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July08 TheLetter Front

July08 TheLetter Front



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Published by Jim Hensley
The Letter newspaper. Louisville Kentucky's respected source for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans news and community information since June 1990. July 2008, part one.
The Letter newspaper. Louisville Kentucky's respected source for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans news and community information since June 1990. July 2008, part one.

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Published by: Jim Hensley on Jul 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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the respected source or GlBt news since June 1990
The undamentalist-owned-and-operated American Family Association (AFA) is widely known or attacking businesses andorganizations that promote a GLBT-riendly agenda. But did you know that they actually go so ar as to ban the word "gay" rom their"news" website, OneNewsNow.com? As noted in a recent e-mail message sent outby the GLBT advocacy group Soulorce, the AFA website uses the slogan "Your Latest Newsrom a Christian Perspective." In addition toop-eds rom anti-gay authors, the site relies oncontent rom the Associated Press (AP). AFA routinely re-writes AP news to put their anti-gay spin on things. For instance, placing the words marriage and wedding in quotes whenreerring to same-sex couples and swappingout the phrase "groups that oppose same-sexmarriage" to read "groups that support one-man, one-woman marriage."The AFA website also uses a “lter” toreplace every instance o the word "gay" with "homosexual." So when olympic athleteTyson Gay ran the astest 100m o all time lastmonth, the headline at OneNewsNow.comread "Homosexual Eases Into 100 Final AtOlympic trials."Howard Fendrich's AP story, modied by the American Family Association or readerso OneNewsNow.com, included the ollowingamusing lines:
"Tyson Homosexual was a blur in blue,sprinting 100 meters faster than anyone ever has." "Wearing a royal blue uniform with red and white diagonal stripes across the  front, along with matching shoes, all in a tribute to 1936 Olympic star Jesse Owens,Homosexual dominated the competition." "Everyone expected Homosexual to make the U.S. team." 
Continued on page 12 
Where can you vacation this suer andnot spend an outrageous su on gasolineto get there and back? How about Nashville,Tennessee! According to travel colunistAndrew Collins, Nashville is one o theSouth's gay-riendliest destinations. Find outwhy when your Andrew's OUT OF TOWNcolun that begins on page 16.
ty Gay
Volume 19, issue 7 • JulY 2008
While it isn't the highest-priced Italian eateryin Louisville, restaurant reviewer Beth AnnRubin believes that it's hard to beat RayParella's Italian Restaurant. I you're hungryor real Italian cooking at a decent pricecheck out Beth Ann's DINING OUT colunon page 22.Dave VanderPol is
into the Luke &Noah storyline on
 As The World Turns
.He reects on soe iportant – but painul– lessons he's (re)learning ro the frst gaycouple to be eatured on a soap opera. Dave’sRADICALLY SERENE colun begins on page25. Your invitation to a party or ans o Luke& Noah can be ound on page 2.
“Gay” &
What are they afraid Of?
by Dave VanderPol, Executive Editor(editor@theletteronline.com)
Call Today! 
 Nee  Grphic designer?
lk n further! let us crete 
nmic prject 
tht wi  eve 
 sting impressin
 July 18 - 20Leather Weekend July 25 - 27Nude Weekend II August 1 - 3Brokeback Mountain /Cowboys in the Woods Weekend August 8 - 107th AnnualMr. TimberfellCompetition
The Letter Invites You to A Party
Especially for Fans of Luke & Noah and As The World Turns
 Thursday, July 247:30 ‘til 11:00pmFuzion1335 Story Avenue / LouisvilleCover: $2.00
Proceeds beneft Louisville AIDS Walk 
Cash Bar / Door Prizes
We’ll be showing lots o video clips eaturingthe frst gay couple to appear on a soap opera! 
The Kentucky Commission on HumanRights passed a resolution last month insupport o a statewide airness bill thatprohibits discrimination based on sexualorientation and gender identity."The Commission's airness resolutionmakes a strong statement in support o Kentucky's air-minded majority," saidChristina Gilgor, executive director o the Kentucky Fairness Alliance. "We jointhem in calling on our elected ocialsto include our gay, lesbian, bisexual, andtransgender neighbors in the existing civilrights code."The statewide airness bill wouldprohibit discrimination against GLBTKentuckians in employment, housing,public accommodations, and credit.The Kentucky Fairness Alliance worksto advance equality or lesbian, gay,bisexual and transgender people throughleadership development, public educationand by encouraging participation in thedemocratic process.
K.F.A. Applauds Resolution ProcessSupporting Statewide Fairness Bill
r-p Y B:
Av i the letter!
Kky Gv. sv Ba y g a xv  bg a aga GlBt ay. p a  gg   f  d sa, dba hy, Jaa Bak, caawaa, la hb, sa sa s, a s. e s. s s. s’ View romrAnKort   ag 17   a ab   v a   ca.
Louisville Hotel Featured in Gay Travel Magazine
by David Williams Since it opened in 2006, 21C Museum Hotel inLouisville’s historic Main Street neighborhood has madequite a splash not just among the traveling public butin the art world as well. Now, it’s eatured in a gay andlesbian travel magazine.In its all issue, OutTraveler, a publication o Outmagazine, listed 21C as a place to be and be seen in anarticle entitled “Artul Accommodations.” Calling it the“equivalent o War and Peace,” the article notes its cutting-edge modern art and ree museum containing artists like Andres Serrano“To say the hotel is gay-riendly eels superfuous,” notes writer Loann Halden. “Nowhere is this more evident thanin its palette-pleasing Italian-meets-the-South restaurant,Proo on Main, where the chic, mixed crowd can view 16 black-and-white images o pornstar-turned sexologist Annie Sprinkle’s perormance art piece, Bosom Ballet.”To read more about 21C, or to obtain a copy o the magazine, go to www.outtraveler.com.

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