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Abdal and Sufi Lies

Abdal and Sufi Lies

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Published by zaki77
The truth about the Sufi-idea of Abdal and other nonsense they have invented within their religion.
The truth about the Sufi-idea of Abdal and other nonsense they have invented within their religion.

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Published by: zaki77 on Oct 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Famous Ahadith on the AbdalThe Hadith of ‘Ubadah ibn Samit
from the Prophet (saw):"There will always be
people in this Ummah like Ibrahim,each time one of them dies Allah substitutes another in hisplace." (« Musnad Ahmad » v 5 p 322)Imam Ahmad, who narrated this Hadith, said after mentioning it :«
» (rejected)
Another Hadith of ‘Ubadah with words
:« The Abdal of my community are
, by them the earth isestablished, by them you receive rain and by them you are saved »(« At-Tabarani »)Al-Haythami said : « From the way of ‘Umar and by Al-Bazar from the wayof ‘Anbasah Al-Khawwas, and I do not know these two » (« Majma’ uz-Zawa’id » v 10 p 63). So this Hadith is weak as these two narrators areunknown.
The Hadith of ‘Awf ibn Malik:
« The Abdal are among the people of Sham (Syria and surroundingareas): By them they are saved and by them they receive theirsustenance »Al-Haythami said: « Narrated by At-Tabarani. The chain of narratorscontains ‘Amr ibn Waqid, and the majority of Imams weakned him…As forthe narrator Shahr, there is difference about him » (« Majma’ uz-Zawa’id » v10 p 63)Hafiz ibn Hajar said concerning ‘Amr ibn Waqid: « Matruk » (abandoned)(« Taqrib » 5132)
The Hadith of ibn Mas’ud:
« There will always be
people in this community whosehearts are upon the heart of Ibrahim. Allah will remove harm frompeople by them, they are called the Abdal… »
Al-Haythami said : « Narrated by At-Tabarani from the narration of Thabitibn ‘Abbas Al-Ahdab, from Raja Al-Kalbi, and I do not know them »(« Majma’ uz-Zawa’id » v 10 p 63)The Hadith of Umm Salamah:« Difference will occur after the death of a caliph and a man fromthe people of Madinah will flee to Makkah. Some people fromMakkah will come towards him, take him against his will andgive him Bay’ah between the corner (of the Ka’bah) and theMaqam of Ibrahim. A Military expedition will be send againsthim, but it will be swallowed by the earth in the desert betweenMakkah and Madinah, and when people will see this, the Abdalof Syria and the best people of ‘Iraq will come towards him andgive him Bay’ah. » (« Musnad Ahmad » v 6 p 316, « Sunnan AbuDawud » Kitab Al-Mahdi n°4286)The chain of narrators contains Salih Abu Khalil from one of hiscompanions, from Umm Salamah. So the companion of Salih Abu Khalil isunknown.Abu Dawud et Al-Hakim mentioned a similar narration from Abu Khalilfrom Abdullah ibnul Harith from Umm Salamah, so the unknown narratorin the first narration might be this Abdullah ibnul Harith, but all thesechains of narrators contain Abul ‘Awam, and his name is ‘Imran ibn DawarAl-Qattan. Az-Zahabi said: « Many people weakened him and he was aKhariji » (« Talkhis » v 4 p 431)Also Az-Zahabi included him in his book of weak narrators « Al-Mughni fiAd-Du’afa » n° 4596.
The contradiction in the texts (Matn) of the Ahadith of Abdal
Shaykh Muhammad Al-Lowh mentioned in his book « Taqdis Al-Ashkhas »that the Sufis who believe in the Abdal are in majority Ash’aris and peopleof Kalam, and these people do not accept Ahad narrations in matters of thecreed. How can they then believe in the Abdal without one authentic Isnad?Also the Shaykh objected to the Matn of the Ahadith as there is a clearIdhtirab (contradictions that cannot be removed)Indeed, some Ahadith mention 30, other 40, and some other numbers, andSufis could not explain this clear contradiction. Some Sufis tried to say thatthe number of Abdal is 40 and 30 are upon the heart of Ibrahim, but this
reconciliation is false as one can see that Hadith of Ibn Mas’ud says 40 menlike Ibrahim and Hadith of ‘Ubadah says 30 men like Ibrahim. Also anotherHadith of Ubadah says the Abdal are 30, meaning their total number is 30.This Idhtirab about the Ahadith of Abdal has been mentioned by Hafiz as-Sakhawi who said, "It has a number of different routes from Anas (RA) fromthe Prophet (SAW),
, all of whichare da'eef." ['Maqaasid al-Hasanah' (pp 26-28 no.8)]So one whose heart is free of Ta’asub can clearly see contradictions in theseAhadith, as for people who follow their desire, then 30 and 40 is the same.When one is under influence of opium of Sufism, then everything ispossible.Note: the information about narrators have been taken from the article ofAbu Rumaysah that is also on this web page and from « Taqdis ulAshkhas » of Shaykh Muhammad Al-Lowh, also the quote of As-Sakhawi istaken from Abu Rumaysah.
Explanation of the words « By them » in these Ahadith
Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyah wrote in his Fatwa on the Abdal, publishedin his « Jami ul Masail » v 2 p 67, (Tahqiq Shaykh Uzayr Shams):« There is no doubt that some saints are a causis for sustenanceand help as said by the Prophet (saw) to Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas :« O Sa’d, don’t you receive help and sustenance except by yourweak one, BY THEIR INVOCATIONS, their prayers, theirsincerity (Ikhlas) » Sahih Al-Bukhari » and « Sunnan An-Nassai »)And this is true and proved by the Book and the Sunnah. There isno mean to reach the satisfaction of Allah and His favour exceptby Iman (faith) in the Prophets and by obeying them. »So one can see in the Hadith mentioned by Shaykhul Islam that Muslims arehelped by the invocations of their weak ones, and the meaning of receivinghelp and sustenance
by them
as been explained by the Prophet (saw) tomean «
by their invocations
».So likewise, if we were to suppose the Ahadith of Abdal to be authentic,then the words in them «
you receive sustenance and help »would mean «
, prayers and sincerity »

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