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La La

La La

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Published by Jan Lester Mallari

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Jan Lester Mallari on Oct 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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*CLOUD NINE, GENERAL LUNACLOUD NINE, GENERAL LUNA- Siargao International Surfing Cup is the biggest tourism and sport event. The inclusion of Siargao International Cup as one leg of theAustralian Surfing Championship Circuit signifies the laurel that it begot. Atpresent, there are ten documented breaks found in Siargao Island these are Pacifico, Caridad, Pilar, Neil's Spot, Rock Island,Daku, Pansukian Reef, La Januza Island and Antokon Island.CLOUD NINE has a world - class wave. It is one of the top five surfing areas inthe world. It has the fastest, swiftest, strongest wave in the world. The area is not for amateurs. Siargao Islands has nineteen surfing areas, twelve of whichare located in General Luna with " Cloud Nine" as its crowning glory*GENERAL LUNA BEACHA beguiling 27 kilometer of powdery white sand, the water shimmers and sparkleslike a jewel, turquoise by the shore and sapphire as it recedes into the horizon.Historical and ScenicMany legend has been attached to the reason why this town had been known as Cabuntog in ancient times. Foremost is the legend of huge bell in the local Church that when it rings it can be heard as far as the mainland of Mindanao. Its soundallegedly summon the Muslim raiders to its shores. To protect itself against this depredation it was decided to get rid of the bell. They did so by dumping thesame at Campujong river. Dumping is "Buntog" in the local dialect hence, the name.Records however tells a different tale. General Luna, then known as Cabuntog inancient times, enjoyed a peaceful as well as a bloody era. The original inhabitants of the place belongs to the group of people known as the "Caragans" or people from the region known as Caraga. They subsist on fishing and farming. They live a life that was relatively tranquil and peaceful until the arrival of the Spanish colonizers sometimes in late 15th century. The arrival of these colonizers and their harsh treatment of the people caused resentment and misgivings amongstits populace that in the year 1631, the Caragan's revolted in the mainland and attacked and levelled Cabuntog to the ground. The parish priest's life was spareddue to his earlier departure to Bacuag but his assistant was captured and was beheaded in a swampy area, now believed to be the swampland between Barangay Malinao of General Luna and Barangay Union of the municipality of Dapa.The years between 1631 to 1749 was a century of peace. The Christianization of the area went on smoothly and the people were persuaded to abandon their tree dwellings and inhabit the surroundings of what is now General Luna. This tranquil atmosphere was again broken when Muslim raiders came and again levelled "El Parokya de Cabuntog." They did it again five years late in 1756 and again in 1856. The in between years that lasted almost a century, between the burnings with its attendant astrocities, Genera Luna, live a hundrum, idyllic life that its peoplelive simply for the sake of living, never minding its past nor looking forward towards the future. Its forest and verdant hills and teeming white shores contained so many game animals, and fish and its land produced abundant food for its people.The advent of American colonization reduced the "pueblo" to a "barangay" of the
municipality of Dapa. It however bounced back to its present status two decadeslater thru the efforts of the local political stalwarts of the time like Sivestre C. Plaza, Agosto E. Espejon, Montano Minglana, Maurecio A. Comandante, FabianE. Camingue, etc. who in time, serve the town either as a Mayor or a Councilor.August 1, 1929 marked as the official day of the formal entry of General Luna asan organized unit of government in the modern Philippine Governmental System. The succeeding years saw the peaceful change of government thru the electoral processes except, during the Japanese Occupation and EDSA "restoration".*DEL CARMEN SWAMPSDel Carmen, Siargao IslandDel Carmen Swamps - Known as the rarest and one of the biggest mangrove forest the Philippines and a sanctuary of the endangered crocodylus porosus o the salt water crocodile.The cradle of marine life and sanctuary of various species of fish, the mangrove forest is one of nature's most interesting habital. A boat ridealong the naturally-carved water channels amidst the jade-colored lush of mangrove trees and the visible rich coral undergrowth, is an island tropical treat onerarely experience*GUYAM and DAKU ISLETSGUYAM ISLET (Siargao Islet) - An awe-inspiring islet with sugar-fine sand and acluster of coconut trees, it offers a pictureque view of the untamed waves of Siagao.DAKU ISLET (Siargao Islet) - a magnificent islet contiguous to Guyam, aperfect site snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing.*MAGPUPUNGKO BEACHMagpupungko Beach (Pilar) - A mesmerizing beach located in a cove facing the Pacific Ocean, limestone and granite scupltures surrounded its periphery, pockmarked limestone floor pools of assorted shapes and sizes resembling barrels, ponds and tubs during low tides.*BUCAS GRANDE ISLANDCome to discover the island's incomparable underwter splendor -from sheer drop-offs and stepwalls to holes and cavelets, rich coral gardens and a cornucopia ofwildly-colored corals and pelagic*SOHOTON COVEBucas Grande Island
A half-submerged mystifying cave which is navigable only during low tides, within is an emerald lagoon, one can see right through the vivid water an aquarium display of brilliantly-colored fishes, dense coral growth anemnes, jet-black sea urchin and other exotic marine species.*GUANO CAVE AND LAGOONGuano Cave and Lagoon (Libjo) - Take a glimpse and dip at the arguably spectacular lagoon within a resplendent cave atop an impressive mountain, a perfect sitefor high-strung individuals who dare to take risks.*PIG-OT GROUP OF ISLETS Pig-ot Group of Islets (Libjo) - A duster of islets that look like broken emeralds in the auaake a glimpse and dip at the arguably spectacular lagoon within aresplendent cave atop an impressive mountain, a perfect site for high-strung individuals who dare to take risks.*MAINIT LAKE Mainit Lake (Mainit) - An awesome 17,000 hectare lake between the provinces of Agusan del Norte, during summer purplsh bloom of water hyacints and ducks aboundwithin its perophery. The lake is undeniable very scenic. Its water has remainedgenerally clear and clean. There are various points around it for tourist attractions. It is tourism subzone, mainly for adventure tourism and ecotourism.*MABUA PEBBLE BEACHThirty minutes by land westward from the Surigao City is this kilometer-long stretch of multisized pebble beach. Laden with parallel lines of native cottages set in the natural backdrop of coconut tree-laced hills and deep cool waters, theplace is ideal for swimming, windsurfing, jetskiing or simply, lying in wait forthe occurrence of its dramatic sunset.*FLOATING VILLAGEThe "floating" village of Barangay Day-asan is a unique and interesting sight toexperience, with the village houses erected on wooden stilts and bedded rocks and people commuting by paddle boats through waterways. A boat ride around the village is indeed an enriching experience and a look into these people whose lifestyles have made their village earned the monicker of being the Venice of Surigao. The village is accessible by land or sea in about 30 minutes from the city.*PEARL FARM

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