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Lite Urbanism: Improvisational Approaches to Shrinking Cities

Lite Urbanism: Improvisational Approaches to Shrinking Cities

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Published by Terry Schwarz
This paper is an exploration of the evolving physical form of shrinking cities and a discussion of an improvisational approach to planning and urban design in a context of uncertainty.
This paper is an exploration of the evolving physical form of shrinking cities and a discussion of an improvisational approach to planning and urban design in a context of uncertainty.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Terry Schwarz on Oct 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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he Creaiviy o Shrinking CieS: inernaional SympoSium
Lite Urbanism
Improvisational Approaches to Shrinking Cities 
1 October 2009
Terry Schwarz, Senior Planner 
Cleveland Urban Design CollaborativeKent State University 820 Prospect Avenue | Cleveland, Ohio 44115 www.cudc.kent.edu/shrink tschwarz@kent.edu(216) 357-3426
Improvisational Approaches to Shrinking Cities
hw c s cts t  ct bt w s dst? it utd Stts, cts tt  xcd sct,  t ssst t sc dt ts t dc ts  ct d dctbds.
at dt s t t  cc  cbt dc  s cts, ts stt bs t qst-wt xt? w ssdts,  bdc  ct, d d bcs  dt t  ct’s sc bc. Ts  stt ss sts t ct c d tst tt tt  t ct t  s cts.T   s ds dt ts  bt dtdt cts  wt cts sd b. as sc, ts t ts cts t dc cs  sc    t wt  dsstc. hw,  cts tt  d xcd sbstt sss, t ttt ss tt   dts tttd s b t t d— ttsts  ss  xtt d ts. Ts tttd s ctd  tw ss b r ks:T s   t b s  xct tt,  txt ntzsc t. W  t  1,001 t ccts  ct; w t t s ss; w  t d t b tt ctc; w  tsww d d bstw ss  d t. T ctt  s t b   s/x; dzt  st tt d.Sc w  t ssb, w  t bc ssb. i  dsc cs xdc d c, bs   s  s tb t st s   dcss; bs c t , bc  gScc—lt ubs.Wt  w s dc tt t s  css—d  ts wt t ct t s ts s bt s ts  sbjcts, s ts sts? mt , t ct s  w .
Ts  s  xt  t  sc   s cts d dscss   st c t  d ds   ctxt  ctt.
Improvising the City
T d ac ct  t ws b t   ds t tctt d stbs ct  qt ctc b cdts. isdb t Wd’s Cb exst  Cc  1893 d t sbsqt  Cc  1909, ct s d bc cs css t ct b tbc  xd d  st  cs   dt d s b ts. D B’s s dct, tt  sd “m tt s” dscd ts t  w-tt d, ct, d tcc  scts  bt.
Ts  c t ct  s st t d ds  sstdb wt. Bt s cts t   stt  td ctt dt q t fxbt d stt t sd t d c d dctb ccstcs.a c ss t b s s t ct  xst  ts   t t st  ct’s sss. hw,   ts ts(tc ts td t d s d sc ) w ctd  ss twt cdts. ec wtbsd ts d  d  sstddc s ctdct, sc s cts d dc t  dt b t css  c. as sc, ts cts    tc d zd tt  dt.Z cds d t  sttts w tc dd  sst dst. W cts     d w  cs xt,ts ts  css t tct bc t d st. hw, w t s dcd b 40%   (s s t cs   d dst cts t u.S.) tdt  ts bc cs t. i s w t ss s t st cd, t dt dst, bd stbc, d d s    b sst t s t bc’s w. assc, t dc  sb d t t xt  t  c ts. utt, t  c ss  s cts st stt, t t sc bc, t t w.a ct x  Cd, o s t c   bst c- tt s qt twtd b xst c ts. a cws ct td  bd ts d ct ws tt c. o sc t, Zb r, td  t c t tt stt. ms. r sd sdwcs d sts t bd sdtstt s d   tc. S d   t   dcts, bt s stdw  t w  ct sct wd  tt s ws t  cc wt ct ts  bs bssss.
lbz ts ts cd  t ts d sc t t bd sc.
 Zainab Rahman
Cleveland Plain Dealer
26 April 2009)

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