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Published by torsha fahad

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Published by: torsha fahad on Oct 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HRM Problems & Prospects in Bangladesh contextIntroduction:Human resource management
(HRM) is the strategic andcoherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there whoindividually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business.The terms "human resource management" and "human resources" (HR) have largely replacedthe term " personnel management" as a description of the processes involved in managing people in organizations.
In simple words, HRM means employing people, developing their capacities, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job andorganizational requirement.
History and development of HRM in Bangladesh:
Bangladesh is the ninth largest county of the world as regards its population not for its area of land. It has almost 14 core people. So the main thrust could be given on the development of human resources. In the country, some large, medium size and a large number of shall business and industrial organization have been established and a significant number of humanresources are employed in the organization. Though more than 70% of its total population isstill involved in cultivation of land, but remarkable attempt has not been made to manage theagriculture the national purpose. That is way Bangladesh his still is a poor country.Bangladesh is rich for her population but very poor quality of human resourcesIn Bangladesh, much public and provide business, non- business and industrial organizationhave been emerged. We got a big number of public organizations from erstwhile Pakistanregime. But due to many lapses we could not manage that organization profitable.Inappropriate human resource management policy is one of the causes. In the country,recently some organizations have been established, among these organizations, institute of  personal management, industrial relations institute, Bangladesh society of Training anddevelopment, Bangladesh society of human Resource management, Bangladesh publicadministration training center are important. These organization conduct training programs,undertake research activities. and publish journals, which contribute to human resourcedepartment in Bangladesh. Some scholar namely profrssor Dr. Khondaker Bazul Haque, professor Dr. Shahid Uddin Ahamed, Late professor Dr. Habbibullah, professor Dr. DurgadasBhattacharjee, professor Dr. abbas Ali khan, professor Dr. M.a. Manna, professor Dr. Moinulisla, professor Dr. Ameeruzzaman khan. Professor Dr. Abu hossain siddique, professor Dr.samsul Huq, professor dr. moklesur rahman, professor dr. Abdul manna Chowdhury, professor Dr. Ali Akas, professor anisur Raman and other researcher conducted a number of research projects on different types of human resource management under the number of  banner of Bureau of business research, faculty of business studies, university of Dhaka.Institute of business administration (IBA), University of Dkaha has also contribute a lot of the development of Knowledge base through research, training and consultancy service.University of Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Khulna, Islamic University Kustia, Sylhet,Jahangir Nagar University and Bangladesh Institute of management (BIM) has under take
many research and development activities for the Development of HRM in Bangladesh.Institute of Bangladesh Studies Rajshahi University is pioneering organization in the field. National University, Gazipur conducts Training program regularly the year for thedevelopment of HRM of Bangladesh (collage level) almost the public Universities publish journals accommodating many article of HRM.They are offering M.phil and ph.D programs for the same purpose. University GrantsCommission of Bangladesh, Dkaka offers research projects in the field in Bangladesh. HRMarea has attracted special attention in business education. In both public and privateuniversities, BBA and MBA programs have a separate major area of study on HRM. Everyyear thousand of graduate are getting orientation and specialization on HRM. A substantialnumber of M.Phil and Ph.D dissertation have been prepared on different areas of HRM. Anumber of training and development institutes are working in the country for HR development for managing the organization.HRM has already been recognized as the profession.Invention of computer and internet has opened of expanded knowledge in the area. A vasteducationist now is involved with development of HRM knowledge using this technology.The learner is so interested that if they are asked to prepare any assignment on HRM. Theytry their level best to update their knowledge and thus they are preparing hinders of assignment on this subject. Both national and Multinational Corporation has their ownresearch divisions. They are extending their cooperation the area. A number of books onHRM practices in Bangladesh have been published. Considering all these contribute of researchers, academician and institutions in Bangladesh. We can say that future of HRM in bright in Bangladesh. More contribution is waiting for HRM in Bangladesh in the days tocome.
Definition of human Resource management:
HR management has been defining as process of acquisition, development, motivation,maintenance and utilization of manpower in the organization. That is HR management isrelated to a few aspects of Human Resource working in the organization.Human resource management has been defining in many ways by different authors. Thesedefinitions are given below:
1. Ricky W. griffin:
Human resource Management is the set of organizational activitiesdirected at attaching, developing and maintaining and effective work force.
2. Gary dessler:
the policies and practices involved in the carrying out the people and humanresource aspects of management position including recruiting, screening, training ,rewardingand apprising.
3. Milkovich & bounreau:
Human resource management is a series of decisions that affectthe relationship between employees and employers; it affect many constituencies andintended to influence the effective of employees and employers.
4. Dale Yoder:
Human Resource management is the provision of leadership and direction of  people in their working of employment relationship.
5. M. Ataur Rahman:
Human Resource management may be a set of activities whichinclude acquisition, development, motivation, maintenance and utilization of manpower inthe organization, for the purpose of effective and timely achievement of organization goal.
6. Mathis and Jackson:
Human Resource management is the use of Human Resource in anorganization through the management of people related activities.
7. According to DeCenzo and Robbins:
Human resource is comprised of the staffing,development, motivation and maintenance function. Each of this function however is affected by external influence.Human Resource management is the set of activities reaching to procuring, developing,maintaining and utilizing of group people for the proper functioning of organization activitiesand achievement of goal.
Characteristics of human Resource Management:
There are several feature/ Characteristics of human Resource Management. Thesecharacteristics pinpoint of the nature of human resource management starting fromacquisition to utilization of human source which are briefly discus below:
1. Development of well-conceived policy:
The first future of Human Resource management is to develop a well-accepted policy for theorganization. The purpose is to practices Human Resource management activities in a better way.
2. Development of Harmonious relation:
Development of Harmonious relation is aimed to achieve goal, for fulfillment of thefunctions. All barriers to cordial relation should be removed.
3. Establishing a chain of commend:
Human Resource management must establish a chain of commend without which disciplinecannot be maintained. These include unite of command, unit of direction and scalar chain.
4. Awareness of own nature of service:
This is the fourth characteristics of Human Resource management in Bangladesh.By creating awareness promotion policy can be established; training policy can beimplemented and other policy can be made well understood.

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