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Cause and Effect Essay Organization (1)

Cause and Effect Essay Organization (1)

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Published by bgorgulu_yeditepe

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Published by: bgorgulu_yeditepe on Oct 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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General Statement
Background information about the topic
Why do you want the reader to read your essay?)
Thesis Statement
Identify the subject
(Identify the subject that you will write the causes and/or effects of and state whether you will focus on the causes or effects, or both.The thesis may also indicate what the causes and/or effects are.If the effects are not mentioned in the thesis statement,they are mentioned in the transition paragraph/sentence.)
pen your writing booksto page 68.Read the introduction of ³Women¶sLiberation´
Check the paragraph for the following items:
General Statement
Background information about the argument
Thesis Statement
The twentieth century saw a major shift in the waythat vast numbers of people lived, as a result of changes inpolitics, ideology, economics, society, culture, science,technology, and medicine. Witnessing two world wars, it wasa century that started with horses, telegraph and radio butended with cars travelling at 350km/hour, airliners and thespace shuttle, the Internet and cell phones. Another areawhere big changes were observed was the social structure,especially the role of women in societies. Since the middle of 20th century, women around the world have been seekinggreater independence and recognition. No longer content withtheir traditional roles as housewives and mothers, womenhave joined together to create the ³women¶s liberationmovement.´ The force behind this international movementvaries from culture to culture and from individual to individual.Yet, the basic causes of the women¶s liberation movement inthe United States can be traced back to the development of effective birth-control methods, the invention of labour-savingdevices for the home, and World War II.
General Statement
Background information about the argument
Thesis Statement(Causes)

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