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Decmber 2007-Kansas Mothers for Custodial Justice

Decmber 2007-Kansas Mothers for Custodial Justice

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Published by SilenceIsOppression

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Published by: SilenceIsOppression on Oct 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December 2007
Co-Parenting Counselors ‘Band Wagon’ in Custody Cases‘Bad idea’
It's a bad idea because there is in fact no co-parenting therapy protocol.It's a bad idea because when it doesn't work, the therapist has to cover ass, and so will blameone or both parents and in a report to the court will have to up the stakes, recommendingparenting coordination or supervised visitation or sanctions or whatever that is continuallystronger.It's a bad idea because co-parenting aka joint custody in the first place is a bad idea. That'swhy we don't have co-CEOs or co-presidents, and rule by committee is a tedious, sub-par wayto get things done.
It's a bad idea because the primary incentive of evaluators to recommend co-parentingcounseling is to make money and cultivate cross-referral favors, not do anything for kids.
It's a bad idea because going to counseling is an unproductive, burdensome, annoying,enervating waste of time and money.It's a bad idea because the same therapists who can't help people get along via maritalcounseling when they have every incentive to try to do so really can't help people get alongwhen they have every incentive not to.
And if they could've, they already would’ve.
It's a bad idea because it doesn't work. There are no studies at all on coparenting counselingefficacy, let alone that co-parenting counseling works. It's well-known that marital therapydoesn't work.It's a bad idea because it's intrusive of privacy, meddling with people's ongoing lives,inappropriate relationship engineering and potentially dangerous if there has been prior violence or stalking.It's a bad idea because sometimes people just need the cathartic, distance making relief of areally good, no-holds-barred fight, and just have to be allowed to do that and get it over withuntil it's spent and they are exhausted and stop, and thus the propaganda exhorting them toconstantly stuff and be polite only prolongs the crap by suppressing it and driving it under thesurface where it can bubble neurotically and resentfully and covertly forever. And lengtheningthe time in which there are issues only entrenches feuds and hardens what otherwise wouldhave been temporary positions.

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