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40 Return

40 Return

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Published by David Polk

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Published by: David Polk on Oct 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 GOAL TO GOEpisode 4.40“Return”byDavid Polk
2.RECAPWe Recap events from the Previous Season, ending on thesounds of Achilles crashing his motorcycle into an SUV.TEASERFADE IN:EXT. BAYVIEW ROAD – DAYState Trooper Ivy Sandusky gets out of her cruiser, puts onher hat and shoves into the crowd at the accident scene.IVYPlease, make way. Make way. Move!She gets through and stops. We don’t see what she does,but anguish and concern are written on her stern face.IVYOh my God. Achilles...INT. CLASSROOM – DAY About 30 9-year-old BLACK AFRICAN CHILDREN sit atdilapidated desks in the small, muggy room. They lookattentively to the front of the room. We hear a WOMAN’SVOICE. Though she’s SPEAKING FLUENT FRENCH, her voicesounds very familiar.WOMAN’S VOICE (O.S.)I have graded your papers and I’m verypleased with the progress that many ofyou have made.The woman is returning schoolwork to pupils. A BOY looksat his paper when it’s handed to him – 100 percent – thensmiles up at the woman.REVERSE and we see that the French-speaking woman is Portia Addams. She’s dressed in rumpled khakis and a t-shirt and wears no makeup, but she’s still as beautiful as weremember. Finished returning papers, she’s back at thehead of the classroom. She smiles at the children, whoclearly adore her.
3.PORTIA Now that we have successfully completedsection four of our textbooks, we canbegin section five today.INT. PREFAB DORM ROOM - LATER A cramped, dingy, dormitory apartment with two windows andonly the bare necessities – small stove and refrigerator,both ancient, an old loveseat, a separate bedroom.Portia sits at a desk looking at her laptop computer. Shefrowns. E-mail is taking forever to download. A dooropens and out steps well-built, dreadlocked Jean-LouisTissot, a towel wrapped around his waist. He’s still wetfrom the shower. They speak to each other in ENGLISH.JEAN-LOUISWhy that look?PORTIA E-mail’s down again.He gives her a disapproving look without her noticing.Then he looks at the DIAMOND RING on her left ring finger.JEAN-LOUISIt’s slow but sure. Like many things in my country.He gives her a peck on the cheek. She responds, offeringher cheek and touching his.JEAN-LOUIS(re: the ring)Why do you still wear that here? Yourisk being attacked for it.PORTIA If someone wants to steal it, I’ll giveit to them without a peep. Until then,I’ll wear it, Jean-Louis.(looks at him)Don’t be jealous. I’m with you, aren’tI?JEAN-LOUISYes, but do I have the part that matters most?

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