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Published by Atyqah Mufa

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Published by: Atyqah Mufa on Oct 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Coinciding with the concept of Islam as "Addeen" religion for the world and thehereafter, each of worship difardhukan by Allah to benefit the world and the hereafter.The faith pilgrimage, the Muslims encouraged to collect money to enable them to affordto meet expenses in the Holy Land.In order to avoid elements of riba 'is illegal in the Islamic side, many traditionalmethods adopted to save money. There is also a selling culture and heritage property tomake up the expense to the Holy Land, which eventually lead to economic pressure onmyself and family, current and returning them of pilgrimage. This practice is alsoindirectly damage the structure of the rural economy and threaten economic growth.To further enhance the services and facilities to prospective pilgrims, in 1969 thecorporation merged with the Office of Pilgrims Affairs operation in Penang, and thus was born the Managing Board and Tabung Haji or simply Tabung Haji, which is establishedunder the 8 , the Managing Board and Tabung Haji in 1969 with the aim to: ◊ To enable Muslims to save gradually to meet the expenditure pilgrimage, or other benefit expenses ◊ Allows Muslims through their savings to take partmore effectively in the field of investment by way of that on the side of Islam ◊ To provide protection, control and welfare of the pilgrims who perform thegrimace to various facilities and services.Based on the goals that Tabung Haji has set the goal of providing good service, perfect and very satisfying to Malaysian pilgrims in the business of pilgrimage, giving themaximum profit to the depositors of their savings.
This fact is clearly shows that the Provident Fund was established not only tomanage the departure of pilgrims to the Holy Land, but it also serves as an alternative body to the Muslims in Malaysia to save money while investing in clean and inaccordance with Islamic principles.As a body corporate nature Tabung Haji is very sensitive to developments andchanges that swept the world in the 90s era. To ensure the sustainability of competitiveness in the era of globalization, a study was made in 1995 to expand the scopeand role of Tabung Haji. Therefore, on 1 June 1995 a new act of the Pilgrims Fund Act535, Act, 1995 enacted the act to abolish the old and the name of the Managing Board of Tabung Haji and Lembaga Tabung Haji is replaced by the August 28, 1997, andcoincided with the introduction of the letters TH stands for substituting the name of Tabung Haji.
Pillars of the nation's Economic Success: Famous pilgrimage management
To Achieve the vision of TH, WE are committed to: - ■ Strengthening the community economy■ Always actively seeking local and global strategic investments for sustainablegrowth■ mobilizing and enriching the depositors' capital■ To Provide continuing service excellence■ Facilitate and Improve the business of Pilgrims to the Hajj mabrur ■ Provide a competitive return, halal and toyyiban
Customer Charter
We are promised by Allah's permission to:◊ Helping you get the mabrur pilgrimage with reasonable expenses ◊ Coordinate hajj flights in a timely manner, secure and reliable ◊ Provide a clean and comfortable accommodation in the Holy Land ◊ To maintain your account in a professional and confidential and personalcontrol ◊ Investing investment in the clean, safe and prudent so as to provide returnscomparable with the market, while ensuring the sustained growth ◊ Provide friendly service, fast and efficient ◊ Provide accurate, clear and current

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