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Mutazoids RPG13 Demo

Mutazoids RPG13 Demo

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Published by hawkwolf99
A free preview of the Authorized but unreleased Mutazoids RPG13. For more information see www.wix.com/hawkwolf/wolfys-rpg-cyberden/
A free preview of the Authorized but unreleased Mutazoids RPG13. For more information see www.wix.com/hawkwolf/wolfys-rpg-cyberden/

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Published by: hawkwolf99 on Oct 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Game Writer:
Gene Stanley Pritchard
Game Designer:
Gene Stanley Pritchard
Cover Illustrator:
Drew Johnson
Produced & Published By:
 The Guildhall Press121 Sexton Crescent Toronto, OntarioM2H 2L7CanadaE-Mail: mutazoids@guildhallpress.com Website: www.playbmovie.com
RPG-13 System Playtesters:
Matthew Brown, Angus Burnett, Geoffrey Canie, Max Cranley, Brent Caudill, MikeDemetro, Tim Denee, Dave Erlenbusch, Michelle Green, Joe Hildreth, Karl Jennings, Ian Little, Jason McGibney,Christopher McGlothlin, James McGuire, Gregory Naipaul, Janet Pall, Ky Patterson, Andrea Radasanu, Brian Rahn,Bradley Reckless, Charles Robinson, Elizabeth Rosell, John Sanchez, Michael Schloss, Michael Sinardi, Chris Smith,Ken St. Andre, Tony Stanfield, Chris Walkley, Julia Walkley, Andrew White and Myles White.
Very special thanks to Sheryl Demetro and Jean Morrison. I want to express my pride in“Crystal” Danqing Shi and “Leslie” Pei Zhao for the courage they have shown and the wonderful things they haveachieved in the time it took me to complete this work. I would also like to thank Devo for creating the spud music to which the final portion of this game devolved. Tremendous gratitude is also due George Harrison, John Lennon, CarlPerkins, Joey Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone, for being constant companions through many years via their music; they are sorely missed since their untimely deaths. Thanks also to Ken Whitman, Christopher Clark and the others whocreated the first and second editions of 
(with an entirely different system), as well as to Moses “Wolfy” Wildermuth and Stephen Lee who made it possible to bring the game back from the dead.
Deposited in the National Library of CanadaMutazoids is a trademark of Money Talks Enterprises and is used under license. Grace Fuller, Guy Everett, Metamen, Metazoids, the Scared Stiff logo, The Guildhall Press logo, the RPG-13 logo, and the RPG-13 Warning are trademarks of The Guildhall Press. Mutazoids: The B-Movie Mutant Apocalypse RPG is copyright © 2003 by Mike Demetro. All illustrations arecopyright © 2002 by Drew Johnson.ISBN 0-9688612-3-7 Printed in the USA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
 The majority of the background to thisgame was written before the September 11
 terrorist attacks. The publication of this game wastherefore not conceived as an insensitive,opportunistic and/or sensationalist means toexploit public outrage over current events. Theattacks were incredibly tragic and reprehensible. The specific details of the background were also written without knowledge of how eerily prescientparts of the game would later become.It was decided not to alter the text beyondminor revisions that became necessary in theinterests of good taste but to leave the game intactas a means for players to portray the brave police,militia, soldiers and counter-terrorist agents whoseheroism should so obviously be admired andbrought to the attention of everyone. We hope you will use this game to play outthe actions of courageous and morally outstanding individuals faced with a grim future in whichfreedom must be safeguarded against those that would seek to undermine it through overt actionsor mere lack of faith.
RPG-13 P
 The Guildhall Press publishes this gameand a series of genre expansions using the
RPG-13 B-Movie Game System.
We are a publishing company based in Toronto, Canada. Our website isat www.guildhallpress.com and containsinformation on all of our projects. Our www.playbmovie.com website contains a demo of this and other
RPG-13 B-Movie Game System 
 titles. The www.trythegame.com website willgradually include demos for all of our work. This game includes the
RPG-13 B-Movie Game System Core Rules
and the
 Mutazoids Demo B-Movie Mutant  Apocalypse Genre Rules
is the second of several b-moviebackgrounds using the
RPG-13 B-Movie Game System 
. The game is designed around the
RPG-13 Core Rules
(1/4 of this book) that are necessary to play no matter what genre is chosen.
 Mutazoids Demo 
and the other Genre Rules(such as the 3/4 of this book that covers themutant apocalypse genre) provide the specific rulesthat tailor the game to the background being used. The Core Rules paired with any of the Genre Rulesprovide for a very detailed duplication of the feel of each genre. The
RPG-13 B-Movie Game System 
 series also tries to cover many backgrounds withoutfalling into the trap of generic games. With moreuniversal games, it is necessary to do a lot of work oneself or to spend money on a supplement. Theadvantage is that only a few new rules have to belearned and not a whole new system. Each
RPG- 13 B-Movie Game System 
book uses the samerules with a few necessary changes and differentadvice, so although the games are separate, youdon’t have to learn a whole new set of rules eachtime. The rules do not feel the same each time evenif all the players already know how to play. The
RPG-13 B-Movie Game System 
 gives you a very broad genre with each set of genrerules, each paying special attention to several genres within the broad scope of the game. The
RPG-13 B-Movie Game System 
line covers dozens of topics in several books. That can make it a lotcheaper than buying one game for each slightly different background. This book has the
RPG-13 B-Movie Game System Core Rules
and the
 Mutazoids Demo B-Movie Mutant  Apocalypse Genre Rules
. The expansionbooks will have genre rules of their own that tieinto the
RPG-13 B-Movie Game System Core Rules
in this book and provide very good value without the blandly identical feel of universalsystem supplements.

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