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UBC Press Planning & Urban Studies 2010

UBC Press Planning & Urban Studies 2010

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UBC Press Planning & Urban Studies 2010 catalogue including titles from our partner publishers, Earthscan and Island Press.
UBC Press Planning & Urban Studies 2010 catalogue including titles from our partner publishers, Earthscan and Island Press.

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Planning & UrbanStudies
Planning & Urban Studies
Contact UsAcknowledgmentsExamination Copies
Paperbacktitles of interest for courses may be available before their paperback releasedate. Liz WhittonMelissa Pitts
 Planning & Urban Studies 20101
Planning & URban StUdieS
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Perverse Cities 3
Pamela Blais
Thinking Planning and Urbanism 4
Beth Moore Milroy 
Reconstructing Kobe 5
David W. Edgington
Speaking for a Long Time
Adrienne L. Burk 
Sex and the Revitalized City
Leslie Kern
Suburb, Slum, Urban Village
Carolyn Whitzman
Geography of British Columbia, Third Edition 
Brett McGillivray 
Quebec 10 
Serge CourvilleTranslated by Richard Howard
Tales of Two Cities 11 
Sylvia Bashevkin
Race and the City 11 
Shanti Fernando
Vanishing British Columbia 12 
Michael Kluckner
Creating a Modern Countryside 12 
 James Murton
Second Growth 13
Sean Markey, John T. Pierce, Kelly Vodden,and Mark Roseland
The Vancouver Achievement 13
 John Punter
Planning the New Suburbia 14
Avi Friedman
Planning Canadian Regions 14
Gerald Hodge and Ira M. Robinson
Governing Ourselves? 15
Mary Louise McAllister
A Dynamic Balance 15
Edited by Ann Dale and Jenny Onyx
Redrawing Local Government 16 Boundaries 
Edited by John Meligrana
Bioregionalism and Civil Society 16 
Mike Carr
Taking the Air 17 
Paul Kopas
Linking Industry and Ecology 17 
Edited by Ray Côté, James Tansey, and Ann Dale
The Culture of Flushing 18 
 Jamie Benidickson
The Co-workplace 18 
Laura C. Johnson
Transport for Suburbia 19 
Paul Mees
An Introduction to Sustainable 19 Transportation 
Preston L. Schiller, Eric C. Bruun,
and Jerey R. Kenworth
La Calle 20 
Lydia R. Otero
Landscapes and Social 20 Transformations on the Northwest Coast 
 Je Olive
The Country in the City 21 
Richard A. Walker
Expansive Discourses 21 
Max Foran
Cities for People 22 
 Jan Gehl
The Intercultural City 22 
Phil Wood and Charles Landry 
Creating Vibrant Public Spaces 23
Ned Crankshaw
Seven Rules for Sustainable 23Communities 
Patrick M. Condon
Urban Transformation 24
Peter Bosselmann
Community Planning, Second Edition 24
Eric Damian Kelly 
Cities as Sustainable Ecosystems 25
Peter Newman and Isabella Jennings
Light Imprint Handbook 25
Thomas E. Low
Resilient Cities 26 
Peter Newman, Timothy Beatley,and Heather Boyer
Heat Islands 26 
Lisa Gartland
Designing High-Density Cities 27 
Edited by Edward Ng
Megaregions 27 
Catherine L. Ross
The Principles of Green Urbanism 28 
Steen Lehman
Governing for Sustainable Urban 28 Development 
Yvonne Rydin
Pedaling Revolution 29 
 Je Mape
Public Produce 29 
Darrin Nordahl
Building an Emerald City 30 
Lucia Athens

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