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Shooting Star Chapter 2

Shooting Star Chapter 2

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Published by Jessi Lovett
Renesmee and Jacob
Renesmee and Jacob

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Published by: Jessi Lovett on Oct 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shooting Star 
Chapter 2: A Visitor 
6 months later………..When I woke up I only had two minutes to get ready and then I had to go meet Jake atour hunting spot.I told Jake I would be there at exactly nine-thirty A.M.I heard the door bell but wasn’t really caring who it was. I was too much in a hurry tocare.I heard murmurs while I was walking down stairs. I heard my dad say “it is very difficultto explain.”What was….When I reached the bottom there was a very and I mean very good looking man. He haddark brown skin and eyes the color of a warm teak. He was beautiful. The other thing thatcaught my attention was that I knew this man. I didn’t know from where but I know I’veseen him.“Renesmee?” the man asked me in a voice that sounded like angels singing.“Hi” was all that came out of my mouth.“Renesmee, this is Nahuel. Do you remember him? He was the one that saved our liveswhen we went up against the Volturi.” My dad saidI looked over to the man. He was staring at me all star struck. I was sifting through mymemories of that terrible day and then his face came into view. I smiled and held out myhand.“Yes, I remember, how have you been?” I ask Nahuel“I am well” he replied and took my outstretched hand to shake it.I looked down at my cell phone and gasped. I looked back up at Nahuel and said “I’msorry I really have to go. It was nice seeing you again.”
“Where are you going?” Nahuel asked.“I am going to go hunting with my boyfriend, and I’m going to be late if I don’t hurry.”I replied“Oh.” He said. I saw his face fall a little bit he looked a little sad. I don’t know whythough it’s not like I was going to be gone forever.I smiled at him and said “yeah. So I have to go, bye.”I was out the door and running so fast I swear I could have out run my dad.I got to our meeting spot and Jake was standing there with his back to me. I walked up behind him and slid my arms around his waist.“Hey” I said“Your late” he said as he turned around so we were facing each other.“I’m sorry. We had a visitor and I couldn’t be rude and just ignore him.” I pleaded“Whoa, calm down I was only kidding. Who is your visitor?”“Nahuel, I haven’t seen him since I was a little girl.”When I looked at Jake he looked angry. Before I could ask him what was wrong hechanged his facial features and said “let’s hunt.”We took each others hand and started running.We got to the edge of the Canadian border and I heard cougars. My face lit up and Itugged on jakes tail to tell him to come on.*When I got home I was so tired. I just wanted to go up stairs to my room and go to sleep.When I walked in the door Nahuel was sitting on the edge of the stairs.“Hi” I said not knowing what else to say.“Hello Renesmee.” He replied“You know you can call me Nessie right?”“I don’t like the silly nickname you were given.”
“Oh” I said“So, where is my parents?” I asked“They have all gone for a hunting trip and wont be back till tomorrow” he replied“Oh okay. Well I’m going to go to bed goodnight.”“Goodnight Renesmee” he replied. Then he did the strangest thing, he grabbed my handand kissed it.I blushed. Its not that I liked it but it was so old fashioned.I ran upstairs; I didn’t really know what to say to that.When I got to my room I flopped on my bed not even caring that I didn’t put my PJ’s on.Then I just laid there thinking…..
Why did he kiss my hand?Should I tell Jake?Maybe I should run down to La Push for the night since my family isgone. Yeah. That’s what I’ll do; Jake would love it if I spent the night with him.
I got up and ducked out my bedroom window.*I was about two minutes away from Jakes when I heard rustling in the trees.“Who is there?” I asked.Then Nahuel stepped out from behind an oak tree.“You shouldn’t be wondering out so late on your own Renesmee.” He said“I can take care of myself, thank you for your concern though.” I backed up from him. Hefrightened me in the dark.“What would your parents think?” he asked“Uh…..”

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