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Visual Basic Part 1

Visual Basic Part 1

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Published by kavfa

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Published by: kavfa on Oct 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Latihan 1Buat Design Form Sebagai berikut:
Object Propertis Setting
Name frmPerkenalanCaption ..::Program Pertamaku::..Form1StartUpPostion 2 - CenterScreenLabel1 Caption Nama AndaName txtNamaTextBox1Text Tulisan text1 di hapusName cmdMessageCommand1Caption &MessageName cmdCloseCommand2Caption &Close
Private Sub cmdMessage_Click()
‘Menampilkan message boxMsgBox "Perkenalkan Nama Saya : " + txtNama, vbInformation, "SalamKenal"txtNama = ""
End SubPrivate Sub CmdClose_Click()
‘Perintah untuk keluar dari program aplikasiEnd
End Sub
Latihan 2Buat Design Form Sebagai berikut:
ObjectPropertis Setting
Name frmucaseCaption ..::Program Kedua::..Form1StartUpPostion 2 - CenterScreenLabel1 Caption BELAJAR UCASE DAN LCASEName txtNamaTextBox1Text Tulisan text1 di hapusName txtucaseTextBox2Text Tulisan text2 di hapusName txtlcaseTextBox3Text Tulisan text3 di hapus
Private Sub Text1_Change()
txtucase.Text = UCase(txtnama.Text)txtlcase.Text = LCase(txtnama.Text)
End Sub

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