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Andrew Mayne - X-Ray Specs

Andrew Mayne - X-Ray Specs

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Published by mzsilvera

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Published by: mzsilvera on Oct 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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andrew mayne
The magician asks anaudience member to loan him areasonably new $1 bill. Themagician has the audience member wrap the bill in a piece of foil thenplace it into an envelope. Theenvelope is signed and then given toa second spectator. This spectator is asked to stand up and hold theenvelope high above their head.The magician puts on his patentedX-RAY spectacles and proceeds tostare at the envelope. He writessomething down on a pad of paper.Next he reveals to the audience thathe was able to see into theenvelope, past the foil and read thenumbers on the bill. He is able tooffer with 79% certainty that it isindeed a $1 bill. As an afterthoughthe reveals the serial number on thebill (revealed in a funny way).
Using a version of thedouble-lift with envelopes, thespectator’s original bill is switchedout for a second bill that themagician knows the serial number for.
To perform this effectyou’ll need the following items inaddition to the bill you borrow froman audience member:
A relatively new and clean $1bill
6 coin envelopes
Magic marker 
2 large pieces of cardboard towrite on
2 pieces of foil
One pair of X-Ray specs (or reasonable facsimile)
1. Using the magic marker, writethe serial number of the bill onone of the large pieces of cardboard – writing the digitsin reverse order. If the serialnumber is 5695495, you’dwrite 5945965 (you’ll see whyin a moment).2. Cut two pieces of foil intorectangles 5 ½ inches by 3inches and fold them in half into folders.3. Fold the bill in half with theback on the outside and placeit into a foil folder.
4. Seal the bill and folder into anenvelope.5. Place the envelope secondfrom the top of your envelopestack (with the top being theflap side).6. Place the remaining foilsleeve on top of the stack andwrap a rubber band aroundthe packet.7. Place these in your pocketwith the Magic Marker.8. Place the blank piece of cardboard on top of the piecewith the reversed serialnumber.9. Put your X-Ray specs intoyour pocket and find anaudience.
Begin by askingsomeone on the left side of theaudience if they would lend you a $1bill that isn’t too worn. Ask them topull it out of their wallet or purse andto fold it in half so that George is onthe inside. Tell them not to stare toomuch at their hands so you won’tpick up any psychic vibes. Handthem the piece of foil and ask themto slide the bill into the folder. Whilethey do this, bring out the stack of envelopes.As them to hold the folder to the lightto see if they can see through it.While they do this, with the stack of envelopes face up in your left hand,get a pinky break under the secondenvelope (the one with your bill).
Open the flap to the top envelopeand ask the spectator to slide thefolder into the envelope.Look at the flap for a moment thenbring the stack of envelopes slowlyup to your mouth and lick the gum onthe flap. Press the flap shut withyour right hand.Reach into your pocket and pull outthe marker. Hand it to the spectator.Bring your right hand back to thestack of envelopes and flip over thetop two envelopes (a double-lift).Ask the spectator to write their initials on the back of the envelope(actually your prepared envelope).
Have them recap the marker andhand it back to you. Place themarker in your pocket then take thesigned envelope off the top of thepacket – dropping your left hand toyour side. Hold the envelope highabove your head. Ask the spectator to sit down. Walk over to the rightside of the audience. Place thepacket of envelopes in your pocket.Still holding the envelope high aboveyour head, ask another member of the audience to stand up. Havethem take the envelope and hold itbetween their hands. Return to thestage (or center of living room,middle of prison yard, etc.)Somewhat sarcastically explain thatseeing the bill would be real easy if you were going to use ESP, buteverybody knows how to do that.That’s the reason why you handedthe bill to someone you’re sure never had a chance to look at it (this is anintentionally nonsensicalexplanation). Pull out your X-Rayspecs and put them on. Explain thatyou’re going to use them to seeinside of the envelope.With the glasses on it’s the perfecttime to leer at your audience andmake suggestive remarks aboutbeing able to see through clothing –but you won’t because you’re better than that.Pick up the two pieces of cardboard.Casually show the front piece as youpick them up. Uncap the marker andprepare to write on the cardboard.Stare in the direction of the spectator holding the envelope. Write “$1” onthe cardboard.Tell the audience that you’ve lookedinto the envelope and can tell themwith 79% accuracy that bill is a onedollar bill. Turn the cardboardaround and show them that’s whatyou wrote. Look a little bit stunned,when they don’t react withthunderous applause. Turn thecardboard back towards you. Actinga little upset, cast aside the toppiece.Return your gaze back towards theenvelope. Lift the glasses and squinta little. Pretend you’re really trying tosee the bill in the envelope. Pretendto write some numbers on thecardboard (this is the piece withnumbers already written on it).Finish faking writing and put the capback on the pen. Tell the audiencethat you’re 22% sure you were ableto look inside the envelope. Ask theperson holding the envelope to tear it

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