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POD Qur'an

POD Qur'an

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Published by McCall
Prophet of Doom author Craig Winn's examination of Islam's holy writings.
Prophet of Doom author Craig Winn's examination of Islam's holy writings.

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Published by: McCall on Jul 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prophet of Doom
presents the Qur'an in chronological order and in thecontext of Muhammad's life as it is known through Ishaq's Sira (Biography)and Tabari's Ta'rikh (History). There is no better way to understand Islam'slone prophet, his god, their message, or their purpose--especially since theQur'an itself is a jumbled and incoherent mess.The translation presented in
Prophet of Doom
was a blend of the literalNoble Qur'an by Khan (the one found in most American mosques), andEnglish translations by: Ahmed Ali, Pickthal, Yusuf Ali, and Shakir.Collectively, these represent the five most respected and universallyaccepted Muslim translations of Allah's book.To validate Craig's scholarship in regard to his presentation of theQur'an, you will need access toall five of these. While we encourage you toconduct your own investigation of the Islamic scriptures, you may becomforted to know that of the many thousands of emails we have receivedfrom angry Muslims claiming that Craig has misrepresented their religion,no one has found an inaccurate Qur'anic portrayal.To compose the The POD Qur'an, we consolidated the references madeto each Qur'anic Surah in the book and then placed them in numerical,rather than chronological order. Every reference was pulled directly from
Prophet of Doom
 just as it was presented in the book, and thus mostcontain Craig Winn's commentary as well as related Hadith.While you will learn much more reading the Qur'an in chronologicalorder--the order it was supposedly revealed and thus the order it ispresented in POD--and with its surahs set within the context of Muhammad's life, we understand that most people are accustomed to theQur'an's current order--jumbled, and devoid of circumstance, place, time,and chronological order as it may be.The POD Qur'an can be set along sidethe five Muslim translationsthatserved as its basis to demonstrate that Craig did not "cherry-pick" the mostrotten verses from a Qur'anic tree filled with nurturing ones. The PODQur'an also proves that Craig didn't take Qur'an verses out of context ormisrepresent them. The simple truth is that immorality, violence, andidiocy completely dominate the texts of the Islamic scriptures.It is also important to note, that Muslims have recently published morepolitically correct versions of the Qur'an and of the Hadith. Although theycannot fix the author's (Muhammad/Allah's) complete lack of moralcharacter and intelligence, the recent renditions have sought to removemany violent verses, rewriting them to suit modern sensibilities. Therefore,if you own a "politically correct" Qur'an or a sanitized Hadith collection, weask that if you come across an instance where it appears we may havemisrepresented Muhammad/Allah's actual message, that you take the timeto reviewall fiveof the most universally accepted and respectedtranslations, and buy printed versions of the Hadith collections, before youcriticize our scholarship. If you take the time to do this, what you willdiscover is that today's Muslims are obediently following theirprophet/god's policy of lying to and deceiving Infidels so as to make useasier prey. Don't let that happen to you.
Prophet of Doom Qur'an http://ProphetofDoom.netOverview 1
The Opening
Since Islam is supposed to be a religion, let's review the first surahrevealed during the Islamic Era to see if we can find somethinginspirational. The 2nd surah, the Qur'an's longest, should really be the firstsurah, because the 1st is
"The Prologue,"
a sixty-word invocation. Itsspeaker isn't Allah so it could not have been revealed by god as is alledged.The 1st surah, therefore, doesn't belong in the Qur'an. That would makethe 2nd surah, which was the ninetieth received, the first revelation fromAllah in Medina, and thus during the Islamic Era. It is called
"The Cow"
inreference to the golden calf sungod idol cast by the faithless Israelitesduring their Exodus nearly 2,000 years before Islam was invented. Muslimscholars acknowledge that the surah was handed down in pieces over thecourse of a decade.
Prophet of Doom Qur'an http://ProphetofDoom.netSurah 1 - The Opening 1
The Cow
The 2nd surah begins with a contradiction:
Qur'an 2:1
"Alif-Lam-Min.(These letters are a miracle of the Qur'an and only Allah knowswhat they mean.) This is the Book free of doubt, a guidance tothose who ward off (evil), who believe in the Unknown, fulfill theirdevotional obligations, and pay (zakat) out of what We haveprovided."
There is no doubt: these uninspired rantings have guided moreevil than they have warded off.Allah's "Book" is asking people to believe in the "Unknown." Unable toproduce a miracle, prophecy, or even a sane depiction of God, Muhammad just gives up and says, "believe in the unknown." We're ninety-one surahsinto the Qur'an, and what little is known about this spirit is demonic. Hespends his days torturing unbelievers in hell, and he spends his nightsleading believers astray. He supports immorality when it serves hisprophet's interests, and he doesn't want his true identity to be known.But the dark spirit wants to be worshiped. The passage defines Muslimsas those who
"fulfill their devotional obligations."
Although this maysound pious, it's wrong too. Devotion and obligation are incompatible,mutually exclusive concepts. Devotion - love - requires choice. The lack of choice is Islam's greatest deficiency, as the word "obligation" suggests.That brings us to the zakat, the tax imposed on all Muslims; it's one of the Five Pillars. Islam gives monetary confiscation a politically correctveneer by calling it charity, the giving of alms. But Muhammad used itexactly like politicians use taxes. At swordpoint, he took money fromproductive people so that he could bribe his unproductive supporters. Itmade Muhammad powerful and Muslims dependant. It's no different fromthe tactics Saddam Hussein used to ensure Baath Party loyalty.
Qur'an 2:4
"Whoever believes in (the Qur'an and Sunnah) which hasbeen sent down to you (Muhammad) and in that which was sent tothose before your time (the Torah and Gospel), have the assuranceof the Hereafter."
Although there are a thousand reasons to discard theQur'an, this is one of the best. Allah is taking credit for prior scripture,saying that it should also be believed. Since the Torah and Qur'an areirreconcilably different, the order is impossible. It's like telling someone tobe a democratic capitalist and a totalitarian communist at the same time.
Qur'an 2:6
"As for the disbelievers, it is the same whether you warnthem or not; they will not believe. Allah has set a seal upon their
hearts, upon their hearing, and a covering over their eyes. There isa great torment for them."
It's another Islamic first: a spirit so perverse,so evil, he precludes people from knowing him. And he does it so that hecan torture them. The concept is demonic; the words are Satanic.The next thirteen verses rekindle the never-ending argument; only thistime the victims are Jews, not Arabs.
Qur'an 2:9
"They deceive Allah andthose who believe, but they only deceive themselves, and realize(it) not! In their hearts is a disease; and Allah has increased theirdisease. Grievous is the painful doom they (incur) because they(lie)."
Only in Islam could man deceive God. But that's child's playcompared to a god who calls men diseased, and then, rather than curing
Prophet of Doom Qur'an http://ProphetofDoom.netSurah 2 - The Cow 1
them, makes them sicker. The Qur'an begins as badly as it ends.
Qur'an 2:11
"When it is said to them: ‘Make not mischief on theearth.' they say: ‘We are peacemakers only.'"
Propagandists andpolitical strategists know that the most effective deception is one thatprojects a doctrine's or a candidate's faults onto their rivals. That isprecisely what is being done here. The "mischief makers" are Muslims, notJews. As proof, the Jews were tending to their businesses while theMuslims were out pirating. But it is the last line that haunts us today. Inthe face of worldwide Islamic terror, Muslims say,
"We are peacemakersonly."
And we believe them. Shame on us.Still attacking Jews, the Qur'an says:
"They are mischief-mongers,but they realize not. When it is said to them: ‘Believe as the othersbelieve.' They say: ‘Shall we believe as the fools.' Nay, surely theyare the fools, but they know not. When they meet the faithful, theysay: ‘We believe.' but when they are alone with the devils, theysay: ‘We are really with you: We (were) only mocking.'"
Obviously, itdidn't take the Jews long to assess the merits of Islam. Knowing who Godis helped them recognize who He was not. And therein lies our problem.We have lost sight of Yahweh, having separated ourselves from him. Mostdon't even know his name, much less his character and plan. Not knowingYahweh makes Lucifer more deceptive.For example, this is Lucifer speaking, not God:
Qur'an 2:15 
"Allah mocksthem, paying them back, increasing their wrong-doing so theywander blindly."
Then the Devil says:
"These are they who have bartered guidancefor error, and have gained nothing from the deal."
Another translationreads:
"These are they who purchase error at the price of guidance,so their bargain shall bring no gain."
This is Allah's first attempt atcondemning Jews for selling (not giving) their oral traditions toMuhammad. He is inferring that his bastardized accounts, the ones twistedto make his immoral behavior look divine, are true guidance while theoriginals are erroneous. Remember, people believed Hitler's lies too - liesthat were indistinguishable from Islam. Working for the same master, theywere equally seductive, racist, demonic, and destructive.
Qur'an 2:17 
"They are like one who kindled a fire; when it burnedaround him, Allah took away their light and left them in darknessso they could not see. They are deaf, dumb, and blind, so theyreturn not. Or like a storm with darkness, thunder and lightning.They thrust their fingers in their ears for fear of death. But Allahsurrounds the disbelievers. The lightning snatches away their eyes;

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