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Published by Interweave

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Published by: Interweave on Oct 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Wendy Cotterill
New Fibers
and the
Creating Mixed-Media Ar with the New Spunbonded Materials
 S   u  o  t  t  i   l   a    S  t  i   t   c   
Lutradur is the most popular o the spunbonded synthetic abrics availableand is manuactured in diferent weights. It was developed primarily or useas an industrial abric—or example, as a carpet backing particularly or theautomotive industry—so you probably have Lutradur all around you when you are out in your car. It is made rom 100 percent polyester spun bersthat are thermally bonded and has a at, calendered surace. Te lightest weight o Lutradur (30gsm) works well combined with neabrics such as organza. It is quite translucent, so when any piece o work is mounted on top o another colored abric, the overall color scheme isaltered, sometimes giving the same efect as shot abric. Coloring it rst willprovide some depth o color or color mixing, although 30gsm Lutradur isnot dense enough to give a deep color.Medium-weight Lutradur (70gsm) is the most versatile o all those available,as it is strong enough to give physical support yet dense enough to reectadditional color where required without being overly structured. It is alsone enough to be heat distressed without producing an excessively denseabric. Tis weight is also available in black—technically, charcoal in color. Te heavier weights o Lutradur (100 and 130gsm) are more densely ormedand reasonably sel supporting and are ideal or constructing reestandingobjects such as books or smaller three-dimensional objects. Tey can be edthrough an ink-jet printer without having to be stabilized on reezer paper.Lutradur XL (230gsm) is a much denser, opaque abric, which when heatdistressed appears to melt away in layers. Lutradur XL is also thick enoughto create a sculpted surace using a soldering iron. With the success o Lutradur in recent years, the introduction o new  weights is planned, including 18gsm, 50gsm, and 300gsm. 18gsm is a very ne, soter version o Lutradur, 50gsm bridges the gap between 30 and70gsm, while 300gsm is similar to a elt and is constructed by a needle-elting process rather than thermal bonding.
his is a combination of 30gsm and ltradr xl stampd with a watr-basdpaint. h pprmost ayr of 30gsm ltradr was printd with transfr dys and fois. sodring iron was thn sd to ct sqar aprtrs, which wr tid to th dydltradr with cotton par thrad. h top ayr was thn pacd on th ltradr xl andfsd togthr in pacs across th srfac with a sodring iron, crating srfac ttr.17"  14½" in (43  37 cm)

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