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Published by chrisdverrill
A walkthrough for Pokemon Platinum.
A walkthrough for Pokemon Platinum.

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Published by: chrisdverrill on Oct 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Section Game Introduction~-------------------------------------------------------------------------------When you start up the game, you'll see a very well done intro. Watch it if youwish, then press A to start playing the game.Professor Rowan will greet you at the beginning. He will tell you aboutPokemon, tell you about himself, and then will start asking you questions.Enter in what gender you are, what you're name is, and all that stuff, andhe will ask you a bit about your friend. Enter in your rival's name (yeah, thedude is going to be your rival), and he will contine on with the melodrama.Names don't really affect the game besides the fact that people will call youthem. I will be reffering to the rival as Rival throughout the walkthrough, andthe main player as you for the most part. Don't worry; you'll know what I'mtalking about.Anyways, Professor Rowan will talk a bit more, then you will "leap into theworld of Pokemon".-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Section Twinleaf Town~-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Instead of the "Mystery of the Red Gyarados" in Diamond or Pearl, the TV screenshows a much less interesting screenshot of Professor Rowan's lab in SandgemTown. Read the text on the screen if you want, then continue by pressing A.You'll find yourself in your room (with a brand-new wardrobe). Once you havecontrol of yourself, start heading downstairs.____________________________________________________________________ :~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~IMPORTANT:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:Once you get the chance, I strongly recommend going to the Optionsthrough the Menu and tweaking them so that gameplay is easier. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}Once you take a step in any direction, however, Rival come rushing up thestairs. He tells you that he thinks that Prof. Rowan will give them somePokemon. He becomes distracted by your new PC, then after a while remembersabout Prof. Rowan. He tells you that he'll be outside, then leaves.Go ahead downstairs to find your mom. She'll tell you that Rival was rushing byand that he looked like he was in a hurry. When you try to leave, she'll alsotell you not to go into tall grass.The first thing you might notice is the snow on the ground. No wonder you'redressed so warmly! Anyways, walk over to Rival's house (in the north-westernpart of the town) and try to enter his house. He'll come rushing out, walk afew steps, then run back in. Follow him in and upstairs to find him in aredecorated room. Once you've gone upstairs, he'll notice you and tell you tocome out onto the road.Head out onto Route 201 to find Rival waiting. Rival starts to get going toProf. Rowan's lab. He starts to run, but you stop him. He then explains hisgenius plan of darting through grass to get to Sandgem. Rival gets ready torun, but Prof. Rowan runs over and stops him.After he scolds you a bit, he turns away and thinks (out loud). He then turnsback toward you and asks you if you "truely love Pokemon". Twice. After somedebate, he decides to give both of you Pokemon. Dawn runs up with the briefcaseto find that Prof. Rowan is giving both of you Pokemon. She says somethingabout the Pokemon being rare, and then you are faced with an option. HERE ISWHERE YOU SOFT-RESET, ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE HOPES OF GETTING GOOD IV'S OR ASHINY. SAVE BEFORE CLICKING ON THE BRIEFCASE.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Starters~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The big question:What starter do I choose? ________ \Turtwig\::::Turtwig::-lv. 16->::Grotle::-lv. 32->::Torttera:::::Grass/{Ground}Turtwig is the most solid choice out of the starters. It's Defense and Sp.Defense is extremely high, and it's Attack is solid as well. It's Speed is theonly thing that hinders it, though. It is very unlikely that you will outspeedany of the Pokemon you battle, although that can occasionally be used to youradvantage.It's final evolution, Torterra, is a Grass/Ground combo. It learns several goodmoves pretty early on, like Earthquake. Turtwig will actually learn Razor Leaf,a pretty powerful Grass-type move, at level 13.------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _________ \Chimchar\::Chimchar::-lv. 14->::Monferno::-lv. 36->::Infernape:Fire/{Fighting}Chimchar is the fastest out of all the starters. It has a very high Sp.Attack, Attack, and Speed. Therefore, it generally follows the "strike firstand ask questions later" philosophy. It's Defense, Sp. Defense, and HP are allfairly low, but not low enough to be a major flaw. You'll usually hit firstanyway, so it's really nothing to be panicking about.It evolves pretty early on, which means that the first gym should be verylittle challenge to you. Monferno, it's evolution, gains the Fighting type asit evolves. It will learn Focus Punch the minute it evolves, so you don't needto worry about teaching it a Fighting-type move either. Monferno also learnsFlame Wheel, a very effeciant and strong Fire-type move, at level 19. The lastmove Monferno will learn is Close Combat, then immediately afterwards it willevolve. It evolves into Infernape, which is basically your worst nightmare.Infernape gains a large stat boost when it evolves, and begins to learn moveslike Flare Blitz. The only thing wrong is the face that none of the monkeyslearn Flamethrower, one of my favorite Fire-type moves, but that can be fixedeasily with a TM.------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _______ \Piplup\::::Piplup::-lv. 16->::Prinplup::-lv. 36->::Empoleon::::::Water/{Steel}Piplup has a high Sp. Attack, and the other stats aren't bad either. However,none of the other stats are anything exepctional. It will start lacking inSpeed once it reaches it's final stage, but it also gains a Steel-type when itbecomes an Empoleon.Piplup takes the longest to evolve out of all the starters. However, when itfinally does evolve into Empoleon, it gains a Steel-type. That basically meansthat the only things that are super-effective are Ground, Electric, andFighting. Fire and Grass are normally effective, and everything else is notvery effective at all. Move-wise, however, the Piplup line could use someimprovement. Piplup learns Bubble at level 8, so that should be effeciant forthe first gym. It then learns Peck at level 15, and everything goes downhillfrom there. Prinplup learns Metal Claw when it evolves, and then Bubblebeam.Nothing else good comes until Empoleon learns Drill Peck at level 52 and HydroPump at level 55. You might want to teach it some TMs and HMs, like Surf orFlash Cannon. It can learn Hydro Cannon, but that's way after you even beat theElite Four.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::So it's really your choice. In my opinion, the starters all have their weakpoints and strong points. I will say that Fire-types are hard to come by in
this game, although they've kinda fixed that problem from Diamond and Pearl.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------After you've picked your starter, Rival will pick the one that's strong againstyou. Prof. Rowan will tell you that these Pokemon are very young, then headsback to his lab. Rival will talk a bit, then challenges you to a battle withmuch gusto. _______________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BOSS FIGHT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`````````````````````````````````RIVAL```````````````````````````````````````If you chose Turtwig: Chimchar ----- Level 5 ----- Fire ----- 69 EXP ----- Scratch --Leer If you chose Chimchar: Piplup ----- Level 5 ----- Water ----- 70 EXP ----- Pound --Growl If you chose Piplup: Turtwig ----- Level 5 ----- Grass ----- 67 EXP ----- Tackle --Withdrawl ____ $500-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-STRATEGY Rival might waste time using his non-attacking move. If he does, just keep onhitting him. If he doesn't then just keep on using your attacking move. Actually, use your attacking move no matter what he does. If you win, then you'll probably proceed to level 6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------After you defeat Rival (or lose to Rival), you'll be sent back to your house.You talk to your mom about it, and she tells you to go to Prof. Rowan and thankhim properly. She'll give you the Running Shoes to get you there. Thank God.Go ahead and exit the town. You'll see Rival at the front of the town.He'll stop you to tell you that he has an idea. Apparently there is a legendaryPokemon at the lake that you always play at, and Rival wants to catch it. Nowjust go west, and he'll follow right behind you. Once you get there, he'llperform some sort of cheer, and you'll walk in. The minute you walk in, you'llsee Cyrus talking about making time and space his and capturing the legendaryPokemon. You'll then hear the legend's call, but don't see anything. You thenremember that you forgot your Poke Balls, and rush back to his lab. You are nowfree to do anything you want. Go back to Route 201 to see if you can grow alevel or two.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Section Route 202~------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________________~Wild Pokemon~______________________________________ Name________Level____Type______Exp__EncounterRate:Morning____Day______NightBidoof-----2-3--Normal--16-24---------------40%----50%-----50%~Starly-----2-3-Nrm/fly--16-24---------------50%----50%-----40%~Kricketot--2-3---Bug----16-24---------------10%----00%-----10%~-----------------------------------------------------------------------------This is a pretty short route. There's not much to say, besides the fact thatyou can get a free Potion by talking to the dude in the north-western most partof the largest clump of grass. I know that wasn't a very good description, butyou'll know him when you see him. He's the guy with the apron (I think that'san apron).

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