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What Kind of Horse Are You

What Kind of Horse Are You

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Published by mike52add
The title says it all, read this short paper and decide if you were a horse, what kind of horse you would be. Comments are welcome.
The title says it all, read this short paper and decide if you were a horse, what kind of horse you would be. Comments are welcome.

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Published by: mike52add on Oct 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Michael Spoula
What Hind of Horse Are You - An Essay by Michael J. Spoula, Wordsmith
Inspired by the movie SecretariatWhat kind of horse are you? In the movie Secretariat the secret was to let the horse run his race. Thisstarted me to thinking about the different type of people that are in the world and how they cancompare to different type of horses. Where do you fit in?
We all like to think of ourselves as thoroughbreds, proud, high spirited, hard working, brilliant, admired,and inspirational in short at the top of the heap, a real winner. Shockingly, most of us cannotlegitimately claim this title and that is okay. We have to be what we are and nothing else. The humanthoroughbred will do his or her
own thing, when he wants to. He will be strong willed, intelligent, vocalabout his needs and he will not accept anything less than what he perceives as the best. Thoroughbredhumans can exist at both ends of the socioeconomic scale, from the super rich to the street person. It isnot a matter of money but attitude. On the plus side, the Thoroughbred will get what he needs, on thenegative side he will be hard to be f 
riends with and since he trusts no one’s opinion but his own he will
make mistakes. He may be lonely as people will find him and his needs hard to understand. On thepositive side he will have what he needs to make him happy, on the negative side, he may not recognizethis and find his life empty because of things he cannot reach. He will always be a finisher but he doesnot like to look at the tails of the other horses in the race and a thoroughbred human in second placewill be angry but will usually only blame himself for not running harder. This desire to be first will fuelhis ambition. To be a thoroughbred human means you never reach your goal, you have to keep moving,the carrot on the string is always just out of your reach and you figure that if you run harder you willeventually get to eat it. The life of a thoroughbred is not all oats and honey.
For the rest of this essay please insert “or her” where needed I just don’t want to keep typing it over and over
again. I mean no disrespect to the ladies in the audience
male of female we can all strive to be ourselves.Thanks!
What Hind of Horse Are You - An Essay by Michael J. Spoula, Wordsmith
Perhaps you are a trotter. There is something majestic in a trotting race; all of the horses running inapparent harmony while at the same time each of them are trying to gain an advantage and win therace. A human trotter will be disciplined to the extreme, taking one step at a time and keeping focusedon keeping in step. The trotter human will have some trouble with other people, especiallythoroughbreds, because they will want to take a disciplined approach to problem solving where otherswill want to plunge ahead and get the job done. The trotter will weigh the consequences of each actionand take his time in deciding. The trotter does not make too many mistakes, will not take too manyrisks, and while he will maintain a spotless record, there is a danger of the trotter slipping intomediocrity.
The Mustang
 The wild mustang is an American Icon, an animal running proud, free and wild, answerable to no one.This is another horse we would like to see ourselves as. Again, there are fewer mustang humans thanwe would think. The true mustang accepts no boundaries, no bridle or bit and when cornered is hardand dangerous to break. While we might think of ourselves as mustangs, the wildness required to beone for most of us has thankfully been bred out our kind long ago and is but a dim memory. The humanmustang has a disregard for the niceties of ordinary life, you accept him for what he is or you can goyour way. It is hard to get to know the mustang, he has no fear except of being saddled anddomesticated. He is hard to reason with, unless he agrees with your position. The mustang tends to beanti-social, will take any advantage that he can to best you and will be ruthless if necessary to gain hisdesires which are seen as the ultimate good. The mustang follows his law. In our jails, prisons,

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