homeless refugees, enormous numbers of them badly injured, are nowtrying to evacuate to safer areas, but because so many roads have been destroyed by the quakes and, closer to Western Washington, covered by debris due to the torrential outpouring of material from the hugetectonic event there, it may be impossible for a great many of them to reach relatively safe shelter any timesoon. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps air transports and Coast Guard surface craft are on their way to the stricken areas to try to air-lift the survivors out, or bring them away by ship; at this time wehave no idea how successful they will be in this operation.“In addition to other factors complicating search-and-rescue efforts and attempts to determine the exactdetails of the current situation in the Pacific Northwest and surrounding areas, one of the disastrous side-effects of the catastrophic explosion in the Puget Sound area has added an almost insupportable burden tothose attempting such operations. That is the EMP – Electro-Magnetic Pulse – generated by the explosionitself, which was several orders of magnitude greater than even the largest single thermonuclear weaponsavailable today in the world’s nuclear stockpiles. The disturbances generated by the subsequent eruptionsof Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker and the collapse of the Cascade volcanic massif generated their own EMPs,as well. The initial, enormous electromagnetic pulse knocked out all electronic media for hundreds of miles around Western Washington State, effectively frying the circuits of all electronic equipment in thoseareas not protected by several layers of non-conducting insulating material. The eruptions that followedalmost immediately added to this effect, as well as filling the upper layers of the atmosphere with countlesstons of highly ionized debris. That debris is still interfering heavily with radio and television transmissionin areas as far from Washington State as Newfoundland, Canada, Mexico City, and even the HawaiianIslands, and will probably continue to do so for quite a while. Those of you who use cable television andradio services should have no problem with reception of programs from areas widely removed from the blast and eruption site, as long as their stations transmit via cable. But for at least the next several weeksthose who are trying to access the media via broadcast signals may find that at best reception will bechancy and poor. The combination of these two effects – the EMP generated by the initial thermonuclear strike in Puget Sound, which was almost instantly followed by the far greater eruption in that area which ittriggered; and interference with broadcast reception due to highly ionized material injected into the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere by the eruptions of several Cascade volcanoes early this morning – hasseriously crippled this country’s communications industry, and is making it extremely hard, if notimpossible, to gather and communicate data about what has happened today in Washington State.“Even telephone services, many of which depend heavily upon satellite relays for long-distance callsof all kinds, especially those involving the Internet, have been seriously disrupted. Though the satellitesthemselves orbit our world far above the atmosphere, and so do not come anywhere near the debris fromthe volcanoes, transmissions between them and the surface that come through such debris are garbled andstatic-filled – or completely blocked, not getting through at all. Thus even telephone services are sufferingfrom the effects of this morning’s disaster. This is especially true of areas relatively close to WesternWashington, where most telephone circuits have been partially or completely knocked out by the EMPsgenerated by the disaster.

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