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May Newsletter 2010

May Newsletter 2010

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Published by jdklein76
Monthly newsletter from Ed Klein Evangelistic Assoc.
Monthly newsletter from Ed Klein Evangelistic Assoc.

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Published by: jdklein76 on Oct 18, 2010
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Yes, you are the family ofGod and therefore you arealso our family. Somewould say we are not evenrelated to one another thatmust mean one of us is notin God’s family and I knowit’s not me. Someone saidto me just today, you talklike this person is family,where upon I said youmean they are not? Iwonder how many of usunderstand how big thefamily really is. If we arereally family and we reallywere walking like God’sfamily do you think maybethe whole earth wouldchange? Again someoneelse said you’re really adreamer, yes I guess I am.But in truth it’s not mydream it’s God’s reality.One day we’ll all betogether in the presence ofour Father God to knowHim as He really is, and mywhat a wonder that will be,when at last the family ofGod will be ever presentwith the triune God, as ourhearts long to see so manyawesome sides of God andHis never ending truth of allthat life was intended to be.What great joy will be ours,to be eternally with He whobrought all of my creationinto being. I look aroundwherever I may be and I’mamazed at what I see, andthe people that I meet. Nomatter what part of thecountry I am in I’m amazedat what God has done inpeople’s lives when they letHim. How He helps them towork things out, even if it’snot His best, the wonder ofour Creator is alwaysthere.I know you are allwondering where I’m head-ing to, and you know what Idon’t really know, but youare all our family no matterwhere we go there’s a bigsmile, a wonderful greet-ing, a place to stay, yes,food to eat, great friendshipto enjoy, love that comesfrom He who is all love.Pray tell me what morecould we ask for? I havethe privilege to pray for youmy brothers and sistersevery day, and many daysI even get to pray with you,I have to be honest withyou, life sure would be a lotdifferent without that. I’mexcited about each personas you share the manythings God is doing, allover the country as well asCanada. Praise God areyou excited about who God
 To the Family,Equipping the Saints
As I woke up onemorning I found myselfpraying for the Body ofChrist. After awhile Iquieted down and began torealize that the Lord wastrying to get my attentionthrough my own life’sexperiences. I went backinto my mind and intovarious places in my mindof the past.Some areas of my lifeseemed to stand out, and Irealized it had to do withequipping people for theroad that lie ahead. Manyyears ago I was drafted intothe U.S. Army but becauseI, at that time, already hadfour brothers that had giventheir fair time to the Army Idecided it was time for achange. So, I enlisted intothe U.S. Marines. I don’tmind telling you I knewnothing about the Marines atall. Had I known I may nothave been so quick tochange branches of theservice. To say the leastthere was some veryextensive and intensetraining about to take placein my life and whether Iliked it or not I wasexpected to learn mylesson. Well not only didmy life depend on it butalso the lives of manyothers. I want to talk to youand offer to share mytraining experiences in theKingdom of God. Ourbrother Paul says in the
May/June 2010 Volume
EKEA Today 
 A newsletter from your friends at Ed Klein Evangelistic Association
Inside this issue:
 To the Family 1,2,4Equipping the Saints 1-4 Testimony and Inspiration 3Pray for one another 4Quotable Quotes 4
 Matt 6:28-30: 
“So why do
 you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field,how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; 
and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
Now if God soclothes the grass of the field,which today is, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you,O you of little faith? 
is as well as one another?Remember you are thebody of Christ on the earthtoday, we need to act likeit, walk like it, talk like it,and in fact be like He isaccording to the word ofGod.
I John 4:17
“In this [union and communion with Him] love is brought to completion and attains perfection with us, that we may have confidence for the day of judgment [with assurance and boldness to face Him], because as He is, so are we in this world.” 
Ephesians 2:6
“And He raised us up together with Him and made us sit down together [giving us joint seating with Him] in the heavenly sphere [by virtue of our being] in Christ Jesus (the Messiah, the Anointed One).” 
I John 2:6
“Whoever says he abides in Him ought [as a personal debt] to walk and conduct himself in the same way in which He walked and conducted Himself.” 
 More and more I’m hear-ing that’s what’s happeningall over the country, peopletaking time for other people,giving for others needs nomatter what the need orwhere it is. I John 4:17 as Inow understand more fully, Irealize that what the HolySpirit is saying here is thetruth as God sees it but wein the Body of Christ, ofwhich he is the head,haven’t taken up the mantrathat the Lord has given us.We are still acting likeworms instead of butterflies,beautiful Monarch butter-flies. How sad it is to see somany in the Body of Christ,His external family, not haveany idea of who He really isin our everyday life and whowe are as true sons anddaughters of God ourFather. Yes, things arechanging but I must ask thequestion – where have webeen for the past 20 years?God help us.I would give you manymore scriptures but what isneeded is to walk in thetruth of what He hasalready done. You and Iare the chosen of ourFather God and oh how weneed to live like it in everyway, it’s already been donefor us, we only need toaccept it.I have to admit I don’tunderstand what has keptthe body of Christ fromreally understanding whothey are in Christ Jesus. Inreality we are to take theplace of Christ on the earthtoday, I ask the question ofall of us, how well are wedoing? Maybe we, notice Isaid we, need to step up tothe plate and let Him haveHis way for a while notlooking to the left or to theright, but straight on intothe face of the Master. Iclose with this:
The Lord bless you and watch, guard, and keep you. The Lord make His 
 To the Family,
that is not the case at all.I have spent over 35years working out in thefield, out in the battle fieldsyou might say, learningwhat only you can learnedon the highway and by wayof life. Paul again makessome statements that Icould make equally as well,alone, stuck out in themiddle of nowhere, hungry,doing without in all areaslearning to live with little aswell as in abundance.Thanks to the Saints inDavis I was able to pay forgas to make it home and$10 dollars to buy food forthe family, thanks to Mrs.Johnson the clown forbuying the bags ofgroceries so we ate for afew days, thanks to thebuilding contractor whowas awakened by the Lordat 2am and told to bring themoney to our house or thepower would have been cutoff. Yes, we learned thewalk of faith by living it andyes we are still learning
Equipping the Saints,
scriptures He would thatwe not be ignorant aboutthe Kingdom and also the“what is” of the devil.I know from experienceand watching as well asworking with the body ofChrist, we have not done agood job at equipping andpreparing the ChristianBody for what lies aheadfor each of us in this life. Iask you to bear with meand not think I say any ofthis out of pride, thinking Iknow it all, for believe me
Page 2 EKEA Today 
You and I as Christians need to understand that we as the chosen ones of God hold in our hands and hearts the way in which our nation will  go.
every day. You see it’s allby faith in the Lord JesusChrist whether we know itor not, or accept it or not.There is only one reality inthe world and He changesnot, His name is Jesus.Now to the heart of whatit is I want to share withyou. Right now all aroundour home and yes inside ofour homes we are engagedin the biggest battle of ourlives. It’s bigger than WorldWar I and II, Korea,Vietnam, Desert Storm andall other wars put together.The fight is for the livesand souls of our children,grandchildren, unbornbabies…the very marrowof our country is at stakefrom falling to waste andunless you and I, theChristian body, wake up, itwill fall.Nation after nation onceenjoyed our type of wealthand freedom only tosuccumb to the moraldecay and darkness of theevil one.You and I as Christiansneed to understand that weas the chosen ones of Godhold in our hands andhearts the way in which ournation will go. If we look atscriptures we will notice,that it was always becausethose chosen by God hadturned from God to theworld and the ways of theworld that a nation fell. Ibelieve that one of thegreatest problems in ourday is that the Children ofGod the Chosen Onesdon’t know what is alreadytheirs, that we are stillworld conscious ratherthan God conscious.I want for you to think onthis as a part of equippingthe saints. On just oneword “Saints”… You arethe Saints of God.Stop and think about whoit is that Paul the Apostle istalking about, the Saints atCorinth. Were thereproblems at Corinth? Ofcourse there were, the factthat there were problemsdoesn’t change the factthat they were chosen byGod, set aside conse-crated, and purified andmade holy let’s read it ICorinthians onward… I amonly going to read and talkabout a portion of thechapter. But throughout thebook of I Corinthians Pauldiscusses a wide variety ofsubjects the least of whichis not, party strife,immorality, lawsuits,
This is a testimony shared by a sister in the Lord associated closely with EKEA. Enjoy!
On my way to Fred Meyer (grocery store) I asked God for a word of knowledge for someone He wouldlike me to minister to today. I saw a flash in my mind of an older man wearing a gray plaid shirt. I felt hehad heart trouble and headache in the back of his head. I entered the store looking at every person,expecting to see my "Treasure" and soon I saw him. He and his wife were riding the electric carts. Ismiled and walked past them and prayed that God would give me courage and His words for this man.I approached the man and told him that while I was praying, the Lord showed me a picture of a manwho looked like him, wearing the same shirt, who had heart trouble. I asked him if he had heart troubleand he said yes, he did. I told him that I believed the Lord wanted to minister to him today and that Hesent me to pray for him. I asked him if that would be ok. He thought about it for a moment and then saidok. I laid hands on him and gave thanks for him and this precious time to pray together and a fresh out-pouring of God's Love unto him. I prayed for his heart and then asked if he had headaches. He saidno, but the back of his neck was a problem. So I laid hands on his neck and prayed. As I was about toleave his wife opened her arms to me and hugged me. She said, "We believe in angels, you know, andwe believe you are an angle sent by God." She hugged me again. The man held out his hand to meand I went back to him. He said, "I am a retired minister..."Of course it blessed me mightily! I left and just cried and thanked God for His mighty Love and end-less goodness... and the healing He performed today... and for letting me be part of it.God bless the Saints as we press in for His promises!In His Love, Lauren Z.
Equipping the Saints,
 A Testimony and Inspiration of God’s Awesome Love
Page 3
 Volume 5, Issue 3
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