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Published by Dark_Magi

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Published by: Dark_Magi on Oct 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Missa Niger: La Messe NoireA true and factual account of the principal ritual of Satanic WorshipThe Black MassSut Anubis Books
This first printing of Missa Niger: La Messe Noire by Aubrey Melech is in anedition strictly limited to 500 signed and numbered copies, of which this isnumberCopyright Aubrey Melech 1985.2111985First Edition 30th April 1986 Walpurgis NightISBN 0 947762 03 5 SUT ANUBIS 73, Kettering Road, Northampton, England. NN14AW
iiiAn Introductory Warning.There is always, unfortunately, the possibility of a work of this naturebeing misunderstood as to its purpose and nature. The following pages offerthe scholar and the interested reader information of a kind which has lainhidden and scattered for many decades. That it should have been so mustsurely be regarded as a blessing by many, as it deals in an unequivocal waywith the darker sides of both human nature and religion. Only now, as weapproach the fin de siecle, can details of the kind known and promulgated bysuch scholars as Jules Bois and Joris-Karl Huysmans in the 1890s be broughtto light again. That this is the case has been ably demonstrated by therecent publication of works like Zacharias’ THE SATANIC CULT and Nugent’sMASKS OF SATAN. The worth of the organized religions is eluding more and moremen and women with every passing day. The reasons for this sad state ofaffairs do not concern us in our present investigation, but the true natureof the alternative to Christianity sought and practiced by those sad peoplewhose disillusionment has now metamorphosed into overt hatred of the beliefsonce held so dear is extremely relevant. Within these pages will be found asfull and true an account of the BLACK MASS, that terrible prime ritual ofSATANISM, as it is possible for an outsider to the cult to render. That itmay shock and disgust many is beyond doubt, both by the filthy blasphemy ofits language and the vileness of the practices adjunctival to itsperformance. For this reason the reader is here warned of what is to be foundherein. It is our purpose neither to shock nor to blaspheme Our Lord &Saviour Jesus Christ, but of necessity our subject requires that our

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