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Biochemistry MCQs

Biochemistry MCQs

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Published by northnazimabad

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Published by: northnazimabad on Oct 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BiochemistryQ 24. Basic amino acids are:A. Aspartate and glutamateB. Serine and glycineC. Lysine and arginineD. None of the aboveAns. CQ 25. Amino acid with dissociation constant closest to physiological pH is:A. SerineB. HistidineC. ThreonineD. ProlineAns. BQ 26. Sources of the nitrogen in urea cycle are:A. Aspartate and ammoniaB. glutamate and ammoniaC. Arginine and ammoniaD. Uric acidAns. AQ 27. If urine sample darkens on standing: the most likely condition is:A. PhenylketonuriaB. AlkaptonuriaC. Maple syrup diseaseD. TyrosinemiaAns. BQ 28. A baby presents with refusal to feed, SKIN lesions, seizures, ketosis organic acidsin urine with normal ammonia; likely diagnosis is:A. Propionic aciduriaB. Multiple carboxylase deficiencyC. Maple syrup urine diseaseD. Urea cycle enzyme deficiencyAns. BQ 29. Force not acting in an enzyme substrate complex:A. ElectrostaticB. CovalentC. Van der WallD. HydrogenAns. CQ 30. Cellular oxidation is inhibited by:A. CyanideB. Carbon dioxideC. ChocolateD. Carbonated beveragesAns. AQ 31. Triple bonds are found between which base pairs:A. A-T
B. C-GC. A-GD. C-TAns. BQ 32. Which of the following RNA has abnormal purine bases:A. tRNAB. mRNAC. rRNAD. 16SRNAAns. AQ 33. False regarding gout is:A. Due to increased metabolism of pyrimidinesB. Due to increased metabolism of purinesC. Uric acid levels may not be elevatedD. Has a predilection for the great toeAns. AQ 34. All of the following statements are true regarding lipoproteins except:A. VLDL transports endogenous lipidsB. LDL transports lipids to the tissues.C. Increased blood cholesterol is associated with increased LDL receptorsD. Increased HDL is associated with decreased risk of coronary diseaseAns. CQ 35. A destitute woman is admitted to the hospital with altered sensorium anddehydration; urine analysis shows mild proteinuria and no sugar; what other test would be desirable:A. FouchetB. RotheraC. HaysD. Benedict’sAns. BQ 36. Which of these fatty acids is found exclusively in breast milk:A. LinolaeteB. LinolenicC. PalmiticD. d-hexanoicAns. AQ 37. Blood is not a newtonian fluid because:A. Viscosity does not changing with velocityB. Viscosity changes with velocityC. Density does not change with velocityD. Density changes with velocityAns. BMicrobiologyQ 38. Regarding NK cells, false statement is:A. It is activated by IL-2
B. Expresses CD 3 receptor C. It is a variant of large lymphocyteBiochemistryQ 24. “All enzymes are not proteins.” This statement is justified by:A. All enzymes do not follow the Michaelis Menten hypothesisB. RNAs act as ribozymesC. Antibodies take part in the catalysis of many reactionsD. Metals are involved in attachment to enzymes and catalystsAns. BQ 25. Enzymes mediating transfer of one molecule to another are:A. TransferasesB. OxidasesC. LysasesD. PeptidasesAns. AQ 26. In which of the following reactions is magnesium required:A. Na+K+ ATPaseB. DismutaseC. PhosphataseD. AldolaseAns. AQ 27. In oxidative phosphorylation, the ATP production and respiratory chain are linked by:A. Chemical methodsB. Physical methodsC. Chemiosmotic methodsD. Conformational changesQ Ans. CQ 28. Thiamine level is best monitored by:A. Transketolase level in RBCB. Thiamine level in bloodC. G-6-PD activityD. ReticulocytosisAns. AQ 29. Vitamin B12 and folic acid supplementation in megaloblastic anemia leads to theimprovement of anemia due to:A. Increased DNA synthesis in bone marrowB. Increased hemoglobin productionC. Erythroid hyperplasiaD. Increased iron absorptionAns. A

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