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River Cities' Reader Issue #763 - October 14, 2010

River Cities' Reader Issue #763 - October 14, 2010

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Published by River Cities Reader

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Published by: River Cities Reader on Oct 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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     R     i    v    e    r     C     i     t     i    e    s     ’     R    e    a     d    e    r
   •     V    o     l .     1     7     N    o .     7     6     3   •     O    c    t    o     b    e    r     1     4  -     2     7 ,     2     0     1     0     B    u    s     i    n    e    s    s   •     P    o     l     i    t     i    c    s   •     A    r    t    s   •     C    u     l    t    u    r    e   •     N    o    w      Y    o    u     K    n    o    w    •     R     i    v    e    r     C     i    t     i    e    s     R    e    a     d    e    r .    c    o    m
 B   u  s  i     e  s   s  • P   o l    i     t   i     c   s  • A  r   t    s  •  C   u l     t    u r   e • N   o w Y   o  u K   o w • R  i     e r   C  i     t   i     e  s  R   e  a  d   e r   . c   o m
R  i     e  r   C   i     t   i     e   s  ’    R   e   a  d    e  r  
• V   o l     .1  7  N   o  .7   6   3  •  O   c   t    o  b   e r  1  4  2  7   ,2   0  1   0  
spiritual rebirth.With that belie in mind, I will pursue theollowing i elected to state government.1. De-criminalize the use, growth, possession,and delivery o marijuana or sale to individuals.2. Prohibit the commercialization o marijuana(current dealer system-buyer beware, much like thestate’s policy toward whole unpasteurized milk).3. Prohibit all state and local taxes on marijuana.(I it is a revenue stream, it will be encouraged; wealso have a moral responsibility as a state not toprot rom someone’s addiction.)4. Repeal marijuana’s classication as a drugrequiring a drug stamp and oversight rom thepharmaceutical board. (Tis prevents the boardrom being corrupted rom its original purpose: theoversight o medical pharmaceuticals.)5. Release all inmates that have been convictedo a nonviolent dealing o marijuana romincarceration.6. Protect the rights o employers to have a drug-ree workplace and to hire drug-ree employees.
I do not support the position o those advocatingor “medical marijuana,” which I believe is anoxymoron. In my opinion, the Iowa pharmaceuticalboard has no more business regulating marijuanaas a medicine than it does dispensing alcohol as anantidepressant. I do not support any attempts to“medicalize” pot or to make it a revenue stream orthe state. I will oppose all legislation i elected thatworks toward legitimizing marijuana to these ends.
Mark Riley Republican Candidate or Iowa State SenateDistrict 43Davenport
investigation. I’ve talked to both union andnonunion local workers who say their companiesare more than capable o perorming energy auditsand doing just as well as any outt rom Chicago.Maybe the county didn’t look hard enough, ormaybe they don’t know much about the issue. Iknow this is just one example. But is a $160,000,potentially unneeded expense not worth morediligence than this? Is grant money burning ahole in the county pocketbook? Is this how youmanage your personal nances (“spend it i ya gotit”)? Finally, i an energy audit is needed on a two-year-old acility, then the oversight o that buildingproject was probably mismanaged in the rst place.
Jesse AndersonIowans For Accountability Candidate orScott County SupervisorLeClaire, Iowa
Riley SupportsDe-Criminalizing Marijuana
Te ocus o my campaign remains gettingIowans back to work and balancing the state budgetby reducing government spending. In the spirit o reducing government spending and protecting ourliberties, I have decided to pursue my inclinationto de-criminalize marijuana use and distributionin the state o Iowa i elected to the Senate. Let mebe clear that changing Iowa’s law will not changethe ederal classication o marijuana. Furtherlet me also state that I will not pursue a policy o “medical marijuana” that will pit the statelaw against the ederal law and contribute to a
Board Candidate QuestionsCount Energ Audit
What do Scott County, Iowa, and Chicago havein common?Not much, except that a company rom Chicagois about to get a $160,000 contract paid or by Iowataxpayer dollars.For what, you ask? An energy audit on thecounty’s eight acilities – including the brand new,state-o-the-art Scott County courthouse and jail.Why does a two-year-old multi-million-dollaracility need an energy audit?I doubt it does. However, the county had securedsome grant money (a.k.a. Iowa taxpayer dollars),and when they ound out the audit was going tocost less than expected on the two buildings thatwere originally slated or, they decided to spendthe rest because they thought it was better to nda place to “spend, spend, spend” instead o pattingthemselves on the back or what could have beentens o thousands o dollars o savings to the state.Tis is called unchecked spending.Tis is why I am running or supervisor thisNovember.But this also is about labor and jobs in the QuadCities.Couldn’t a local business perorm this energy audit so that Iowa tax dollars would go to Iowans(or even somewhere local on the Quad CitiesIllinois side)? Retiring County Board Chair ChrisGallin did ask this question (which I commend).However, she was told by a sta member thatno one in the area perormed energy audits asa “primary unction.” Te board o supervisorsaccepted this answer without any urther
Caliornia-like problem that comes with taxationand commercialization.Many proponents o legalized andcommercialized marijuana use the comparisonto alcohol to make their arguments. I nd mosto these arguments valid. We have an historicalreerence in the prohibition o the 1920s. Whilea thin majority o voting Americans wish toeradicate alcohol consumption as blight to society,the general public did not heed the law. We acea similar situation in which a majority o votersrecognize that our country will suer rom anincreased use o marijuana in the population.However it is my belie that everyone who wantsto use marijuana is able to do so, and that it hasreached maximum saturation in society and in popculture. Te law now has no purpose or which itwas intended, which is to discourage and punishuse and distribution. Logically then we are reapingonly the negative aspects o the law. Tose includeincreased cost o incarceration, violence, and thedraining o dollars rom our state and nation tocountries such as Mexico and organizations such asAl-Qaeda.Let me be clear: I do not use marijuana. FurtherI believe that its use is harmul to our society. Itis my belie that its use has become so prevalentthat government can no longer reverse this trendwithout severely harming and eroding our civilliberties. Once again our nation must experiencea great awakening in order to reduce its use. Tatis the proper role o preachers, prophets, andchurches, and I do not support altering our ormo government and its protection o ree will, sel-determination, and liberty to try to accomplishsomething that I believe requires the miracle o 

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