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When the Job Search Goes Sour

When the Job Search Goes Sour

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Published by Brian Oji

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Brian Oji on Oct 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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After school and national serviceYou have remained idle and unengagedYour funds are fast depletingAs your pockets are full of ticketsFrom cybercafe to cybercafe Nairalaland, naijahotjobs, career plusHave made bank thanks to your miseryYet without the end in sightYou gather like minds to voice old complainsFor your old problem that requires new thinking.When would this day pass?And though you are wrinkling under the pressuresI pray you not to throw away your self assuranceEven though the job search has gone sour Yes, Hope comes from time to timeInterview here and test there,You imagine that this is it.Maybe you flunk or you are exceptionalYet the phone call never seems to comeYou are looking for help;Friends, old bosses, hiring agencies,You seem to always be readyBut they are, for some reason, still getting set.When you are encouraged by wordsYou feel the fire of possibilitySo you apply more vigorouslyOnly to feel and see no progressAfter zest and activities have run you overtimeYou are lamenting and troubledJust because the job search has gone sour Will this nightmare ever end?Yes it will, but I assure you; Not in your times.It may not be your most reassuring lineBut it is the best truth I can deliver In a nation with such a population
How do you nurse an expectationthat our little guises of industrializationWill salvage our labour situation?Maybe like I did, you may need to wake up.There would never be enough jobsUntil there are enough businessesThere would never be few job seekersUntil there are many entrepreneurs.So expect the job search to stay sour Connect the dots if you mayAnd see that my words are true.The question I then pose to youIs: do you have the energy for this ordeal?Which is clear to all above youBut you are still blindsided by a few miraclesFew others like you have experienced.You may doubt your entrepreneurship abilitiesEven as you are understanding my directionBut sometimes we develop abilitiesInstead of expressing inherent ones.I do not give you any suggestion todayBut I lay the cards before your face;Keep up the rat race and celebrate eventualitiesOr invent a solution provider and enjoy possibilities«Its up to you and you alone.You may be full of dreams and handicapped for capitalBut your idea is your capitalAnd negotiation and inventiveness are your best alliesTo draw resources to you and change you lifeBecause, believe it or notMost of the organizations you show up atWith your strapped resume and flawless suit (or otherwise)Only started when the job search went sour.Foot note: ³If nobody gives you a job, make one!´ - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome(PhD)
Posted by Brian Oji at11:47 AM 

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