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Published by Randy Paré
Aug - Sept 2008. FAotM: Bob Labute; cover design by David Marshall
Aug - Sept 2008. FAotM: Bob Labute; cover design by David Marshall

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Published by: Randy Paré on Oct 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RKYV # 16 {September 2008}RKYV ONLINE LOGO - David Marshall { current }- Roy G. James { original }- R.J. Pare { original online adaptation}Virtual Cover # 16- art by Bob Labute- layouts by David MarshallEditorial Column - “At The Outset:”A Few Thoughts From the Editor- by RJ Pare’Featured Artist Review- by Wade Ferris & R.J. Pare’World View- “A Canadian Living in the USA”- by Tom RossiniWriter’s Column- “Creation in our World”- by Larissa GulaPoetry - by Larissa Gula, R. J. Pare’,Steph, Stephen Campbell, AnnaGehmacherInterior Art - pieces by Josh Bowe, MiritBen Nun, Nadide Gurcuoglu, HollyJewell, Steve-O Mullock, Kurtis Jewell,Bob Labute, Mike Grattan, Yousif Al-Hamadi,Short Fiction – “Somber Thoughts - One”- by Nathaniel Baker“The Seventh Son”- by Scott ClaringboldNon-Fiction - “Futurism in the Funnies”- by Roy G. JamesPop Culture – “Comic Book Review”-by Brad Bellmore“Raised on Saturday Morning Cartoons”- by Pauline Harren Pare
Untitled- byMirit BenNun
A Few Thoughts From The Editor – by R. J. Pare’
The title of this monthly collection of opinions, reviews, art, poetry and prose isRKYV [as you should know if you are reading this]. Most of you are aware that themagazine’s title is a stylized method of spelling ‘ARCHIVE’. In previous editorials Ihave explored the definition of this word and this ‘Zine through comparison. I think itwould be interesting at this point to take a closer look at the word ‘ARCHIVE’.
An ARC in literature is a series, or course, of events in the development of a characteror plot. It is a specific element within the construct of the greater whole that is thefinished piece of poetry or prose. A HIVE can be used to describe the functioning of anygroup of people that are organized into shared purpose. This can be a pejorative [
theemployees at work are a bunch of drones… the place is a hive of automatons]
or it canserve as a compliment [
the disaster victims were industrious in rebuilding… a busy hiveof activity that saved many lives, in the long run]
. Seen in a positive light, a hive can beviewed as an inter-dependent functioning community.Dusk – by Bob Labute

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