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Malcolm Shabazz 2010-2011 Quarter 1 newlsetter
Malcolm Shabazz 2010-2011 Quarter 1 newlsetter

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Published by: Malcolm Shabazz City-High on Oct 15, 2010
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Malcolm Shabazz City High School
 The Quarterly Report 
 The Quarterly Report 
 The Quarterly Report 
 The Quarterly Report 
40 Years of Innovative Education”
1601 N. Sherman Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53704
(608) 204-2440
Quarter, 2010Quarter, 2010Quarter, 2010Quarter, 2010----11111111
Greetings from the Principal:
Getting and giving feedback is important. In some ways, feedback is at the heart of a learningexperience. In order to master a skill, we need feedback that indicates whether we are on the righttrack. Quality, unbiased, and non-judgmental feedback assists all of us in determining if we aremoving in the right direction. We adjust our behaviors according to feedback. In the classroom,teachers are constantly assessing students to determine what they know and can do, and theyprovide feedback to students to encourage growth and learning.Providing feedback sounds simple, yet, providing feedback to others in a way that can be heardand used can be very difficult. Many times, we have not defined what quality means and may havedifficulty in identifying it. What is a quality paragraph or a quality presentation? How do wedescribe and model quality writing for our students? Once we have a student’s work in front of usfurther questions are raised. How do we give students unbiased feedback on their mastery of askill? How do we communicate our genuine support and acceptance of the student for who theyare, and, at the same time, have high expectations for their ability to learn and develop new skills?How do we communicate our feedback without judgment, in an educational system that hashistorically used grades as a means to divide students into groups rather than provide feedback for learning?These are all difficult questions. At Shabazz we believe that if we create an environment wherestudents feel safe, are treated with dignity and respect, are provided opportunities to develophabits of work and mind, are given opportunities to solve conflicts, are asked to engage in theworld as active citizens through authentic service learning opportunities, and are providedopportunities to take on leadership roles, then our students will thrive, grow and learn. So how arewe doing? What feedback are our students providing us? At the end of last year, students
completed a lengthy survey that addressed these issues. Below, I have summarized some of these findings as they relate to our core mission at Shabazz. Ninety nine students responded toour survey.On the issue of a safe and harassment free school, our students responded in this way:
90.5% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I feel the teachers at Shabazz havetreated me with respect and fairness.” The remaining 9.5% somewhat agreed.
94.6% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I feel safe while attendingShabazz.” The remaining 5.4% somewhat agreed.
87.1% agreed or strongly agreed to the statement “I have opportunities to be heard andvalued at Shabazz.” The remaining 12.9% somewhat agreed.
91.6% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I felt like I could ask questions, askfor assistance, and take the risks needed to learn.” No one disagreed.
97.9 % agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I felt like I was accepted for whom Iwas regardless of my gender, race, or sexual orientation.” No one disagreed.In regard to student engagement, conflict resolution, and habits of work and mind, the studentsresponded in this way:
83.9% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I am thinking about myfuture in more positive ways since attending Shabazz.” 11.5% of respondents somewhatagreed.
82% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I have been moreproductive (worked harder) at Shabazz than in my previous schools.” 12.4% somewhatagreed.
85.4% of students agreed or strongly agreed to the statement “I wanted to participate inlearning activities in my classes at Shabazz.” 12.4% of respondents somewhat agreed.
83.2% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “While at Shabazz, I havelearned better ways to resolve conflicts.” 13.5% of respondents somewhat agreed.Finally, on the issue of civic engagement, our students responded in this way:
75.8% of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “Since attending Shabazz,I am more likely to do community service work.” 17.2% of the respondents somewhatagreed.
80.7% of students agreed or strongly agreed to the statement, “Since attending Shabazz, Iam more aware of current issues and events that affect my community, my city, my stateand my country.” 14.8% of respondents somewhat agreed.
In a recent discussion with a student around expectations at Shabazz, the student said, “AtShabazz, we have high expectations around service, leadership, problem solving, and makingdecisions. At Shabazz, I have learned to challenge myself.” This is an amazing statement comingfrom a high school student. I listen to this feedback and read the results from this survey and Iknow something great is happening at Shabazz. Even more amazing than these results, is thecommitment of the staff and students at Shabazz to make it even better.We are excited by the prospects of this new school year and school years to come, as the Shabazzcommunity works and learns together and continues its 40 year tradition as a leader and model for effective and innovative practices in education.
Student Comments from the 2009-2010 End of the Year Survey:
“I have willingly learned a lot of new things at this school, and I had fun as I was doing it. bet there are a lot of other kids in other schools that cannot say the same.” “Shabazz High School has really improved my point of view of life. I actually want to learnand move on to attend school after I graduate from high school.” “Coming to Shabazz has given me a more positive outlook on education. My home school made me into a stressed-out robot, and Shabazz has taught me to think about things indeeper way, rather than memorizing facts. Shabazz has also made me more independent,which has in turn made me feel more prepared about moving on to college.” “I feel the teachers at Shabazz have treated me with respect and fairness.” “Shabazz has been a very positive experience for me. I have learned how to discuss, think critically, support my opinion, and interact with others.” “It saved my life.” 
In 2011 we are celebrating 40 years of alternative education excellence at Malcolm Shabazz CityHigh School. Aric Soderbloom, Principal Page 3

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