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9 Reasons Why Abortions Should Be Illegal

9 Reasons Why Abortions Should Be Illegal



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Published by shanko345
A well-written article
A well-written article

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: shanko345 on Jul 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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9 Reasons Why Abortions Should Be Illegalhttp://www.mrdata.net/books/9reasons.htm1 of 86/29/2008 4:40 PM
 Nine ReasonsWhy AbortionsShould Be Illegal 
EE: [
Discuss abortion in theMrData.Net Abortion Discussion Forum.
Introduction:Planned Parenthoodhas written9 Reasons Why Abortions are Legal. In response, I have written
9 Reasons Why Abortions should be Illegal
.Actually, I have been laughing to myself at Planned Parenthood's list, because it is so easy to defeat. It's not PlannedParenthood's fault--there are no good reasons to support abortion, other than serious health issues of the mother orbaby. Also, I believe that Planned Parenthood serves many valuable functions. I agree with many things they do. Istrongly disagree in their support of abortion. I only chose to debate
particular opinions because a) They are alarge, national, pro-abortion organization. b) They have made a list, and my debate tactic suits such a list. I inviteyou to read the following debate with an open mind and consider the validity of the two opposing opinions. If youcan find any error in my facts or reasoning, I hope you willlet me know.I am an unmarried, conservative male. I have always been supportive of the life of the unborn. However, in the pastmy opinion was, "Well, the country is evenly divided on this issue. Although I am personally against abortion, thereare others who don't agree with me. I won't force the issue unless there is a consensus against abortion. I will thussupport the democratic process." However, I have gradually realized that the abortions (murders of the unborn) arecontinuing at the rate of 
in the USA (
worldwide). Meanwhile, some people are actually campaigning to
access to abortions. I have finally realized that, "Abortion is terrible, and must be stopped. Part of the democraticprocess is the free discussion of ideas. Others are expressing their opinions, and some of them are against mine. Ishould express my opinions, too. I will thus support the democratic process."The format of this response is as follows: I have included every word of Planned Parenthood's original opinion.Planned Parenthood makes it's statement, then I refute it one paragraph at a time. In order to guarantee that myresponse is well separated from Planned Parenthood's original statement, I will color all of my responses blue. Also,all of Planned Parenthood's statements begin with a bullet. (Note: The following discussion is focused on the UnitedStates of America. Abortion should be fought in every country, but the circumstances of each country are different,and some of the below points may not apply to every country on Earth.)Abortion is never an easy decision, but women have been making that choice for thousands of years, for manygood reasons. Whenever a society has sought to outlaw abortions, it has only driven them into back alleyswhere they became dangerous, expensive, and humiliating. Amazingly, this was the case in the United Statesuntil 1973, when abortion was legalized nationwide. Thousands of American women died.Abortion is a hard decision for many good reasons. Whenever a society has condoned abortions, they aregreater in number than when abortions are proscribed. Abortion kills babies which could otherwise live a longlife. Killing these babies is definitely dangerous to them, and much worse than humiliating. Amazingly,because of legalization of abortion in 1973, about 1.5 Million babies (One Million Five Hundred Thousand, or1,500,000) of American babies are being murdered in
abortions every year. (Sources:
The World 
9 Reasons Why Abortions Should Be Illegalhttp://www.mrdata.net/books/9reasons.htm2 of 86/29/2008 4:40 PM
 Almanac and Book of Facts
and the
 Information Please Almanac
.)Thousands more were maimed. For this reason and others, women and men fought for and achieved women'slegal right to make their own decisions about abortion.By your own admission, for every 1 (one) woman that died or was maimed when abortions were illegal,
of babies are being murdered. For this reason and others, women and men are fighting for the right of babies tolive.However, there are people in our society who still won't accept this. Some argue that even victims of rape orincest should be forced to bear the child. And now, having failed to convince the public or the lawmakers,certain of these people have become violent extremists, engaging in a campaign of intimidation and terroraimed at women seeking abortions and health professionals who work at family planning clinics.Surveys of women aborting their babies indicate that 1% of them are doing so because of rape or incest.(Source: Forrest, J.D. & Torres, A. "Why Do Women Have Abortions?" Family Planning Perspectives).Pro-life supporters have convinced the public and lawmakers that abortion, in general, is horrible. Congresshas repeatedly passed anti-abortion bills, only to have them vetoed by a pro-abortion, Liberal President.Recently there is increasing possibility that Congress will get the 2/3 (two thirds) vote necessary to overridethe Presidential veto. The main cause of Federal legalization of abortion was the Supreme Court of 1973, notthe public or the lawmakers. Failing to sufficiently convince the public or lawmakers, pro-abortion (alsoknown as pro-choice) supporters have instituted an insidious campaign of misinformation, emotionalism, andPolitical Correctness aimed to make abortion seem acceptable. (By the way, although I do not supportcampaigns of intimidation and terror, I am forced to wonder how this compares to the pain of babies literallybeing torn apart without even anesthesia.)Some say these acts will stop abortions, but that is ridiculous. When the smoke clears, the same urgent reasonswill exist for safe, legal abortions as have always existed. No nation committed to individual liberty couldseriously consider returning to the days of back-alley abortions; to the revolting specter of a governmentforcing women to bear children against their will. Still, amid such attacks, it is worthwhile to repeat a few of the reasons why our society trusts each woman to make the abortion decision herself.The act which will stop abortion is the act of making the decision to be more careful regarding sexual activityand to be responsible for the consequences of sexual activity, including the consequence of an unwantedpregnancy. The same urgent reasons have always existed for being careful regarding sex. (These are reasonssuch as disease, emotional entanglements, and, of course, pregnancy.) No nation committed to individualliberty could seriously consider the wholesale murder of helpless babies with little concern for the concern forthe well being of the babies. Women aren't forced to bear children, they choose to bear children by the act of having sexual intercourse. (Note that surveys indicate that rape or incest account for only 1% of legalabortions.) Saying that the government forces women to bear children against their will is like saying that thegovernment forces people to become fat after they decide to eat too much and not exercise enough. Bearingchildren is the natural result of sexual intercourse under favorable conditions, it is not forced upon women bythe United States government. I am forced to wonder: If a woman has a history of bad decisions which causeher an unwanted pregnancy, why should our society trust her to take the welfare of the child into account andtrust her "to make the abortion decision herself"? Still, though it is clear that women have made choices thatput them in the position of being pregnant, it is worthwhile to repeat a few reasons why abortion is anabhorrent murder of a baby.
1. Laws against abortion kill women.
 To prohibit abortions does not stop them. When women feel it is absolutely necessary, they will choose tohave abortions, even in secret, without medical care, in dangerous circumstances. In the two decades beforeabortion was legal in the U.S., it's been estimated that nearly a million women per year sought out illegalabortions. Thousands died. Tens of thousands were mutilated. All were forced to behave as if they werecriminals.
9 Reasons Why Abortions Should Be Illegalhttp://www.mrdata.net/books/9reasons.htm3 of 86/29/2008 4:40 PM
1. Laws supporting abortion kill babies.
 To prohibit abortions vastly decreases them. Abortion are "absolutely necessary" in only two cases: themother's health or the baby's health. Abortions based on the mother's health account for 3% of abortions.Abortions based on the baby's health account for 3% of abortions. Total: 6%. (Source: Forrest, J.D. & Torres,A. "Why Do Women Have Abortions?" Family Planning Perspectives) Women don't feel that abortion is"absolutely necessary." Women feel selfishly inconvenienced by pregnancy. To repeat, because abortion wasmade legal in the U.S., about 1.5 Million (1,500,000) babies are murdered every year in the U.S. by abortion.Every baby of the aborted 1.5 Million dies. Cold blooded murder is criminal, and should be treated as murder.(Killing a baby is sometimes, though rarely, medically necessary. This is not murder, and should be legal, justas killing someone in self defense is legal.)
2. Legal abortions protect women's health.
 Legal abortion not only protects women's lives, it also protects their health. For tens of thousands of womenwith heart disease, kidney disease, severe hypertension, sickle-cell anemia and severe diabetes, and otherillnesses that can be life-threatening, the availability of legal abortion has helped avert serious medicalcomplications that could have resulted from childbirth. Before legal abortion, such women's choices werelimited to dangerous illegal abortion or dangerous childbirth.
2. Legal abortions protect women's health.
 Protecting women's lives preventing serious medical complications are valuable, and should be legal. Yourown figures indicate that tens of thousands of women have health reasons for aborting babies. Your ownfigures indicate that millions of women abort their babies. This indicates a very rough estimate of 1% of abortions that are done because of the mother's health.
3. A woman is more than a fetus.
 There's an argument these days that a fetus is a "person" that is "indistinguishable from the rest of us" and thatit deserves rights equal to women's. On this question there is a tremendous spectrum of religious,philosophical, scientific, and medical opinion. It's been argued for centuries. Fortunately, our society hasrecognized that each woman must be able to make this decision, based on her own conscience. To impose alaw defining a fetus as a "person," granting it rights equal to or superior to a woman's - a thinking, feeling,conscious human being -- is arrogant and absurd. It only serves to diminish women.
3. A fetus is more than a piece of tissue.
 Yes, there has been argument over this issue for centuries.Regarding Science and Medicine: Currently, all valid science and medicine is 100% clear that a fetus isa person. Practically, 100% of a person's genetic makeup is determined at the moment of conception.Science and medicine define being a person (human) by genetic means. According to science andmedicine, a fetus is a distinct organism.a.Regarding Religion: Religion, on the other hand, is not as clearly defined as medicine and science,because religion introduces the soul into the situation. However, no religious leader would say that afetus does not have a soul
because of thi
s a fetus may be capriciously aborted. Religiousopinion is slowly beginning to accept science and medicine. Any religious leader with a strong practicalgrounding in scientific knowledge will have to admit that every embryo has a soul. However, regardlessof when a person gains a soul, religious opinion does not show any support at all for abortion. In fact,religion is one of the strongest opponents of abortion.b.Regarding Philosophy: Philosophical opinion does show some variety regarding when a baby becomes aperson. This is due solely to the fact that most philosophy is of ancient origin. Regardless of whether aphilosopher believes ancient philosophies (which were developed before the discovery of cells, heredity,and DNA), the philosopher would not support capricious abortions.c.Conclusion: Neither science, nor medicine, nor religion, nor philosophy supports capricious abortions.In fact, there is a narrow band of belief in science, medicine, religion, and philosophy that life isvaluable, should be supported, and should not be killed when the killing is reasonably avoided. In fact,those who believe strongly in science, in medicine, in religion, or in philosophy are some of thed.

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