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Last Journey

Last Journey

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Published by Jerry Boggs
After fleeing an imminent Earth killer, they arrive on another planet only to find themselves facing another crisis. Then they stumble onto something even more shocking.
After fleeing an imminent Earth killer, they arrive on another planet only to find themselves facing another crisis. Then they stumble onto something even more shocking.

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Published by: Jerry Boggs on Oct 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dedicated to my adorable granddaughter, Olivia,
whom I hope to inspire, for as long as Ilive, to look upward, to gaze beyond the moon, beyond the sun, and to learn, and to know, andto wonder....
March 2010An alien-world adventure
After fleeing an imminent Earthkiller, they arrive on another planetonly to find themselves facinganother crisis. Then they stumbleonto something even
he thundering
brutal vibration whipped his weakened arms against something hard, again and again.
Where the hell was he? 
 In a box?
 A coffin
? And speeding down the worlds worst road in the worlds loudest truck?
Thirty merciless seconds elapsed before he gained the strength to pin his arms against his sides. Save for the restraints over his head, chest, and ankles – and the padding underneath him – he might have been juddered senseless. His captor had a kind streak.“Captain ason !earce."The metallic female voice jarred him. He heard it even above the fierce booming. #t seemed to come from above and reverberated in all directions.“$re you fully a%ake and comprehending, Captain&"He reali'ed he hadn(t opened his eyes ))
 open them. He assumedhe %as in total darkness* no light passed through his eyelids. He %orked his ja%, struggled to clear his throat.“#... +)yes ....# think...so." His voice, sounding muffled, shook uncontrollably in the vibration. “#(m...ason–&"The memories crashed in and a shock %ave of fear ripped through him. His body bucked against the restraints.
“$ir is reestablished," continued the voice. “utrients are supplied. -ighting up. +our preservation gel has been siphoned a%ay. +our brain and heart are functioning normally. The estoration Handbook states that everyone must remain on board for three hours to allo% the ship(s o/ygen to fully purge your body of the gel residue."He fought the angry vibration to bring a hand up to clear his eyelids of the film that smelled faintly of charcoal and %hich he could tell still thinly enveloped him from head to toe. His gummy eyes finally opened. #n the dim red light, he sa% his preservation cylinder(s translucent canopy less than ten inches from his nose and under %hich he lay naked.He reali'ed that the rattling, %hich sounded no% like a series of rapid e/plosions, had a%akened the ship(s computer, %hich in turn had processed him from his preserved state 0 had “restored" him, as the scientists %ould(ve said 0 and begun speaking to him. So far, he thought, everything miraculously appeared to be operating as designed.1ost important, the preservation gel, %hich enveloped his body inside and out, had kept him alive.He(d been briefed on ho% the gel functioned but he had little more than a broad)brush memory of it. The gel contained a protectorant that, once the gel %as driven deep into his body(s cells by his cylinder(s moderate pressuri'ation, %as supposed to suspend gro%th of all cells and preserve them intact – miraculously %ith no loss to bone mass – until the gel %as purged.2hat he more vividly recalled %as that the gel %as e/perimental and had been rushed to a completion after being tested only a short time in monkeysand lemurs. +et it had succeeded, preserving him for %hat his senses %ere telling him %as a very long time. $ mind)%arping accomplishment, given that in those last %eeks most of the scientists connected to !roject Survivalhad fled to be %ith their loved ones, and those seeing the project through had been over)ta/ed and desperately hurried.The final instruction concerning the gel had been given to Captain !earce by the hefty, balding project manager, 3ictor !o%ell, as the man sat behind his computer)screen)littered desk4“The estoration Handbook %ill be provided, but you(ll have little need for it. ust direct your 5uestions 0 about the gel and everything else 0 to the $#. #t %ill handle the %hole shebang. +our role is minimal, a backup if the$# fails."The $#, speaking to him no%, had the name 67#S, the acronym for 6estiny 7rgani'ation(s estoration and #nvigoration System. 67#S( data and computational8analysis capability had been rated by 6estiny(s engineers as 99 percent reliable and error free.

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