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As an Actual Samurai

As an Actual Samurai

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Published by: fbtp on Oct 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IMDb :: Boards :: The Last Samurai (2003)Board: The Last Samurai (2003)View: thread  flat  inline  nestAs an actual, real-life samuraiby - jmagnolia (Sat Aug 9 2003 18:56:57 ) Ignore thisUser  Report AbuseI am an actual, real-life samurai who follows the code of theBushido. Samurai affiliation is not limited to race, so Tom Cruisebeing one does not fall into the realm of impossibility. I am ananglo-American an am a samurai.J-MagRe: As an actual, real-life samuraiby - penneym (Sun Aug 10 2003 05:18:02 ) Ignore thisUser  Report AbuseThere is this one prof at the University of Kanazawa in Japan's. Heis a German who has lived in Japan for 20 years. His Japanese isgreat, he even reads period documents from over 1000 years agowithout much trouble. He did his PhD in Buddhist Studies in Japan.He is an advanced level student of Iaido, Kendo, Judo, Aikido, andKarate. Probably over 3rd dan in each. His Iaido is so flawless that he has won general competitions in Japan's Hokuriku region. Thesecompetitions included Japanese practitioners, some of whom had beentraining for far longer than this individual. He has written booksabout the philosophy of the martial arts in both Japanese andGerman. He has even done an in-depth study of the use of the do /tao term as it applies to the martial arts and their development.His collection of books and documents connected to the martial artsand samurai philosophy is one of the best that I have ever seen inprivate hands. One time someone suggested that this individual is a"real-life samurai." He just gave a polite smile and said "that'ssilly." True story.[Post deleted]This message has been deleted by an administratorRe: As an actual, real-life samuraiby - jmagnolia (Mon Aug 11 2003 19:19:39 ) Ignore thisUser  Report Abuse
"Samurai is a class your born into, but i think its fine to followthe code if you wish to do so."Thanks, but I am a Samurai because I follow the Way of the Samurai.Re: As an actual, real-life samuraiby - rkroger (Thu Aug 14 2003 14:22:05 ) Ignore thisUser  Report AbuseBeing a real life samurai does that mean when working at the officeand you get caught Xeroxing your butt cheeks that you'll have toimpale yourself on your own sword for the dishonor?Re: As an actual, real-life samuraiby - Capitaine_Beufcack (Fri Aug 15 2003 03:07:31 )Ignore this User  Report AbuseRecently I heard the saying: "Often, silence is the best answer". Iwill refrain from the wisdom in that statement by calling you anidiot.Re: As an actual, real-life samuraiby - jasonvoorhees666666 (Fri Aug 15 2003 06:02:27 )Ignore this User  Report AbuseAs an actual, real-life superhero, I can tell you that my powers are vast and great. My public name is one that you would not know, solet's just say my last name is Smith. I live at Stately Smith Manorand my secret identity is Comet Boy. I have a yellow cape and I canfly. I can turn invisible at will, and I have telekinetic powers.So I have no problem at all believing that jmagnolia is a truesamurai. Dude, we should get together and fight crime.Re: As an actual, real-life samuraiby - jmagnolia (Fri Aug 15 2003 17:43:16 ) Ignore thisUser  Report AbuseLook, idiot, I am not joking around. I am a samurai. That doesn'tmean I go around killing people, although I would kill if I had to.I take my code very seriously. Why don't you try living according to the code for just two weeks and see how you fair?Perhaps being engaged in an actual dual would wipe that smirk off
your face.Re: As an actual, real-life samuraiby - jasonvoorhees666666 (Fri Aug 15 2003 19:55:25 )Ignore this User  Report AbuseUPDATED Fri Aug 15 2003 20:19:01I would love to try living by your code to see how I "fare," but Iwould still be but an insect compared to you, o great and mightysamurai warrior who travels hither thither and yon, righting wrongsand defending the innocent.And like I said, I want to fight crime WITH you, not engage in a"duel." I want us to join forces and clean up this world. You can be like Batman, because you're so smart, even though you misspelled TWO four-letter words. Heck, I'm sure memorizing your code and applyingit to every aspect of your 2003 modern American life takes a lot ofeffort, right? So what if some people (not that I am naming names)have already come to the conclusion that you're a teenager living in a fantasy world, knowing that you'll never actually have to back upyour online boasts of "duels" and encyclopedic knowledge of thesamurai code? That shouldn't matter to someone like YOU, who letsnot the slings and arrows of the world dampen his warrior spirit. Alesser man would angrily stomp his feet and whine, "I AM a samurai!I AM, I AM, I AM!" But not you. You are truly a shining example ofhow a samurai should be, calmly pointing out to the unwashed masseshow you are, quite simply, their superior.So give me a call, kouki no sensei, and we'll stride forth into theworld and make it a better place.Re: As an actual, real-life samuraiby - jmagnolia (Fri Aug 15 2003 22:32:21 ) Ignore thisUser  Report AbuseI do not pretend to be superior. I am merely a Samurai who followshis master, and follows the code. I do not wish to cause trouble,but I will not back down to a smite against my honor.I do not request your tolerance, for it is not yours to give. Fromthe source all things come, and all things return. The sooner youunderstand this, the sooner you will be able to understand all thatI am.I am not a complex man. I am merely a follower of the Code.Good day to you sir.[Post deleted]

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