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Satan: The Angel in the Sea

Satan: The Angel in the Sea

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Published by JohnoftheGentiles
An excerpt from Evildoer Added to Evildoer concerning Satan's group of Rebel Angels
An excerpt from Evildoer Added to Evildoer concerning Satan's group of Rebel Angels

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Published by: JohnoftheGentiles on Oct 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An Excerpt from
: Evildoer Added to Evildoer: The Story of Satan, Azazel and the Rebellious Angels by John of theGentiles
From Chapter 10. Cherubim: The Clouds of Heaven
 Recall in Revelations:And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient
, who is called the Devil and Satan,the deceiver of the whole world--
he (Satan) was thrown down to the earth, and his angelswere thrown down with him
Woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down toyou
Revelations 12:9,12
Satan currently dwells beneath the seas upon our Earth.
The word „
‟ found in Revelations 12:9
is a cognate
of the word „
A seraph is a
cherub. The great dragon…that ancient
serpent mentioned above refers to none other than theseraph/cherub of him who is called the Devil and Satan. Satan in his cherub Leviathan wasthrown down to our Earth where he hides today within the bodies of water of our Earth. AndSatan is not alone. His angels are with him in their cherubim as related above in Revelations12:9. In Revelations 12:17 and Revelations 13:1 we are told Satan rises from the sea wherein helays concealed at the beginning of the war on Christians and Jews during the great Tribulation.The Bible contains other references to Leviathan, Leviathan being in the following cases
a reference to Satan‟s cherub:
 Yonder is the sea, great and wide, which teems with things innumerable, living things both small
and great. There go the ships, and Leviathan (a reference to Satan‟s cherub) which thou (God)didst form (God‟s creation of the cherubim is related in Genesis 1:21) to sport in it (to allow a
cherub to
travel underwater, in the sea; this scripture refers to a cherub‟s aquatic capabilities).
Psalms 104: 25-26
The plural form used in the following scripture denoting “the heads of the dragons” refers
to the cherubim of the fallen angels mentioned in Revelations 12:9,12 above,
included. Satan‟s cherub and the cherubim of 
his fallen angels are here on Earth today in thewater bodies of our Earth and are destroyed by the asteroid when it strikes the earth:Yet God my king is of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth. Thou didst divide the sea(the Mediterranean Sea. We know this refers to the Mediterranean Sea by the description of thedestruction of the area the asteroid is said to strike) by thy might (with the asteroid); thou didstbreak the heads of the dragons (this refers to the cherubim of the fallen angels) on the waters(their cherubim are destroyed by the asteroid strike at the Second Coming which strikes theMediterranean Sea). Thou didst crush the heads of Leviathan (God will destroy the cherubim of 
the fallen angels), thou didst give him as food for the creatures of the wilderness (the reference totheir being food for the creatures is a reference to the Feast of the Beasts at the Second Coming).
Psalms 74:12-
14 (“As long as the root of evil is hidden,
it is strong. When it is recognized, it is undone, and if it is brought to
light, it dies.” The Gospel of Philip)
 Psalms 74:12-14 above refers to the destruction of the cherubim of the fallen angels,
Satan‟s included, which are at this time spread as
threshing sledges upon the mire at the bottomof the Mediterranean Sea (See Job 41:30 and Isaiah 27:1). See also Ezekiel 28:2 where it saysSatan sits in the heart of the seas, that is, at the bottom of the sea. Satan sits at the bottom of thesea in his cherub, Leviathan. Additionally, in The Teachings of Silvanus in the Nag Hammadi
Library we find the following: “The Wicked One (Satan)…is beneath the great mire.”
…you (God speaks to Satan who is in possession of the Pharaoh) are like a dragon (a cher 
ub) in
the seas (refers to Satan‟s cherub being in the Mediterranean Sea)…I (God) will haul you up(See Job 41:1)…I will cast you on the ground…and will cause all the birds of the air to settle on
you, and I will gorge the beasts of the whole earth with you (given as food for the creatures of the wilderness during the Feast of the Beasts when Satan and his cherub along with the rest of the fallen angels and their cherubim are destroyed at the Second Coming. See Psalms 74:14).
Ezekiel 32:2,3,4
 Ezekiel 26:16 is a veiled reference to the destruction of the cherubim of Satan and his
fallen angels, referring to them therein as the “princes of the sea,” which is a reference to Satan
and the fallen angels whose cherubim are hiding in the muck and mire at the bottom of theMediterranean Sea. The Greeks knew Satan as the god Kronos. Kronos was a Titan which is aGreek name for the fallen angels. It was said by the Greeks that Kronos (Satan) prepared a cavefor himself in the ocean.
(which is a cognate of the word
the sea beingnamed after the marid and Satan, the meridian devil himself) is the Arabic name for therebellious group of angels which included their leader Satan, the group which is said in Arabicfolklore to find sanctuary within the seas and oceans of the Earth. Indeed, in The Zohar 1:4b
Satan‟s cherub Leviathan is called the “Prince of the Ocean.” The definition of the word „ocean‟is „a large sea.‟ The following scripture is from
The Apocalypse of Baruch:And Behemoth (A
zazel‟s cherub) will be revealed from his place (from within the earth), and
(Satan’s cherub)
will ascend from the sea
, those two great monsters (cherubim)
which I created on the fifth day of creation…
The Apocalypse of Baruch XXIX.4
Satan a
nd his angels who reside in the sea are the “eternal sinners…in the depths of the
” mentioned in
The Testament of Kohath:
eternal sinners…in the depths of the sea
and in all the hollows of the earth…‟
TheTestament of Kohath (4Q542)
Interestingly enough nearly half of all modern-day U.F.O. reports include reports of unidentifiedobjects entering and exiting the water bodies of our Earth. Like the cherubim described in TheBible, modern day reports of U.F.O. sightings describe round/wheel-like/disc
shaped craftcapable of flight and which display submarine-like capabilities. The following list of articlesfound atwww.ufoevidence.comis exemplary:
Timothy Good, from "Unearthly Disclosure", Daily Mail (UK) November 11, 2000
 A new book offering evidence of USOs - Unidentified Submergible Objects - is written by oneof the world's most respected authorities on UFOs, Timothy Good, and his findings aresupported by one of Britain's most senior military men, retired Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton. Extracted from "Unearthly Disclosure" by Timothy Good.Amazing Soviet-Era UFO Sightings In & Over Water Bodies
Paul Stonehill
 The Russian Ufology Research Center has a collection of "hydrosphere aspect" sightings Thesecret files of the Soviet Navy contain much valuable information on UFO sightings. Sovietmilitary researchers quite thorough. The files have been largely inaccessible, even after the fallof the USSR. But I was able to collect some interesting information.Blue Book UFO Reports by Ships at Sea: Analysis of the Blue Book Ship Database (PDF)
 Antonio F. Rullán
 The objective of this study was to better understand the Project Blue Book UFO report databasefrom ships at sea. The study focused on UFO reports that were submitted by ships in the Atlanticand Pacific Oceans to the USAF Project Blue Book. Ships submitting reports to Blue Book included Navy, US Coast Guard and Commercial Vessels.Do Flying Triangles Have Underwater Bases Around Our Coast? 
Omar Fowler 
 The latest information received indicates that there is intense UFO activity along the East Coast,particularly near Lowestoft and strange things are still happening in the vicinity of RendleshamForest! Just what is going on?
Interview: UFO/USO Researcher Jennifer Jarvis of Lake Ontario „Orbwatch‟
Ole Jonny Brænne, UFO-Norway
 In the waters of Norway (and Sweden, too) there have been observations of unidentifiedsubmarine objects for a long time, going back before World War II. In what follows we will takea look at this peculiar phenomenon and report sightings of objects coming up from or goingdown into lakes and rivers.Project Blue Book Ship Database
Water UFO
 The database of Project Blue Book water-related UFO sightings.Russian Underwater Encounters: What Lurks Beneath The Surface
Paul Stonehill
 It is safe to conclude that the Soviets (before), and the Russians (now) are preoccupied with thestrange and sinister creatures lurking in their waters.Underwater UFO's

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